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Roswell New Mexico UFO Crash Incident, 1947

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                  -=ð P R O U D L Y  í  P R E S E N T S ð=-
 The is numerous allegations in UFOlogy that a number of flying saucers
 have actually crash-landed and have been recovered by the government under
 a thick shroud of secrecy. These claims generally lack hard evidence, and
 has been typically dismissed due to the lack of "hard proof". There is
 however, one incident that now seems indisputable, due to wreckage being
 recovered. This has also been one of the most thoroughly documented 
 nvestigations on record.  On the evening of July 2nd, 1947, a bright
 disk-shaped object was seen flying over Roswell, New Mexico, heading
 northwest. The following day widely scattered wreckage was found about 75
 miles northwest of Roswell by a local rancher by the name of Bill Brazel.
 Mr. Brazel eventually contacted the local police who inturn contacted the
 Roswell Army Airforce Base. Several pieces of the wreckage were collected 
 by Major Jesse Marcel, a staff intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group
 Intelligence Office. Consequently a official press release was authorized by
 Colonel Bill Blanchard, confirming that wreckage of a flying disk had been
 recovered. Marcel was ordered to load the debris on a B-29 and fly it to
 Wright Field (Now Wright-Patterson AFB) at Dayton, Ohio, for examination. 
 Some believe that documents showing this area as a location for examination 
 are covers to throw those investigating the incident, and that the artifacts 
 were actually flown to another base such as Edwards Air Force Base in
 California - (Then known as Muroc AFB). As the story goes, at a intermediate
 stop at Carswell Army Airforce Base in Fort Worth, Texas. General Roger Ramey
 took charge and ordered Marcel and others involved not to talk to the press. 
 And a second press statement was released saying the wreckage was nothing
 more than a weather balloon. Meanwhile the wreckage arrived at its destination.
 Marcel returned to Roswell and Mr. Brazel was held without outside 
 communication to anyone for about a week. And his farm was stripped of any 
 and all pieces of the scrap debris. According to Major Marcel in a interview
 he gave just before his death sometime in the late 70s or early 80s.
 Marcel added that one piece of metal foil, two feet long and a foot wide,
 was so durable that it could not be dented with a sledgehammer, despite its
 being incredibly light. Marcel was absolutely convinced that the material
 had nothing to do with a weather balloon. This testimony form Mr. Marcel
 cannot be dismissed. Where was the rest of this craft? And were bodies
 recovered? Marcel was quite certain that no bodies were among the debris,
 and whatever the object was that exploded, it must have done so above
 ground level. But there is evidence that tells of another crash sight,
 in an area west of Socorro, New Mexico. Witnesses discovered the wreckage of
 a metallic disc resting on the ground with bodies spewed around. The first
 witness on this scene was Grady L. "Barney" Barnett a civil engineer with 
 the US Soil Conservation Service who was on a military assignment at the 
 time. He relayed the story to some friends in early July 1947. He says the
 metallic disc was about 25 to 30 feet in diameter. While he was examining it,
 a small group of people arrived on the scene who stated that they were part
 of an archaeological research team from the University of Pennsylvania. 
 This account cannot be regarded as reliable due to the fact that it is
 hearsay and was related to friends of Barnett in 1950. And Barnett died
 in 1969. And Mr. Barnett was not interviewed concerning this story. But
 those who knew "Barney" Barnett described him as a very respectable and
 honest citizen - and is hardly likely to have invented such a fantastic tale.
 Members of the University of Pennsylvania team have not come forward, nor 
 has any of them been located. But it has been established that the university 
 was involved in archaeological digs in the area at the time. It is not 
 certain whether or not this and the Roswell wreckage are connected. Socorro 
 is about 150 miles west of Brazel's ranch site.
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