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UFO Briefing Document Shows 'Best Available Evidence'

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 Things to beware of in 1997:
 Sudden outbreaks of hostility, racial and otherwise, which seem to 
 just as suddenly be quelled.  Some may notice a fine drizzlelike
 mist preceding these events.
 Rockefeller-Financed Report To Be Sent To World Leaders
 by Michael Lindemann
 In recent years, 85-year-old philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller has
 given financial support to a number of prominent researchers of UFO and
 alien phenomena, including Dr. John Mack and Dr. Steven Greer. He has
 also urged President Clinton to acknowledge the reality of UFOs, both
 indirectly, through Clinton's science advisor John Gibbons, and directly
 -- if well-placed rumors are true -- last fall when Rockefeller hosted
 the president at his ranch in Wyoming.
 Now Mr. Rockefeller has financed the creation of a 169-page document
 intended to present "the best available evidence" on UFOs to a very
 select audience: heads of state and other key world figures, who may be
 almost entirely ignorant of the evidence but who could, if sufficiently
 moved, very quickly undo the atmosphere of secrecy that has surrounded
 this subject for decades.
 Reportedly, only 1,000 copies of the special briefing have been printed,
 and it will not be offered for sale. Distribution of the briefing has
 only begun, and so far no feedback from high-ranking recipients has been
 reported. However, ISCNI has received a copy of the briefing, along with
 permission to describe its contents to the readers of this newsletter.
 Titled "Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document" and subtitled
 "The Best Available Evidence," the report is conservatively packaged,
 with a plain blue softcover binding and black-and-white illustrations
 throughout. It was written mainly by Don Berliner, a long-time respected
 UFO researcher, author and senior associate of the Fund for UFO
 Research. Co-authors were Antonio Huneeus and Marie Galbraith. Chairman
 of the Fund for UFO Research Richard Hall also wrote a separate
 executive summary. Joint credit for the material in the report is given
 to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)
 and the Fund for UFO Research. A letter of endorsement signed by the
 heads of these organizations appears at the front of the report.
 The report is in three parts. First is a brief Overview, discussing the
 general case for UFO reality and the problem of government secrecy. Part
 two, the most lengthy, presents nineteen case discussions deemed "the
 best evidence" now available. Various experts will no doubt quibble over
 the inclusion or exclusion of some cases, but in general the selection
 is well thought out and impressive. Part three is comprised mainly of
 quotes from various world figures on the reality or possibility of UFOs
 and alien contact.
 Notably absent from the report are any cases involving alleged abduction
 of humans by UFO occupants. In fact, the report includes only one case
 of the "third kind" (CE3) involving direct observation of apparent alien
 beings. Over half of the cases are of the "first kind" (CE1), that is,
 observation of unusual craft or airborn objects. The rest are of the
 "second kind" (CE2) in which the object or encounter left clear physical
 evidence behind.
 According to this report, the "best evidence" includes:
      - "Foo fighters" sighted by WWII fliers during 1944-45, notably on
        August 10, 1944 over the Indian Ocean, and December 22, 1944 over
        Hagenau, Germany;
      - Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting of nine aerial objects over the
        Cascade Mountains in Washington State on June 24, 1947;
      - bold incursions of unidentified craft over several Strategic Air
        Command bases during late October and November, 1975, including
        Loring AFB in Maine, Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan, Malmstrom AFB in
        Montana; Minot AFB in North Dakota and Falconbridge in Ontario,
      - a "dogfight" between a UFO and two F-4 jets over Tehran, Iran in
      - the strange sightings in the Rendlesham Forest between Bentwaters
        and Woodbridge RAF bases in England in late December, 1980; and
      - visual and radar sighting of an aerial object "two times bigger
        than an aircraft carrier" by the flight crew of a Japan Airlines
        747 freighter over Alaska on November 17, 1986.
