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Inside the Military UFO Underground

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 Things to beware of in 1997:
 Adverse and unusual weather changes which have a tendancy to coincide
 with operations of govermental projects dealing with the ionosphere.
 This article is reprinted from the April 1994 issue of OMNI magazine.
 Copyright 1994 by OMNI Publications International Ltd. All rights reserved.
 Inside the Military UFO Underground
 By A. J. S. Rayl
 In 1969, Project Blue Book--the 16-year U.S. Air Force investigation of
 UFOs--came to an end, and so did the government's interest in
 extraterrestrial flying discs. Or so the American public has been told. In
 recent years, numerous individuals and documents from various agencies have
 emerged from behind the veil of government secrecy to tell a different story.
 Their spin: that while the government officially abandoned all interest in
 UFOs, a secret military underground was hot on the trail of suspicious radar
 blips, saucers, and even the aliens themselves. What follows are the stories
 of three individuals--two of whom come with impressive military credentials;
 they say they have glimpsed what seems like evidence of a decades-old
 cover-up cloaked in the guise of national security. The third interviewee, a
 propulsion-system engineer, claims he was hired by an independent military
 contractor to study the innards of an extraterrestrial spacecraft being
 researched and tested on the Nellis Air Range in central Nevada.
 OMNI cannot endorse the veracity of the stories told below. In fact, we must
 emphasize that extraordinary tales like these require extraordinary levels of
 proof certainly not furnished in our pages, nor, we feel, anywhere else. That
 said, we'll get to the fun part. In the pages that follow, you'll find
 strange tales of alien intrigue and UFO woe. Decide for yourself: Are these
 the ravings of demented hoaxers and madmen or revelations of truth? Their
 stories, delivered in dossier format, have been edited from interviews
 conducted by author A. J. S. Rayl during the past year.
 NATO Meets E.T.
 Name: Robert O. Dean, retired Army command sergeant major
 Claim: Back in the Sixties, NATO issued a classified report stating that UFOs
 were real, of extraterrestrial origin, and had visited the earth. This
 extraordinary report was said to come out of NATO's command center, the
 Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe (SHAPE), located then just outside
 of Paris, France.
 Background: Dena, a highly decorated veteran, served on the front lines in
 both Korea and Vietnam. In 1963, while assigned to the Supreme Headquarters
 Operations Center (SHOC), SHAPE's war room, headed up by then-supreme allied
 commander of Europe, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, Dean claims he was able to read
 the detailed 12-inch-thick NATO report on UFOs.
 The Story: "SHAPE was one of those choice assignments. You had to have a
 spotless record and pass security background checks. I applied on a whim and
 got it. I was very proud and pleased. At SHAPE, I was put through more
 security checks, given a Cosmic Top Secret (yes, this is a real term)
 clearance, the highest NATO has, and assigned to the Supreme Headquarters
 Operations Center, known as SHOC, the NATO war room. In those days, the
 activity would run hot and cold and much of it would depend on how the
 Soviets wanted to play it. The most intriguing thing to me was that we were
 continually having a problem with large, metallic, circular objects that
 would appear over central Europe; these were reported as visual phenomena by
 our pilots and appeared on radar as well. Some flew in formation, and most of
 the time we spotted them coming out of the Soviet Union, over East Germany,
 West Germany, France, and then they would often circle somewhere over the
 English Channel and head north, disappearing from NATO radar over the
 Norwegian Sea. These objects were very large, moving very fast, at very high
 altitudes--higher than we could reach at the time--and they seemed obviously
 under intelligent control
 "I was told this had been going on for some time and that in February 1961
 there had been quite a scare. Fifty of these objects were spotted on radar
 and headed in formation from the Soviet Union toward Europe, flying at about
 100,000 feet. The Soviets had closed all borders. Everybody went to red
 alert. All hell broke loose. We really thought `The War' had started. We
 scrambled. We knew the Russians were scrambling. It was the largest number of
 these objects that had been seen. Fortunately--and only by the grace of
 God--we didn't start bombing and neither did the Russians. In nine minutes,
 they were gone.
 "I was told that then-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, Sir Thomas
 Pike, had been repeatedly requesting information from London and Washington
 about these objects, but nothing would ever come. We found out later that the
 Columbine-Topaz spy ring in Paris was intercepting everything and forwarding
 it to the KGB, which often got intelligence information even before we did.
