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CNI News 18.7

 CNI News - Volume 18.7
 May 23, 1996
 Published by the ISCNI News Center
 Editor: Michael Lindemann
 The stories in this edition of CNI News are:
        Says President's Response Could Be Hint of Inside Knowledge
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 [The May 13 edition of CNI News carried a brief mention of rumors concerning
 the possible capture of one or more alien beings in Brazil. Now we have
 learned that the story has made major headlines in that nation. The
 description given of the alleged aliens is oddly similar to descriptions of
 the so-called Chupacabras, whose activities have been often reported in CNI
 News. So far, however, we are not aware of any claim directly linking the
 Brazilian events with the Chupacabras. CNI News thanks James Sutton for
 forwarding this item, received from a woman named Regina
 ( and compiled from Brazilian news sources.]
 Regina writes:
 The [alleged] incident involving the capture of an ET in Varginha, a small
 town in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, is being considered the most
 impressive example of immediate contact with aliens here in Brazil. The story
 made headlines in all Brazilian newspapers, magazines and TV programs. Here
 are the details:
 On January 20, three girls were walking across a vacant lot on their way
 home. It was a bright sunny afternoon. All of a sudden one of the adolescents
 (16 years old) looked left and screamed. A strange  creature was squatting by
 a wall with its long arms between its legs; it had shiny, slippery skin and
 what looked like three short horns on its head.
 "But  what I noticed first of all were his eyes, huge and red," says the girl
 who  saw it first. She was so frightened she turned to run but her sister and
  her friend couldn't move from sheer terror and just stared.
 "It was the most horrible sight I've ever seen," said one of the girls later
 on. "It didn't look like anything I've ever seen. It was neither an animal
 nor a human being," said one of the girls who is married and has three
 children. "The creature seemed afraid and only made a slight movement with
 the head. We ran like hell," she said.
 Apparently, the day before, an elderly couple living on a small farm a couple
 of kilometers from Varginha woke up to the noise made by the cattle. They
 went out of the house to see a UFO over the front yard, about 5 meters from
 the ground.
 Ufologists have been to Varginha and concluded that this apparition was not
 only authentic but also the most extraordinary contact ever registered in
 Brazil. Professor John Mack, Ph.D., from Harvard came to Varginha with the
 specific purpose of talking to the women who had seen the alien. Ten
 organizations which study UFOs have signed a document testifying the
 seriousness of the incident.
 The complete story seems to indicate that the ET seen by the girls in broad
 daylight was the second one to be captured; the first one was spotted 5 hours
 before, at 10:30 a.m., precisely, in a wood about three blocks from the place
 the girls are said to have seen it . This first creature was said to be
 captured by the fire brigade. In an article written for one of the most
 respected magazines in Brazil, the reporter wrote that this first ET was
 captured by the firemen, put inside a wooden box in an army truck and taken
 to an army camp a few kilometers from Varginha.
 The day after, some people report having seen unusual movement in front  of
 the local hospital (where supposedly, the girls' ET was taken) before being
 again removed -- this time already dead -- to Campinas, a big city in the
 state of Sao Paulo. Army officers who were accused of conspiracy to hide the
 whole episode from the public, strongly denied everything. However, the
 Ufologists who were in Varginha claim to have a recorded statement given by
 somebody from the army who was directly involved in the rescue operation.
 This person, according to the specialists, said that when the ET was removed
 from Varginha to Campinas, the body was already smelling pretty bad.
 Check the following website for additional information:
 A "portrait"of this ET based upon witnesses discriptions:
 [CNI News thanks UFO ROUNDUP editor Masinaigan for permission to reprint the
 following story, which appeared in UFO ROUNDUP on May 19. If you would like
 to receive UFO ROUNDUP free by email, contact Say you
 heard it in CNI News.]
 The International Center for Aerial and Abduction Research (ICAAR) of
 Goffstown, NH is investigating three recent UFO cases in northern New
 On March 14, 1996, according to ICAAR, a Weare, NH man awoke in the middle of
 the night and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water.  The kitchen clock
 read 3:24 a.m.  As he looked out the window, he saw a UFO some distance away.
