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Betty Hill Star Map

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                                "BETTY HILL STAR MAP"
                            by Jim Klotz and Dale Goudie
                     _New Discoveries in Betty Hill's Star Map_
                       by Joachim Koch and Hans-Jurgen Kyborg
                       Copyright by Koch/Kyborg,  Berlin 1993
               (Hans-Jurgen, sorry accented u not available in ASCII)
        This interesting paper  begins  with  a  review  of the famous "Hill
        Case", the quintessential UFO abduction case.  Attention is focussed
        on the "star map" which Betty Hill  was  shown  by  the "Leader" and
        later reproduced under hypnotic regression. Marjory  Fish's solution
        of that map is then discussed.
        An interpretitive analysis of the interaction between Betty Hill and
        the "Leader", and  noticing  two  small  curved lines in the largest
        circles of the Hill Star Map led Koch  and Kyborg to seek their own,
        new solution to the star map.
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        In their analysis  of the "Leader's" presentation of the star map to
        Betty, they discerned  that  the   "Leader"   had   obtained  enough
        information to determine  Betty's  limited  astrnomical   knowledge;
        mostly about the  planets  in  our  own  solar  system.   They  then
        postulated that the "Leader" presented  information  to  Betty  in a
        frame of reference with which Betty should have been familiar.
        When Betty "failed  the  test" by not recognizing  the  location  of
        Earth in the  map,  the  "Leader" closed the map from view. Perhaps,
        Koch/Kyborg reasoned, it WAS OUR  OWN  SOLAR  SYSTEM  that Betty was
        Wondering if the two small curved lines across the two large circles
        in the map  foreground  indicated the rings of Saturn  and  Jupiter,
        they used a  computer to plot the positions of the various bodies of
        our solar system at the time of the Hill abduction.  With some work,
        and one major assumption, they found  a  good match to the Hill Star
        Map within our own solar system.
        The "major assumption" to which we refer is that their best solution
        comes not on the day of the actual abduction but on  a day about one
        month later during the nights that Betty Hill experienced nightmares
        of the abduction  and  saw  the star map again in her dreams.  These
        nightmares ocurred only once.
        To us, the most suggestive detail  is  that the Koch/Kyborg solution
        accounts elegantly for a detail of the Hill Star Map  that  the Fish
        solution does not address: a small central circle drawn with a thick
        line.  The position of our sun coincides with this feaure of the map
        in the proposed  solution.   This  was  discovered  after  the other
        correspondences were accounted for.
        The researchers' logic is plausible,  with the possible exception of
        the date and its rationale.
        The text is accompanied by several illustrations  of  the  Hill Star
        Map as drawn  by Betty Hill, and printouts of the computer generated
        diagrams of the solar system indicating the proposed solution.  Some
        of these printouts were difficult to read, but did show the solution
        as stated.
        We feel that this proposed solution  of  the  star  map is worthy of
        serious consideration.  In  our  view, the Koch/Kyborg  proposal  is
        generally as plausible as is Ms. Fish's.
        This paper is not currently available in the U.S. to the best of our
        knowledge.  It certainly should be, and no doubt will be available.
        Until then contact the researchers at:
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                              J. Koch U. H.- J. Kyborg
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