 So Pike decided, I was told, to develop an in-house study to determine
 whether these objects were a military threat.
 "In the meantime, the UFO matter literally brought about the establishment of
 direct communication between the East and West in 1962, which I have always
 found interesting and ironic. We had pretty well determined by that time that
 these were not Russian craft, and the Russians had determined they were not
 ours. So, we came to an understanding, and a direct telephone line was opened
 between SHOC and the Warsaw Pact Headquarters Command. Of course, a setup was
 always a possibility, so we had backup ways of checking out whether the
 Russians were being truthful. But since we were both armed to the teeth and
 World War III was just ticking away, it was a logical step in the right
 direction. That idea developed into the hot-line between the president of the
 United States and the soviet premier, following the Cuban Missile Crisis.
 "Well, by the time I arrived in 1963, everybody had been talking about the
 study, and I had heard the rumors, seen the blips on radar, witnessed the
 commotions, and some of us occasionally even talked about the possibilities.
 But nothing really prepared me for what I started to read in the early
 morning hours one night in January 1964.
 "It was about 2:00 a.m. and a relatively quiet night when the SHOC controller
 on duty went into the vault and came out with this huge document. `Take a
 look at this,' he said. The title was simply Assessment: An Evaluation of a
 Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe. It was numbered, #3,
 stamped Cosmic Top Secret, had eight inches worth of appendices, dozens of
 photographs, and had been signed into the vault by German colonel Heinz
 Berger, SHOC's head of security. I quickly learned that it was based on two
 and a half years of research, was funded by NATO money, and that only 15
 copies were published--in English, German, and French. Each one was numbered.
 All were classified and ordered to be kept under lock and key.
 "Every time I got the chance, from then until I left, I would read a section
 or two in it. It was the most intriguing document I'd ever read. It was put
 together by military representatives of every NATO nation and also included
 contributions from some of the greatest scientific minds. These objects were
 violating all of our known laws of physics, and the study team had gone to
 Cambridge, Oxford, the Sorbonne, MIT, and other major universities for input
 on chemistry, physics, atmospheric physics, biology, history, psychology, and
 even theology, all of which were separate appendices.
 "I read about theories on Einstein's sought-after unified-field theory, the
 high radiation at various landing sites, and UFO reports that dated back to
 the Roman ea and up to our own F105 pilots' sightings and encounters, and on
 and on. I had always been a skeptic, but this report, concluded
 that this stuff was not science fiction.
 "I read about contact encounters. One incident that had just happened in 1963
 involved a landing on a Danish farm. According to the report, the farmer went
 aboard with the two little beings and two more human-looking men who spoke to
 him in Danish. The report included parts of his interrogation by government
 authorities and their conclusions that he was telling the truth. In another
 incident, according to the reports, a craft landed on an Italian airfield and
 offered to take an Italian sergeant for a ride. He wet his pants--that's what
 it said--and was so scared, he didn't go.
 "The appendix that really got to me was titled `Autopsies.' I saw pictures of
 a 30-meter disc that had crashed in Timmensdorfer, Germany, near the Baltic
 Sea in 1961. The British Army, according to the report, got there first and
 put up a perimeter. The craft had landed in very soft, loamy soil near the
 Russian border and so hadn't destructed, but one-third of it was buried in.
 We and the Russians, who also quickly showed up, had both tracked it.
 "Inside, there were 12 small bodies, all dead. There were pictures of the
 bodies, which looked like the beings known as the `grays,' being laid out and
 then put on stretchers and loaded into jeeps, and autopsy photos, too. Some
 of the little grays appeared to not be a reproductive-capable species. The
 autopsy guys concluded, according to the report, that it looked as if they
 had been cut out of a cookie cutter--clones with no alimentary tract. They
 did not ingest or process food as we know it, nor did it appear that they had
 any system for elimination.
 "The craft itself was cut up like a pie into six pieces, put on lowboys and
 hauled off. Scuttlebutt was that it was given to the Americans and flown to
 Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio. I looked at these pictures and
 couldn't believe it. My skin got cold and I thought, My God. I had never
 really believed we were all alone in the universe, but this was hard to
 "The major conclusions in the NATO report blew me away. There were five: 1)
 The planet and human race had been the subject of a detailed survey of some
 kind by several different extraterrestrial civilizations, four of which they
 had identified visually. One race looked almost indistinguishable from us.