  It had "the size and shape of a dinner plate."  He said "orange sparkles
 were shooting out of it." The object descended with "a falling-leaf motion"
 and "disappeared in the southeast."
 On March 16, 1996, a waitress in Manchester, NH was walking down the street
 at 4:30 p.m. when she saw several people at the corner pointing to the sky.
  Joining them, she looked up and saw "a shiny triangular object."  She added
 that "the UFO was motionless and hovered at 4,000 to 5,000 feet above the
 outskirts of Manchester's airport."  She and the crowd watched the object for
 20 minutes, and then she entered a nearby restaurant.  When she came outside
 again, the UFO was gone.
 ICAAR has also unearthed an interesting case from Vermont. On January 15,
 1996, at 5:15 p.m., a man driving through his neighborhood in Bennington saw
 a strange light off to his left. He described it as a bright spotlight
 shining down from the sky. Looking up, he saw "a circular disc-shaped object,
 black in color, with four lights...about 200 feet in diameter."  The UFO made
 absolutely no sound, he said, adding that he was "astounded by its size, low
 altitude and circular shape."  He pulled over to the road's shoulder and
 observed the UFO for several minutes.  The object flew away to the northwest
 at about 100 miles per hour, heading for Hoosick Falls, New York.
 UFO ROUNDUP has also learned of a triangular UFO sighted recently near
 Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Sunday night, May 12, at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time, a
 19-year-old male driver heading east on Route 76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike,
 spotted a UFO just north of the highway.  He said, "I looked up and saw a
 huge black triangle.  It was not moving.  It had a bright light at each tip."
 At the time of the sighting, the witness was heading home after a visit to
 Pittsburgh.  There were no other cars on the road.  The UFO was seen hovering
 above the Conodoguinet River, about two miles west of Carlisle, near an Army
 At the time he spotted the UFO, the witness was listening to a cassette.  He
 reported no interference with the car's electrical system.  "I did hear a
 buzzing in my left ear, though," he said. "I saw it for at least three
 minutes. As I pulled over to stop, the UFO disappeared."
     Says President's Response Could Be Hint of Inside Knowledge
 [On May 21, CNI News received the following statement from Paul Davids,
 producer and co-writer of the acclaimed 1994 film "Roswell."]
 by Paul Davids
 Following President Clinton's December, 1995, statement in Ireland about the
 Roswell Incident, I decided to contact the President on this issue.  The
 President had said that as far as he knows there was no spaceship recovered
 at Roswell in 1947, but added that, if it did happen, and if alien bodies
 were recovered, "the Air Force didn't tell me about it, and I would like to
 In response to his statement that he would like to know, I sent the President
 a two page letter urging a change of policy regarding the secrecy and
 classification of documents surrounding the UFO issue in so many cases.  I
 enclosed four videotapes:  the movie, "Roswell" (of which I was Executive
 Producer and co-writer), and three documentaries I prepared that present UFO
 evidence:  "Down in Roswell" (a compendium of news coverage through the years
 on the Roswell Incident), "Reply to the Air Force Report on the Roswell
 Incident" (an indictment of the Air Force "Mogul Balloon" report), and
 "Golden Anniversary UFO Briefing for the White Sands Missile Range Pioneers,"
 based on a UFO presentation I was asked to make as keynote banquet speaker
 for the 50th anniversary of the founders of White Sands Missile Range and
 Proving Grounds -- a presentation that was attended by representatives of all
 branches of service, the Defense Department, and major military research
 In urging a change in the policy that results in an intense aura of secrecy
 around the "extraterrestrial issue," I cited President Clinton's much
 appreciated precedent in releasing documents, through the Department of
 Energy, that  revealed details of secret radioactivity testing programs on
 civilians, as an example of disclosures his Administration initiated that
 greatly served the public benefit and the public's right to know.
 I also cited the fact that in the President's recent document
 declassifications, documents were made available to the public going back to
 a 1917 troop deployment order from World War One.  If such documents survived
 from that time period, one wonders why the crucial outgoing messages from the
 Roswell base of 1947 were all destroyed long ago, according to the findings
 of the recent GAO report about the Roswell Incident.  I pointed out this
 discrepancy as a reason the public cannot take comfort in the Air Force's
 recent explanations. I rejected the Air Force Roswell Report as a
 self-serving effort to "spin" the issue rather than provide consistent and
 sensible answers, and I asked that the President consider following
 recommendations of men of stature such as astronaut Gordon Cooper and
 Lawrence Rockefeller, who have publicly decried the government's
 unwillingness to confirm publicly what is known and what remains classified
 relating to the so-called "ET issue."
