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Magnetic Implants (Part 1)

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                                  September 2, 1993
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                                      July 1993
        The following excerpts  are  a  summary  of the research underway by
        Nicholas Reiter. Nicholas is a graduate  of Terra Technical College,
        and is a  professional  research  technologist  for   a  solar  cell
        manufacturing firm. He   about   thirty   years  old  and  has  been
        interested in the UFO phenomena all  his  life.  The  following is a
        brief of the summarization of his research as outlined  in Dr. David
        Gotlib's Bulletin of   Anomalous   Experience;   "Magnetic   Implant
        Response" and "Magnetism,  UFO  Abductions   and   the   Anomalous".
        Nicholas does not  belong  to  any large UFO group  (  e.g.   MUFON,
        CUFOS, etc. )  and  has  been involved in this research for the past
        three years.  Some of the following  "quoted"  passages are directly
        from sources listed above.
        New observations which  may  well  be  some of the most  significant
        discoveries made in regard to abductions, UFOS and mind control were
        first investigated in   the   Autumn   of   1990.  These  tests  and
        experiments were performed by Nicholas Reiter and his colleague (AR)
        in the Dallas area with confirmed  abductees using a techniques that
        can easily be duplicated.
        The objectives of these two were;
          1. Can the UFO abduction process be understood  in  the  terms  of
             specific technology?
          2. Can  the  abduction  implant  devices,  recalled so often under
             hypnosis, be  objectively  detected,   studied,   and  possibly
             neutralized by  electrical,  magnetic,  or  otherwise   energy-
             related means?
          3. Can a system of defense be developed against the protocol ?
        Assumptions for the research/experimentation;
          1. There  exists  an  intelligence,  of unknown origin and nature,
             which is currently carrying out  an  agenda of experimentation,
             manipulation, and/or resource acquisition using the human race,
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             or certain members thereof, as unwilling subjects.
          2. The  agenda given in assumption 1 is being carried out with the
             use of highly advanced technology.
          3. This technology appears to be,  at  least  partially,  based on
             forms of  energy,  or  energy-matter relationships,  which  are
             currently unknown to, or unacknowledged, by classical physics.
          4. The human race has the undeniable right to defend itself to the
             best of it's ability, against the abduction agenda.
        The first set  of  experiments  involved  trying  to find a means to
        elicit a tangible objective response from abduction implant devices.
        AR first noticed a "weird" sensation  in her volunteers when a large
        ( flux density measured at approx. 2000 gauss) horseshoe  magnet had
        been held up  to  the  region  of  the  volunteers head where, under
        hypnosis, the volunteer  had recalled  aliens  "doing  something  to
        her". The sensation  was extraordinary vivid and disturbing  to  the
        volunteer. It seemed  to be both mental and physiological in nature.
        In nearest terms it was a "panic"  response,  a  mental  feeling  of
        terror or extreme  apprehension,  coupled  with a verified  rise  in
        pulse rate and perspiration.
        The volunteer (V#1),   said   that  the  panic  response  seemed  to
        duplicate the feeling that she had  been  subject  to  in  the past,
        shortly before an  abduction  related event would  occur.  Over  the
        course of the following weeks several different tests were conducted
        with the subject V#1.
           1. A  large  electromagnet ( 1000 turns of #14 AWG wrapped around
              an iron core) was substituted  for  the horseshoe magnet. This
              coil was energized both with 110VAC and later  with  6VDC,  in
              different tests.   The  response  for  both  were  smaller  in
              magnitude than the horseshoe magnet although the symptoms were
              the same.
           2. While using the horseshoe magnet  a  piece of steel was placed
              between the poles to divert the magnetic flux  away  from  any
              external regions  of  the  magnet.  This test was performed to
              determine if  the  actual flux  lines  were  involved  in  the
              response or whether the response was based on  other "virtual"
              effects of magnet.
           3. The  response  (hereafter called the Magnetic Implant Response
              or MIR)  seemed to first appear  when  the  magnet  was  moved
              within 18 inches of the volunteer's response  region  (area of
              the implant).   From   this  distance  inward,  the  intensity
           4. The Tesla Coil Suppression Effect  (TCSE) was discovered. This
              will be discussed later.
        Nicholas and AR then started testing other volunteers  in  Jan 1991.
        Previous to this   their  research  was  being  performed  with  the
        assistance of V#1 only.  On Jan 8,  they  tested  another  confirmed
        volunteer. No communication  was allowed between V#1  and  V#2.  The
        symptoms experienced by V#2 were identical to those of V#1.
        Over the course  of  the  next few months, two other volunteers were
        tested.  V#3 showed a positive reaction  with  consistent  symptoms.
        V#4 however, felt no response or sensations.