 Another resembled humans in height, stature, and structure, but with a very
 gray, pasty skin tone. The third race is now popularly known as the grays,
 and the fourth was described as reptilian, with vertical pupils and
 lizardlike skin. 2) These alien visitations had been going on for a very long
 time, at least 200 ears--perhaps longer. 3) The extraterrestrials did not
 appear hostile since if that were their intent they would have already
 demonstrated their malevolence. 4) UFO appearances and quick disappearances
 as well as the flybys were demonstrations conducted on purpose to show us
 some of their capabilities. 5) A process or program of some sort seemed to be
 underway since flybys progressed to landings and eventually contact.
 "I wanted so badly to copy this thing. I did take a photograph of the cover
 sheet, which wasn't in and of itself classified. But I didn't want to wind up
 in Fort Leavenworth. So instead I would go to the bathroom and take
 notes--surreptitiously, very carefully.
 "I have been through an awful lot in my life, but I've never been able to
 just walk away from that report. I know that I'm taking a chance by violating
 my oaths. But this is the most important issue of our times--so damn
 important that I can't think of anything more important, and the public has
 been deceived and completely kept in the dark about all of this for all these
 years. It's the biggest scientific, political scandal ever. Besides, what
 have I got to lose? I'm 64 years old now. Are they going to bump me off? I
 have told the truth. My integrity and credibility stand. When is our
 government going to tell the truth?"
 Update: After 27 years of military service, Dean retired and began another
 14-year career with the Pima County Sheriff's Department Emergency Services
 in Tucson, Arizona. In 1990, he gave a lecture at the University of Arizona
 in which he talked about UFOs. The talk garnered local media coverage.
 Afterward, he was denied a promotion at the Sheriff's Department, because, he
 alleged, he believed in UFOs. Dean filed suit and won an out-of-court
 settlement in March 1992. Now retired, Dean has become a member of several
 UFO organizations and has begun giving occasional lectures. He is working
 through "any and all legitimate channels" to uncover a copy of the NATO
 document and to gather witnesses for an open Congressional hearing on the
 subject of UFOs.
 Official Response: "Our list of classified documents generated by SHAPE at
 that time does not include any with titles similar to that cited by Mr.
 Dean," says Lt. Col. Rainer Otte, German Air Force, deputy chief, media
 section of the public-information office at SHAPE. "Files on military
 personnel are in all circumstances kept under national control. Information
 on the security clearance that Mr. Dean held may--if ever--only be released
 by U.S. authorities."
 The Critics' Corner: "This is a fascinating story, but fantastic claims like
 these need more than one man's testimony to be credible," says Jerome Clark
 of the Center for UFO Studies. "Unless independent verification comes forth,
 this remains only an intriguing anecdote, not unlike many others that have
 circulated since the early UFO era."
 Project Galileo
 Name: Bob Lazar, independent contract scientist and businessman
 Claim: To have worked as a propulsion-system engineer in late 1988 and early
 1989 on one of nine extraterrestrial spacecraft being researched and tested
 on the Nellis Air Range in central Nevada.
 Background: From 1982 to 1984, Lazar claims he worked at Los Alamos National
 Laboratory in New Mexico in the Meson Physics lab with a Q-level security
 clearance. In 1985, while on vacation in Nevada, he wound up buying into a
 legal Reno brothel; the investment proved so profitable that he didn't have
 to return to full-time employment for a while. He moved to Nevada in 1986. In
 1988, he wanted to get back into scientific work and was hired, he says, to
 work on the top-secret Project Galileo. Lazar passed a lie-detector test in
 1989, arranged by George Knapp, then an anchorman for KLAS-TV, the CBS
 affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a special locally aired series, "UFOs:
 The Best Evidence."
 The Story: "In 1988, I decided to re-enter the scientific community and sent
 resumes to various people. Finally, I interviewed with a placement firm to
 work for the Department of Naval Intelligence in a civilian capacity, and in
 the fall of 1988, I was hired on an on-call basis to work on a project
 involving advanced propulsion systems. At that point, that's all I knew.
 "Not long after, I was flown along with several others out to area 51 on the
 Nellis Air Range. There, we were put on a bus with blacked-out windows and
 driven about 15 miles south to the Papoose dry lake bed, bordered by the
 Papoose Mountains, where there was an installation they called `S4.'