 On previous occasions, the President had answered two of my letters on other
 subjects, so I held out hope of a response -- especially after I was able to
 confirm that my correspondence and videotapes were received at the White
 House in January.  My family has felt a deep respect and high regard for Bill
 Clinton for decades, going back to the 1960's when my father was one of his
 professors in U.S. Diplomatic History at Georgetown University, and I felt my
 inquiry, as the Executive Producer of a movie that called the government to
 task in a very serious way, would get his attention.
 To my surprise, a brief reply was sent to me by the President immediately
 following the date of Richard Hoagland's Washington Press Conference in which
 Hoagland cited lunar and Martian anomalies that support possible conclusions
 of ancient alien artifacts existing on those worlds.  The reply was
 overnighted by Priority Mail in a priority envelope.  (Previous
 correspondence from Bill Clinton was always by standard first class mail.)
  My letter to the President had been marked Personal and Confidential.  His
 signed reply was marked Personal.
 The President expressed gratitude and appreciation for my having sent him the
 videocassettes, calling it both generous and thoughtful on my part, and he
 passed on Hillary's best wishes to me as well.
 It did not surprise me that he did not discuss any of the issues in writing.
  It was gratifying that there was no denial expressed, no belittling of the
 issue or reference to check the findings of Blue Book or the Condon Committee
 Report, which have been staple government replies to UFO questions for
 decades to turn aside the issue.  I also appreciated that the materials I
 sent, which were a firm and rather merciless frontal assault on what has
 seemed to be a longstanding, entrenched government position, were received
 with gratitude and were not in any sense taken as unacceptable or as an
 embarrassment or a problem.
 The timing of the reply, which could have been a coincidence, seemed more
 likely to me to be a "wink" in my direction -- a strong hint that something
 related to this issue is in progress.  It was not only the timing in regard
 to Hoagland's controversial Washington appearance (which was unfairly and
 viciously debunked and assaulted by the national press, only a small part of
 which realized and reported that Hoagland was presenting evidence that
 absolutely demands to be answered).  It was also interesting that just a few
 days later, papers across the country carried a front page story about how
 NASA was making its biggest priority the search for extraterrestrial life,
 not just in the universe but in our own solar system, right in our own
 backyard.  It was as though Hoagland's gameplan (with no credit to Hoagland
 acknowledged by NASA) had suddenly moved to someone's "front burner."
 All of this raises questions as to what developments we might see in a
 Clinton second term.
 [Editor's note: Paul Davids has just completed producing and directing a
 feature documentary about the enigmatic Dr. Timothy Leary, called "Timothy
 Leary's Dead," after the words of the Moody Blues song that is included in
 the soundtrack. Davids says: "The film is in part an exploration of the way
 Leary was incarcerated by the government (spending about five years in
 prison) not so much for drug charges, which were an 'excuse,' but for his
 writings and philosophy, which attacked and threatened the Establishment in
 the 1960's and early 1970's.  President Nixon called Leary 'the most
 dangerous man alive' -- and those who get a chance to see this intimate
 portrait of the former Harvard professor who fostered the 'psychedelic
 revolution' in the 1960's will form their own conclusions as to whether
 Leary's threat to the established order was like that of Charles Manson (he
 was put in a cell next to Manson at Folson for awhile) or whether it was more
 like that of Socrates in ancient Greece.  Socrates, you'll recall, was forced
 to swallow the poison hemlock because he had been found guilty of 'corrupting
 the youth,' but his contributions as a philosopher have out-survived the
 contributions of any of his adversaries." Davids says he hopes "Timothy
 Leary's Dead" will be theatrically released like other recent documentaries
 such as "Crumb," "Unzipped," and "Hoop Dreams."]