 Another of the "best cases" involved photos of a Saturn-shaped UFO over
 Trindade Island in the South Atlantic, taken from the deck of a
 Brazilian Navy ship on February 21, 1958. Brazilian president Kubitschek
 later gave the photos to the press. Reportedly, extensive testing showed
 no signs of hoax and the numerous eyewitnesses included credible
 military personnel. However, the U.S. military labeled the case a fake.
 On July 28, 1989, a UFO was clearly observed for a period of two hours
 over a Russian army missile base at Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan region. The
 KGB file on this case detailed the testimony of seven military
 witnesses, with drawings. According to the report, "Observed
 characteristics are: disc is 4-5 meters (13-17) feet in diameter, with
 half-sphere on top which is brightly lit. It moved sometimes abruptly,
 but noiselessly, at times coming down and hovering over the ground at an
 altitude of 20-60 meters... while over a rocket weapons depot, a bright
 beam appeared from the bottom of the disc, lighting the corner of one of
 the buildings, lasting for several seconds."
 Also highlighted in the briefing document is the extensive series of
 sightings and aerial encounters over Belgium in 1989 and 1990. Numerous
 drawings and photos by witnesses show a huge triangular shaped craft
 with bright lights at each corner. In several instances, the UFOs showed
 on multiple military radars simulatneously, including both airborn and
 ground-based installations. F-16 jets were sent aloft to engage the UFOs
 but found that the strange objects could perform maneuvers that would
 probably kill a human pilot. Belgian military spokesman, Major General
 (then Colonel) Wilfred De Brouwer, stated on television that the
 observed behavior of the objects was "outside the performance envelope"
 of any known aircraft and could not be explained.
 One of the most unusual reported encounters of the "second kind" took
 place at mid-day on May 20, 1967, near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada.
 Amateur prospector Steven Michalak reported seeing two glowing red
 objects hovering in the air. One flew away while the other landed
 nearby. Michalak said it appeared oval and disk-shaped and was about 35
 feet in diameter and twelve feet high.
 While he was observing the craft, a door opened and he heard voices
 coming from inside. He tried communicating in several languages, but got
 no reply and saw no one. He approached the craft and saw intensely
 brilliant light coming from within. Moments later, the door suddenly
 closed. Then a blast of hot air hit Michalak in the chest, emitting from
 an "exhaust vent." His shirt caught fire. As he ripped off his burning
 clothes and stumbled back, the craft took off. Within moments, Michalak
 had a pounding headache and nausea. He staggered back to his nearby
 motel, vomiting along the way.
 In the following weeks, Michalak developed numerous symptoms of
 radiation sickness. He was eventually examined by 27 different doctors,
 none of whom could fully account for his condition. Of particular
 interest was a geometric pattern of burn marks on Michalak's chest
 which, he says, corresponded to the "exhaust grill" of the UFO. This
 case was extensively investigated by Canadian government authorities.
 The complete official report has not been released.
 As previously noted, the "best available evidence" makes reference to
 only one case involving the sighting of unusual beings, that of police
 officer Lonnie Zamora near Socorro, New Mexico, on April 24, 1964.
 Zamora said he witnessed an egg-shaped craft on four thin legs, along
 with two small beings in white coverall-type outfits, when he went to
 investigate an apparent explosion in a rural area outside of Socorro.
 Zamora said he saw the craft take off and fly away moments before the
 arrival of his backup, Sgt. Sam Chavez. Then, he and Chavez went down to
 the landing site and found abundant physical evidence that something had
 been there. This case is undoubtedly one of the best-documented,
 best-attested CE3 cases on record. Even a classified memo to the CIA,
 recently declassified, mentioned this case as the "best" of its kind
 that Air Force Project Blue Book ever found.
 ISCNI thinks it odd, however, that this important report on "best
 available evidence" does not list any other cases involving the claim of
 "aliens." Apparently, the authors and sponsors of this project intend to
 maximize their credibility by minimizing any sensational aspects of the
 subject. ISCNI hopes this approach proves successful where other
 approaches have so far failed.
 We will continue to report on this story as new information becomes

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