 "I was introduced to my supervisor and a co-worker and then given a stack of
 briefings on various projects, including Project Galileo, which was devoted
 to the study of nine disc-shaped extraterrestrial craft that were somehow
 acquired by the U.S. government.
 "I was assigned back engineering tasks on the reactor and gravity-propulsion
 system of one of the discs--essentially to help figure out what made it work.
 I don't know whether it was a crash retrieval, although I doubt it, because
 the disc didn't appear damaged in any way. In the briefing reports, there
 were pictures of several discs along with some of the information they had
 already obtained from back engineering research.
 "I was stunned and exhilarated at the same time. But there were well-armed
 guards everywhere, and this place wasn't exactly the kind of environment
 where you could just start asking any and every question you had. Security,
 in fact, was oppressive. You were escorted everywhere, even the bathroom. And
 if your I.D. badge was just the slightest bit out of place, you would be
 tackled by a guard and held with a gun to your head until your supervisor
 arrived. And the guards lived for that.
 "At times, the whole thing seemed just surreal. There was a poster of the
 disc I was working on, which I dubbed the Sport Model, on several walls. It
 read, They're here.
 "I dealt with only the power sources and propulsion systems on one of the
 discs, and I did enter that one disc on several occasions. The disc was
 approximately 15 feet tall and about 52 feet in diameter. It had the
 appearance of brushed stainless steel or brushed aluminum. I didn't run a
 test on it, so I don't know if it was metal, but I did run my hands down the
 side of it getting in, and it felt cold, like metal, and it looked like
 metal. It had no physical seams, no welds or bolts or rivets, and it looked
 as if it were injection molded.
 "Inside, there were tiny little seats, much too small to comfortably handle
 an averaged-sized human. I bumped my head on the ends of the craft, so I
 concluded that the ceiling curved down to below five feet, 11 inches inside.
 There was not a right angle cut anywhere in the craft. Everything had a
 smooth curve to it.
 "The reactor, which produced antimatter and then reacted it with matter in an
 annihilation reaction, was only about 18 inches in diameter and 12 inches
 tall and was located in the center of the disc. It operated like a tiny
 ballet, where everything that happened relied on the effect before it. The
 way it accelerated protons inside of it, the way the heat was converted to
 electricity, was totally smooth without any wasted heat or latent energy. It
 was phenomenal, approaching a 100-percent dynamic efficiency. Now that seems
 impossible when you consider the laws of thermodynamics. All I can say is
 that this technology is well beyond anything that we now know with our
 twentieth-century knowledge.
 "The reactor is fueled with an element that is not found here on Earth. Part
 of my contribution to the program was to find out where this element plugged
 into the periodic chart. Well, it didn't plug in anywhere, so we placed it at
 an atomic number of 115. It has been theorized for some time that elements
 around 113, 114, and 115 may become stable and nonradioactive, and this is
 apparently what we were seeing. Element 115 is a stable element, but one with
 some interesting properties. It can be used inside the reactor as a fuel, but
 also as the source of an energy field accessed and amplified by the craft's
 gravity amplifiers. In other words, the craft was both fueled and propelled
 by virtue of element 115.
 "There was a storage of silver-dollar-sized discs of element 115 from which
 triangular wedges were cut and put into the reactor. It was a copper-orange
 color and extremely heavy. While it was not radioactive, we assumed it was a
 toxic material and consequently handled it as such.
 "In all the discs at S4, there were three gravity amplifiers positioned in
 a triad at the base of the craft. These were the propulsion devices.
 Essentially, what they did was amplify gravity waves out of phase with those
 of the earth. The craft operated in two modes--omicron and delta, which
 indicated how many gravity amplifiers were in use. In the omicron
 configuration, only one amplifier was used; the other two were swung out of
 the way and tucked inside the disc. In omicron mode, the crafts can
 essentially rise and hover but do little else. To leave the atmosphere,
 however, all three gravity amplifiers have to be powered up and focused on
 the desired location. Finally, the crafts do not travel in a linear mode.
 Rather, we determined that the discs produced their own gravitational fields
 in order to distort time and space and essentially pull their destinations to
 "One afternoon, my colleagues and I walked out onto the dry lake bed. The
 disc on which we had been working, the Sport Model, had already been moved
 out of the hangar and was beginning to lift off. Except for a slight hissing,
 it made no noise. It lifted to about 30 feet off the ground. The hissing
 stopped, and it just hung silently in the air, moving to the left, then
 right. It was absolutely amazing.