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        Nicholas and AR  started  researching  the  nature of the abductions
        experienced by all volunteers. They found that V#1, V#2 and V#3 were
        "classical" abductees, though their specific experiences and ordeals
        were different.  Each recalled, during  either  their regression, or
        waking memories, the phenomena most often experienced  by  those who
        have been repeatedly  abducted  (e.g.  Grey  entities, quasi-medical
        protocols, possible implant  insertion,   etc.).   V#4's   abduction
        experience were quite  "non-standard"  and  may  involve   different
        It was decided  that  the  research should then continue. The second
        phase of experimentation continued.  AR  reported the following; V#1
        was placed in  a  chair,  and  was  tested  for  MIR.  Results  were
        positive. An 18  inch  tall Tesla spark gap coil was set up in front
        on V#1. The coil was turned on and  allowed  to  operate for several
        minutes ( then  coil's  power  was  adjusted to produce  a   4  inch
        discharge at the secondary. Exact construction details are available
        from Nicholas Reiter).
        V#1 was then  checked for MIR and the results were negative. The MIR
        had vanished. V#1 was checked again  24  hours later and the results
        were still negative. The nullifying effect lasted for  approximately
        six days.  When it DID return it was at a much diminished magnitude.
        From this observation  it  was  inferred  that  the MIR had not been
        eliminated, but had  been  in  some   way  deadened  or  temporarily
        V#2 was similarly tested with the Tesla coil and  the  results  were
        identical.  The MIR ceased for a period of time.
        Another interesting effect  was  noticed  by  V#1. She was given the
        Tesla coil to take home with her. On several occasions, specifically
        on certain evenings V#1 would get  the  feeling that unseen entities
        were nearby. She  found  that by switching on the  tesla  coil,  the
        sensation would vanish, as though the coil was disrupting or driving
        away the invisible force.
        This concludes the   studies   performed   by   Nicholas  Reiter  in
        conjunction with AR.
        Nicholas has continued his research. Lack of volunteers prompted him
        to start research in a slightly different  vein.  He started testing
        subjects randomly, business associates, friends, family,  and people
        on the street were tested with some surprising results.
        The subjects were  told that some people have the ability to "sense"
        magnetic fields for unknown reasons  and  that  he  (Nicholas) would
        like to determine if they ( the volunteers/subjects) can detect them
        as well.
        The volunteers were placed in a comfortable chair.  A  galvanic skin
        response indicator was placed on the second and third fingers of the
        left hand. The  volunteer  was then shown the magnet (similar to the
        one used in the original experiments).  The  volunteer  is  asked to
        verbalize any feelings  or  sensations  which they might  experience
        during the test.  The  subject is then blindfolded and a few minutes
        are allowed to let the galvanic skin  response  monitor  to  "settle
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        At this point,  the  magnet is then moved slowly and randomly around
        the head.  Spacing is kept at two  inches  at  all  times  from  the
        subjects head.  Sensations,  feelings and GSP monitor  response  are
        observed and recorded. When the test is completed the volunteers are
        thanked and released.  If  permitted  the  age,  sex, occupation and
        names were recorded.
        Out of the first 24 subjects tested  5 showed a positive response to
        this procedure. One  or  more of the following characteristics  were
        noted in each case;
                1. A feeling of apprehension or panic.
                2. A sensation of pressure or tightness
                3. A feeling of disorientation
                4. Dark, formless shape moving against closed eyelids.
                5. Uncontrollable finger twitching
        None of the   five  random  positive  response  cases  were  totally
        identical in symptom. However, the  following  characteristics  were
        common in all five cases;
             1. The feeling was weird or unpleasant.
             2. Extreme nervousness and anxiety was present
             3. The effect was vivid and definite.
             4. The GSR monitor tone increased, indicating  increased bodily
             5. The  response  occurred  at a single, definitive location on
                each subjects head.
        The areas included were;
        Case #6 - behind and below the left ear.
        Case #2 - left temple ( in front of, and slightly above left ear)
        Case #3 - "above nose, somewhere between and behind the eyes.
        Case #13 - Left temple
        Case #21 - Above and slightly behind left ear
        The above test results were obtained  during 1991 and published that
        same year. further testing is being done at this time.  Nicholas has
        designed some electronic  equipment dealing with a "security" system
        or abduction prevention equipment.  The  description  and  plans for
        these devices and being processed into files which may be downloaded
        from  HIGH SCIENCE (713) 688-2030. Or may be available  from the BBS
        carrying this file.
        This is the  first  of  these  files  and subsequent files are being
        Nicholas Reiter may be contacted at;
              Nicholas Reiter
              541 W. Stone St.
              Gibsonburg, Ohio 43431
        OR    c/o High Science BBS
              (713) 688-2030 (modem)
              9600 baud 24 hours/day 7 days/week
                 The reproduction of this information is courtesy of
                             HIGH SCIENCE (713) 688-2030
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