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The Bermuda Triangle and Parapsychology

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 "The Bermuda Triangle and Parapsychology" By Dave Beall
 .    Although not embraced by the parapsychological community, the Bermuda
 Triangle phenomena is an intriguing topic to the public.  Jane Roberts' Seth
 claims the mysterious disappearances of ships and planes is the result of a
 "coordination point", which is a place where time and space meet.  Supposed
 energy "crystals" from the ancient culture of Atlantis, which Edgar Cayce
 predicted would be discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, are suspected by some to
 be responsible for the peculiar events in this region.  Some individuals
 consider UFOs as the source of the phenomena.
 .    A provacative theory has been proposed by geologists as a result of the
 recent discover and subsequent laboratory analysis of an ice like substance
 called hydrate.  A hydrate layer, formed by mixing cold sea water and natural
 gas at immense pressures of the deep ocean, has been found on the ocean floor
 in the triangle area, and this seal prevents natural venting of natural gas
 from the large hydrocarbon desposits located there.
 .    When a large natural gas pocket is suddenly released as a result of a
 buildup in pressure or sea floor movement (i.e. faulting), ships can be
 suddenly swallowed by the foamy mixture of gas and water and temporary
 "islands" as much as one mile across can be visible on neighboring ship's radar
 screens, as the gas enters the atmosphere.  Negative ions generated by agitated
 sea water rise into the atmosphere along with the lighter-than-air-gas, causing
 magnetic disturbances which could disrupt compass readings in the area.
 Aircraft, passing over the gas blowout, could experience engine failure due to
 oxygen starvation in the gas rich air and crash without a trace.
 .    Any sinking wreckage from a plane or ship could be carried miles from the
 accident site by the strong currents in the region, before being consumed by
 thick bottom muds or hydrate accumulations, leaving no evidence.  The release
 of trapped gas desposits ruptured by faulting in shallow ocean areas could
 display similar characteristics, whithout hydrate, and the chance of a gas
 blowout of this nature exists anywhere in the world's oceans where large
 natural gas deposits are present.  In the case of the Bermuda Triangle
 phenomena, it would appear that a reasonable explanation has been proposed.
 .    Many aspects of parapsychology or related areas may not have solutions
 which readily conform to known physical principles.  On the other hand, many
 esoteric or metaphysical ideas may someday be explainable in purely physical
 terms.  In an attempt to understand paranormal occurences, an individual should
 remain open and objective until all of the evidence is in so that the
 temptation towards premature and unfounded conclusions can be overcome.

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