 "The way information is compartmentalized, that's all the hands-on
 information and experience I was allowed to have access to, though we were
 given the chance on occasion and only for short periods of time to read
 briefing reports that detailed other aspects of this project. The reports I
 read that dealt with power and propulsion systems were accurate, and I proved
 that to myself by working on the system. Still, I draw a hard line between
 what I know to be true and what I read in the other briefing reports.
 "With that understanding, I did read reports about the origin of this disc.
 According to one of the briefings, it came from the Zeta Reticuli star
 system. Now obviously I didn't fly in a craft or go to that star system, so I
 don't really know if it came from there. I didn't speak to any aliens or see
 any, so I don't know if they exist or not. That report also said that contact
 was made at a certain date; however, all the dates were in code. Also,
 according to the report, these beings told our officials that they had been
 coming here for 10,000 years, that humans are the product of externally
 corrected evolution, and that they were integral to the accelerated evolution
 of man.
 "My tolerance for the intensive security rapidly diminished. Because of the
 24-hour telephone surveillance, they found out I was having marital problems
 and told me the situation had made me a candidate for `emotional
 instability.' They then took my security clearance and told me I could
 reapply in six months.
 "Well, I knew the test schedule, and I couldn't resist, so one night I
 decided to show some friends from a distance what I had been working on. We
 all caravaned out into the desert where we watched a test flight. We got away
 it with it that time, so we started coming back again and again.
 "Anyway, the third time we got caught by the Wackenhut Security guards out on
 the Bureau of Land Management land that surrounds the range. They turned me
 in. Needless to say, officials at Nellis weren't happy. I went through a
 debriefing and was threatened at that time. I was scared and felt that I
 needed to break away from this before I couldn't.
 "Not only did I believe this technology should be given to the greater
 scientific community, but I also believed my only protection was to get the
 story out. A friend convinced me to talk to George Knapp at KLAS-TV. I
 figured if they killed me, then it would simply prove that what I was saying
 was true.
 "There are many scientists who theorize that there simply cannot be
 extraterrestrial discs here, that aliens could not possibly have come here
 specifically, because the distance traveled is too great and the energy
 required too awesome, and that there's no relatively quick way to go that
 distance even at the speed of light. What I reported is what I experienced,
 though in some respects I regret going public. If I had it to do over again,
 I might be more inclined to stay on as one of the boys."
 Update: In 1990, after Lazar says he was released from Project Galileo, he
 accepted a freelance job setting up a database and surveillance system for an
 illegal Las Vegas brothel. That gig eventually garnered him six felony
 counts, including aiding and abetting a prostitute, running a house of
 prostitution, and living off the earnings of a prostitute. The charges were
 quickly dropped to a single felony count of pandering. The one good thing
 that came out of the resulting trial, Lazar says, is that he's not being
 followed anymore--at least not to his knowledge. "I guess they figured the
 pandering conviction discredited me," he comments.
 Lazar currently earns a living from his two small companies, an independent
 contracting firm that repairs nuclear devices, and a photo lab. He also
 builds and races jetcars. And, every year since 1984, on the weekend before
 July 4, he has staged Desert Blast, which he says is the "the largest illegal
 fireworks show in the West." This annual pyrotechnic extravaganza features
 huge fireworks and assorted gas bombs made by Lazar and friends as well as
 jetcar demonstrations and a little semiautomatic weapons venting. Lazar
 recently sold his movie rights and is working on a new home video.
 Official Response: "The Air Force comment is that there is no comment on
 anything that goes on at the Nellis Range," says Air Force Master Sgt. J. C.
 Marcom of Public Affairs. Meanwhile, according to Technical Sergeant
 Henderson of Public Affairs, "The Air Force has no record that Lazar ever
 worked at Nellis Air Force Base, though we have compiled an extensive list of
 inquiries as to his status."
