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West Seattle, Washington UFO Report Saturday, March 5, 1988 (Part 1)

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                       West Seattle, Washington UFO Report
                             Saturday, March 5, 1988
       PART I:     Narrative of principal witness, male, age 43
          Transcribed from notes by Dr. Donald Johnson, March 13, 1988
            At approximately 9:30 p.m. I left the ARCO convenience 
       store at the southwest corner of Fauntleroy and SW Alaska St. 
       and noticed the object while facing east.  It was "sitting" 
       [hovering] over towards the golf course and club house.  I live 
       on Fauntleroy and Dawson, about 4 blocks south of Fauntleroy and 
       Alaska.  I looked at it, then looked away then back for about 3 
       or 4 seconds.  It wasn't sitting on the ground, but if it had it 
       would have crushed the clubhouse, because it would have been 
       right over it.  [Later at the clubhouse he revised this comment 
       to say that it was probably not over the clubhouse but in a 
       clearing between the highway and the golf course to the right of 
       the clubhouse--an area some 500 yards long and 100 yards wide.  
       It is important to note that if the UFO had been near the ground 
       in this area it would have been hidden from view to the south by 
       trees, to the north by the West Seattle high school stadium, and 
       from 35th S.W. by a hill.]  It was huge--I don't know what a 
       "mothership" is (we get our terminology from TV), but it was 
       like a mothership, it was big.
            [Later at the intersection he described the size of the 
       object as stretching from a rotating motel sign on the left to a 
       tall evergreen tree on the right, a distance that would be 
       covered by 3 inches of a ruler held at arm's length.  His 
       estimate on the report form that the apparent size of the object 
       was as large as a 12" ruler held at arm's length was therefore 
       an exaggeration.]
            I shouted back and called [his girlfriend's] attention to it.   
       It moved to the left, then to the right, then it moved away and up 
       until it was out of sight.
            While we were watching it we stood in the middle of the 
       intersection and nearly got run over by two or three cars.  One 
       guy who almost hit me honked and said, "are you nuts?", and I 
       said, "no man, look at that".  He stopped and said "is someone 
       hurt" and then he saw the object.  He saw it while it was in 
       motion.  We watched it until the damn thing disappeared.  The 
       other witness--a guy 25 to 30 years old, heavy build with a 
       blond mustache, 5'9 to 5'11, well dressed in sweater and 
       slacks--said, "somebody's playing a joke, right?", and I said, 
       "No, I've been watching it for about 30 seconds."
            I didn't hear anything like a hum or a buzz like you would 
       get from an airplane.  There was nothing.  [When questioned 
       about his note on the sketch made earlier that said "humming 
       sound":]  I heard a humming sound like the electric [cooling] 
       fan on a car after the engine is turned off, but it was probably 
       the car of the guy who stopped.  I'm almost sure the sound 
       didn't come from the object.
            The other guy said he was on his way to Jake O'Shaunnessy's 
       Restaurant to meet someone and had to get going.  I said I was 
       going to go down to the golf course and check that out.  I went 
       down to the clubhouse parking lot, there were only two cars 
       there, parked in front of the clubhouse.  I didn't see anything 
       more unusual there.  The stadium lights were on at the West 
       Seattle High stadium there at the park.
            The first thing I thought when I saw it was that it was a 
       carbon arc [searchlight], and I was looking around first for a 
       carbon-arc searchlight to see if there was some source of the 
       light.  I used to be a projectionist and used to work on the 
       carbon arc.  You could project the pictures on the clouds with 
       one of those things if you wanted to.  But it was definitely a 
       physical object.
       [Asked about the weather conditions that night:]  There was a 
       full moon that night.  The moon looked huge that night.  It was 
       clear, there were sparse clouds but not "en masse" so you 
       couldn't see the sky.
            I hadn't been drinking and I don't do any drugs.
       [Asked about his line of work:]  I run a shoe repair concession 
       with two other men in the Nordstrom's Men Shoe department, and 
       I'm a part-time musician (percussion and piano).
       [Asked about his familiarity with UFO literature:]  We saw the 
       Betty and Barney Hill movie, I used to watch a TV series in the 
       '60s called Project Blue Book, one of my favorite movies is "The 
       Day the Earth Stood Still", and I read Shirley MacLaine's book 
       "Out on a Limb".
       [Asked about a description of the object:]  The object was 
       metallic blue color.  It was shaped like this [makes an ellipse 
       in the air with his two hands], but it wasn't flat like you 
       would think a flying saucer should be.  It had greenish yellow 
       lights in a row--six of them the same size.  There were three 
       rings of rotating white light:  the one on the left was rotating 
       counter-clockwise and the one on the right was rotating 
       clockwise and the one on the bottom was probably rotating 
       clockwise.  It had a blue thing on top like the radar detector 
       on an AWAC aircraft.  It may not have been attached.

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