 [CNI News thanks Rebecca Schatte for forwarding this story, found on FIDONET
 and originally published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram on April 19, 1996;
 written by Jo Virgil.]
 AURORA - April nights in North Texas haven't changed much in 99 years. Clear
 skies splattered with stars. The smells and the sounds of crickets.
 But legend has it that one night, 99 years ago, the Texas sky contained more
 than stars and pollen.
 In the tiny Wise County town of Aurora, between Boyd and Rhome on Texas 114,
 the night of April 19, 1897, was marked by a mystery -- or a hoax -- that
 lives on in the stories of oldtimers.
 Newspaper accounts from that week tell of an "airship" that crashed into the
 windmill in Aurora in the middle of the night, exploding, spreading metal
 debris accross several acres and destroying the windmill.
 The remains of the body of the pilot were gathered, according to reports from
 newspaper correspondent F.E. Hayden, and were buried in the town's cemetery.
 Hayden's report assured readers that "enough remains were gathered to
 determine it was not an inhabitant of this world."
 Hayden's story describes papers that were found at the crash site with
 hieroglyphic-looking writing, and scraps of metal that were unfamiliar to
 town residents.
 Although the tale may sound like an episode from the X-Files, this was 1897,
 six years before the Wright brothers made their airplane stay aloft long
 enough to call it flying.
 The only visible reminders of the incident still remaining in Aurora are a
 small piece of the pilot's headstone (vandals made off with most of it) and a
 historical marker at the cemetery that mentions the legend.
 After the initial flurry of publicity in 1897, the legend was nearly
 forgotten until the early 1970s, when UFO researchers heard the story and
 came to investigate.
 In 1973, the Mutual UFO Network in Seguin sought legal permission to exhume
 the gravesite, but the Aurora Cemetery Association obtained a court injuction
 prohibiting the exhumation.
 The International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma sent investigators with metal
 detectors to the site of the reported crash.
 Brawley Oates, who in the 1970s owned the land where the windmill once stood,
 told newspaper reporters that when he bought the property he cleaned out a
 well and recovered large amounts of metal the size of a man's fist. Although
 Oates had heard the airship stories, he said he didn't think much about the
 metal and simply junked it before capping the well.
 Investigators found bits and pieces of metal at the site, however. Some were
 pot lids or tack rings, but a few pieces were unidentifiable.
 "The recovered metal puzzled our metallurgists," Walter H. Andrus Jr.,
 international director of the Mutual UFO Network, said this week [mid-April].
 Tom Gray, a physicist during the 1970s at North Texas State University, now
 the University of North Texas, examined some of the unusual, brownish metal.
 Gray determined at the time that it was about 75 percent iron, but said it
 lacked some of the properties common to iron, such as the ability to be
 magnetized. Gray acknowledged that it was an unusual metal but cautioned that
 he couldn't draw any conclusions about its origins.
 However, Gray, who now teaches at Kansas State University, said this week
 that he eventually learned that the metal he examined was probably roofing
 "It turned out to be an iron-zinc alloy that, because of the way it was
 processed, was not magnetic," he said. "Nothing necessarily extraterrestrial
 about it."
 All strange stories have more than one side, though. Many Aurora residents
 today believe that the story was a hoax, a practical joke that took on a life
 of its own.
 The late Etta Pegues, a local writer and historian, wrote in a town history
 book that the tale began as a publicity stunt by Hayden to draw attention to
 the town, which had been declining in population in the mid-1890s.
 Tales of sightings of airships circulated throughout the Midwest in early
 1897. Skeptics claim that the stories were started as a practical joke by
 railroad telegraphers.
 Joseph E. "Truthful" Scully, a Forth Worth railroad conductor at the time,
 acted as a spokesman for the telegraphers and acknowledged to reporters that
 bogus reports of sightings had apparently touched off a rash of imagined UFO
 sightings by people across North Texas.
 Hayden, said some locals, grabbed the idea of a UFO and took off with it.
 Others pointed out that, during the late 1890s, science fiction writers H.G.
 Wells and Jules Verne were popular, firing imaginations.
 "Probably 30 to 40 people a year come in looking for information about the
 airship crash," said Ruth Hollinsworth of the Wise Ccounty Heritage Museum in
 #     #     #

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