 The Critics' Corner: "We've pretty well determined that Lazar did work at Los
 Alamos, but it's been impossible to verify exactly what he did," says Mark
 Rodeghier, scientific director of the Center for UFO Studies. "As for element
 115, physicists admit that such an element is theoretically possible, but we
 don't know how to manufacture it or where to get it. So, Lazar's claim to
 have worked with this element is not necessarily insane, but it's completely
 unverifiable. Finally, he seems to know enough to have really worked at Area
 51 or Dreamland where secret aircraft are tested, but his story remains a
 murky mystery. The bottom line: It's impossible to verify. So far, we have
 not found anyone to corroborate the essentials of what Lazar says."
 Baffled at Bentwaters
 Name: Col. Charles I. Halt, U. S. Air Force, retired
 Claim: In late December 1980, while serving as deputy base commander at
 Bentwaters Air Base in southern England, Halt witnessed and investigated
 several anomalous objects in the skies over the Rendelsham Forest, which
 separates the American installation from its twin Royal Air Force base,
 Woodbridge. The sightings occurred on two separate nights during the week
 after Christmas. Two weeks later, Halt sent a report about the strange
 encounters to the British Ministry of Defense.
 Background: A career Air Force officer, Halt served in Vietnam and on various
 bases before arriving at Bentwaters in 1980. He was promoted to base
 commander in 1984. Halt later served as base commander at Kunsan Air Base,
 Korea, and as director of the inspections directorate for the Department of
 Defense inspector general. He retired in 1991. Halt is the first USAF officer
 since Project Blue Book ended to have filed a memo on unidentified flying
 objects and gone public with the details.
 The Story: "Just after Christmas, about 5:30 a.m., December 26, 1980, I
 walked into police headquarters and the desk sergeant started to laugh. He
 said a couple of the guys had been out chasing UFOs. Nothing, however, was in
 the blotter. I told him to put it in.
 "When our base commander came in, we both chuckled. Neither of us believed in
 UFOs, but we did decide to look into it. Before we had the chance, two nights
 later, the duty flight commander for the security police unit rushed in to a
 belated Christmas party white as a sheet. `The UFO is back,' he said.
 "I was asked to investigate. I changed into a utility uniform, then headed
 out in a jeep to the edge of the forest. About a dozen of our men were
 already there. Our light-alls (large gas-powered lights) wouldn't work, and
 there was so much static and constant interference on our radios that we had
 to set up a relay. There was increasing commotion. I was determined to show
 them this was nonsense.
 "I took half a dozen of the men and headed into the woods on foot to a
 clearing where the initial incident had supposedly taken place. We found
 three distinct indentations in the ground equidistant apart and pressed well
 into the sandy soil. They were supposedly caused by the object seen two
 nights before, but I didn't see anything sitting there that night. Neither
 did anybody else there.
 "Inside the triangular area formed by the indentations, one of the men got
 slightly higher readings on the Geiger counter than he did outside. He
 photographed the area, and I took a soil sample. Meanwhile, I recorded this
 activity on my microcassette recorder.
 "We knew the Orford Ness lighthouse beacon beamed from the southeast. All of
 a sudden, directly to the east, we saw an unusual red, sunlike light--oval
 shaped, glowing, with a black center--10 to 15 feet off the ground, moving
 through the trees. Beyond the clearing was a barbed-wire fence, farmer's
 field, house, and barn. The animals were making a lot of noise.
 "We ran toward the light up to the fence. It shot over the field and then
 moved in a 20- to 30-degree horizontal arc. Strangely, it appeared to be
 dripping what looked like molten steel out of a crucible, as if gravity were
 somehow pulling it down. Suddenly, it exploded--not a loud bang, just
 boompf-- and broke into five white objects that scattered in the sky.
 Everything except our radios seemed to return to normal.
 "We went to the end of the farmer's property to get a different perspective.
 In the north, maybe 20 degrees off the horizon, we saw three white
 objects--elliptical, like a quarter moon but a little larger--with blue,
 green, and red lights on them, making sharp, angular movements. The objects
 eventually turned from elliptical to round.
 "I called the command post, asked them to call Eastern Radar, responsible for
 air defense of that sector. Twice they reported that they didn't see
 "Suddenly, from the south, a different glowing object moved toward us at a
 high rate of speed, came within several hundred feet, and then stopped. A
 pencil-like beam, six to eight inches in diameter, shot from this thing right
 down by our feet. Seconds later, the object rose and disappeared.
 "The objects in the north were still dancing in the sky. After an hour or so,
 I finally made the call to go in. We left those things out there.
