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Magnetic Implants (Part 2)

                 (word processor parameters LM=8, RM=75, TM=2, BM=2)
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                                  September 2, 1993
               This file shared with KeelyNet courtesy of Steve Gantt.
                          The following file was taken from
                          HIGH SCIENCE BBS - (713) 688-2030
                (This is a pure 7 bit ASCII file 80 characters wide)
                                     July  1993
        The following tex relates to the GIF files MIRGIF1.GIF, MIRGIF2.GIF,
        and MIRGIF3.GIF.
        The "HOME SHIELD"
        Parts List
        S1,S2 - SPST switches
        F1    - 5A @ 250 VAC fuse
        T1    - 120VAC pri : 12.6 VAC sec @ 5A
        T2    - Flyback Transformer (see text)
        CR1   - 10A bridge rectifier
        C1,C2 - 500 uf @ 25V
        L1    - 5A "Hash" Choke
        Q1    - 2N6578 NPN Darlington Transistor
        Q2,Q3 - 2N3055 NPN Transistor
        IC1   - +8V Regulator 7808
        IC2   - 555 Timer
        R1,R2,C1 - selected   to   provide   Ton=Toff  13  CPS  +/-  .5  CPS
        R4    - 2K @ 1/2 Watt
        R6    - 120 OHM @ 5W
        R7    - 25 OHM @ 2 W
        R5    - ~ 5 OHM @ 20 W
        Flyback Transformers -
          GSG Industries
          Robinson, Ill
          PTC Transformers
          Bordentown, JN
          (800) 448-1269
          Sigma Electronics, Inc
          Houston, TX
          Murata Erie North American, Ltd.
          Trenton, Ontario, Canada
          Information Unlimited
          Amherst, NJ
          (They carry flyback for plasma globe kit-$35.00)
          The most likely candidate for a flyback would be one similar
          to a unit intended for a color TV in the mid - 1970's. One
          designed for 8-10 Kv
          On the side of the core opposite the high voltage winding, the
          Primary and feedbacks may be wound as follows:
                PRI - 10 turns with 16 AWG enameled wire, center tapped
                Feedback - 4 turns of 18 AWG enameled wire, center tapped
                           wound on top of the Primary.
        The above unit  has been sucsessfully used to thwart abductions. The
        unit seems to  work  by  disrupting  local  electromagnetic  fields.
        Nicholas Reiter has several other schematics for other sheilds which
        you will find under the filenames MIRXXXX.ZIP.
        Nicholas Reiter may be contacted at;
              Nicholas Reiter
              541 W. Stone St.
              Gibsonburg, Ohio 43431
        OR    c/o High Science BBS
              (713) 688-2030 (modem)
              9600 baud 24 hours/day 7 days/week
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