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 (C) 1989 ParaNet Information Service.  All Rights Reserved.
      ParaNet  (Denver, CO)--October 11, 1989--July 2, 1947  could be  a day
 that will go down in infamy in the history of  UFOlogy. The 
 place--Roswell,  New  Mexico.   The  event--A  crash  of  an intelligent, 
 biological entity controlled, highly  sophisticated machine  from literally
 out of this world.  So says the  team  of Don  Schmitt, Regional Director
 of the J. Allen Hynek Center  for UFO  Studies  (CUFOS) of Chicago,
 Illinois, and Kevin  Randle,  a former  Captain in Air Force intelligence
 who  began  researching this  highly controversial report from July, 1947. 
     According  to  the reports, a UFO crashed during  a  violent
 thunderstorm in a very remote area of the Brazel ranch  northeast of 
 Corona,  New  Mexico  around  July  2,  1947.   As  has  been previously 
 reported,  the crash site was quickly cleaned  up  by personnel  from 
 Roswell  Army Air Force  Base  in  Roswell,  New Mexico.   Jesse  Marcel
 was quoted as stating that  the  material that he found in the desert was
 not of this world and was ordered to  fly  the  remains  to Carswell AFB in
  Texas  where  a  press conference  was held to tell the nation that the 
 material  found was  that  of a crashed weather  balloon.   Further, 
 unconfirmed reports,  claimed that alien bodies were also recovered  and 
 all remains  were  taken  to  the infamous  'Hangar  18'  at  Wright-
 Patterson  AFB  in Dayton, Ohio where a tight  security  lid  was clamped 
 down on the study of the find.  To date, virtually  none of  this material
 has ever been substantiated.  According to  Don Schmitt,  a coverup of
 major proportions has ensued for  over  42 years as to the true nature of
 the Roswell crash. 
     When  Schmitt  attempted to reconstruct a time line  of  the incident, 
 he  found  too  many  pieces  missing  and  began   an investigation in
 September, 1987 to determine what those  missing pieces  really  were.  He
 enlisted the aid of  former  Air  Force Intelligence  Captain  Kevin 
 Randle, whom  Schmitt  stated,  was totally  a  skeptic.  He was friends of
 Phil Klass,  and  Schmitt wanted  such a skeptic involved in the
 investigation.   According to Schmitt, Randle 'has total conviction' in
 UFOs now. 
     During  the  investigation,  a  definitive  time  line   was
 established from July 2, 1947 to July 10, 1947, and it was  found that
 there were numerous witnesses to the incident that had never been  found 
 nor had been interviewed.  From this  point  onward, Schmitt and Randle
 made four trips to New Mexico and other  parts of  the  country 
 interviewing the witnesses  to  this  incident. Locating  the exact
 location of the crash, with the help of  Bill Brazel,  the son of the
 rancher that originally made the  awesome discovery,  Schmitt  and Randle
 and some scientists  conducted  a survey  and excavation of the crash site.
  Jerome  Clark,  editor for  the CUFOS bi-monthly publication IUR, stated
 that the  crash site  was  in  an extremely remote area.   The  findings 
 of  the excavation  of  that  area  will  be  detailed  in  an   upcoming
 publication of IUR. 
     William  Moore  and  Charles Berlitz  drew  national  public attention 
 to this incident with the publication of 'The  Roswell Incident' in 1980. 
 During the investigation, Schmitt found  that the  material  in the book
 was "highly inaccurate, and  had  much paraphrasing and many misquotes with
 very misleading  information which  really surprised us."  The CUFOS
 investigation has  turned up some very interesting facts and is
 "specifically attacking the military involvement with Roswell," Schmitt
     "There  is clear evidence of a coverup.  More  evidence,  in fact,  of 
 a coverup than ever before.  In fact we  can  pinpoint where  it
 originated, the time line, the manner and  degree  with which  it  took
 place," Schmitt said.  "And, where  the  specific orders  were  coming
 from.  Originally, Moore  talked  about  one flight  in the book with Jesse
 Marcel.  We have found  two  other flights  with other people and have
 tracked down  those  crewmen. So  far, I have tracked down a dozen former
 military  people  who were involved who have never been interviewed." 
     When  asked  about why this material was  never  brought  to light with
 Ruppelt or Keyhoe in their previous writings,  Schmitt states, "The coverup
 was so effective at that time.  If you think back to July, 1947, the
 intelligence network was at its peak just coming  off the war.  Everything
 was still in place and  in  high gear.  They so quickly removed it from the
 intelligence office in Roswell.   The Pentagon became involved immediately.
  All  orders were  going through counterintelligence and we have  pinned 
 down those people involved.  They still deny involvement, but we  have
 other people that testify to their involvement.  So, the  coverup is  still
 ongoing.  That surprised us too.  That 42  years  after the fact, we still
 have these people that confidentially tell  us 'that we still cannot talk
 about it.'" 
     When  asked  how  the MJ-12 material is  affected  by  this, Schmitt  
 states,   "It  is  the  reason   behind   our   initial investigation. 
 That if the purpose behind the MJ-12 document was disinformation,  it was
 to strike a death blow to Roswell we  had to make a distinction and make it
 in a hurry."  However, although some   details  about  Roswell  that  have 
 surfaced  from   this investigation that confirm such a group, there is no
 firm link to them.   Stan  Friedman  has been encouraged  by  Don  Schmitt 
 to continue  seeking the truth about MJ-12.  It is noted  here  that Stan
 Friedman is conducting a cooperative investigation in  light of these new
 facts about Roswell.  There is corroboration between Friedman  and  CUFOS. 
 According to Schmitt, the focus  of  their investigation is Roswell and the
 details behind the crash. 
     It  appears that some very interesting things are  surfacing on this. 
 According to Jerome Clark, "The Roswell Incident is the most important
 known UFO event in history.  By the time that this investigation  is over
 it will shape our future understanding  of the UFO phenomenon.  This
 investigation gets to the very core  of all issues." 
     In  closing, Clark stated that such questions as  "Are  UFOs real?  Are
 they physical and intelligently controlled?  Are  they piloted  by 
 Biological Entities that originate outside  of  this world?"  The answers
 could be a resounding, YES!! 
     The  full story will be released in upcoming issues of  IUR, the
 official bi-monthly publication for the J. Allen Hynek Center for   UFO 
 Studies  (CUFOS).   For  information  on   getting   a subscription of this
 publication, write to: 
     J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies 
     2457 West Peterson Avenue 
     Chicago, IL  60659 Subscriptions are $25.00 per year. 
     ParaNet will continue its coverage of this event.
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