 "The film turned out to be fogged; nothing came out. But a staff sergeant
 later made plaster castings of the indentations, and I had the soil sample.
 "Around New Year's Eve, I took statements and interviewed the men who had
 taken part in the initial incident. The reports were nearly identical.
 "Basically, they reported this: In the early morning hours of December 26,
 one of the airmen drove to the back gate at Woodbridge on a routine security
 check. He saw lights in the forest, specifically a red light, and thought
 maybe an airplane had crashed. He radioed a report, which was called into the
 tower, but the tower reported nobody was flying.
 "Eventually, a group headed out to the forest. They reported strange
 noises--animals, movement, like we heard two nights later.
 "As they approached the clearing, they reported seeing a large
 yellowish-white light with a blinking red light on the upper center portion
 and a steady blue light emanating from underneath. The tower again reported
 nothing on radar.
 "A few of the men moved to within 20 or 30 feet. Each said the same thing
 independently--a triangular-shaped metallic object, about nine feet across
 the base, six feet high, appeared to be sitting on a tripod. They split up,
 walked around the craft. One of the men apparently tried to get on the craft,
 but, they said, it levitated up.
 "All three of the guys hit the ground as the craft moved quickly in a
 zigzagging manner through the woods toward the field, hitting some trees on
 the way. They got up and approached again, but the object rose up, and then
 it disappeared at great speed.
 "Finally, on January 13, 1981, I wrote a memo to the British Ministry of
 Defense. Despite my efforts, to my knowledge, no one from any intelligence or
 government agency ever came on base to investigate.
 "I have never sought the limelight, nor have I hidden. I stand to receive no
 financial benefit from this interview but consented because it's time the
 truth came out. I don't know what those objects were. I don't know anybody
 who does. But something as yet unexplained happened out there."
 Update: In 1983, a copy of Halt's memo to the British MOD was released
 through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Shortly thereafter, a copy of
 the 18-minute audiotape of the investigation Halt conducted was given to a
 British UFOlogist by, Halt says, another Air Force officer. Both have made
 the rounds within the UFO community.
 As a result, Halt says he has been "harassed" by UFOlogists and fanatics.
 While half a dozen men assisted Halt's investigation and dozens of others
 were near the scene, only a handful of witnesses have come forward. At least
 one of them, Halt says, is spreading disinformation; consequently, media
 coverage has been inaccurate at best. For instance, he says, "The stories
 about holographic-like aliens emerging from their craft are pure fiction."
 Official Response: "The Air Force stopped investigating UFOs in 1969 when
 Project Blue Book was completed," says Air Force spokesman Maj. Dave
 Thurston, based in Washington, DC.
 The Critics' Corner: "The UFO you hear described on the audiotape was almost
 certainly the lighthouse beacon in my opinion, because the peak interval
 between their descriptions of it getting brighter, then dimmer, is the time
 of rotation of the beacon, which was about ten miles away," says UFO skeptic
 Philip Klass. "Even though they said they saw numerous lights in the night
 sky, one of every three UFOs reported turns out to be a bright celestial
 "Bentwaters is a case of magical thinking--a situation where a bunch of
 people got excited about different things they correlated in their mind,"
 says UFO investigator James McGaha, technical consultant to the Committee for
 the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal and a retired Air
 Force pilot, who traveled to England, surveyed the area, and interviewed
 various people. "Consider these facts: On the night of December 25 to 26, at
 9:10 p.m., Russian satellite Cosmos 746 reentered the atmosphere over England
 and appeared as a bright object. At 2:50 a.m., a fireball entered the
 atmosphere over Woodbridge. At 4:11 a.m., a British police car with a blue
 strobe light on top and other lights attached to the undercarriage responded
 to a telephone report and was driving on the dirt roads through the forest.
 "Halt's memo reports that on the second night, they saw two objects in the
 north, one in the south. On that night, three of the brightest stars were
 visible Vega and Deneb in the north, Sirius in the south. And clearly, the
 strange red light mentioned on the audio tape is the Orford Ness Lighthouse
 beacon. Beyond that, the morning after the first night, British officers
 identified the indentations as rabbit diggings. The Geiger counter readings
 were of background radiation. Nothing appeared on radar that night, either,
 and no one in either base tower reported anything unusual. Furthermore, no
 civilians reported seeing or hearing anything."

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