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UFO Photos

                 (word processor parameters LM=8, RM=75, TM=2, BM=2)
                       Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501
                            Sponsored by Vangard Sciences
                                     PO BOX 1031
                                 Mesquite, TX 75150
                        There are ABSOLUTELY NO RESTRICTIONS
                   on duplicating, publishing or distributing the
                        files on KeelyNet except where noted!
                                   October 4, 1993
                This file shared with KeelyNet courtesy of Lee Jones.
        Associated .GIF files :  SAUCER1.GIF - original B/W UFO photo
                                 S1ENH.GIF   - enhanced version of SAUCER1
                                 ED13BIG.GIF - Gulf Breeze UFO
                                 FOTO386.GIF - Italian UFO
        Lee sent us  a  quite fascinating picture, S1ENH.GIF.  It is a black
        and white picture of one of the ADAMSKI  UFO photos that was scanned
        into the computer  and  hen  run through a program  called  IMPROCES
        which is now listed on KeelyNet courtesy of Lee.
        The black and  white version shows cloud/vapor formations around the
        ship which are quite obvious in  the  enhanced  version.   Both  the
        black and white original and the enhanced version were  included  by
        Lee for comparison.
        The IMPROCES program  allows  you  to  use  different color palettes
        under which to view files.  That is  what  was done with the ADAMSKI
        image.  Of course,  it  is designed as a paint program.   There  are
        other paint programs which have the palette exchange ability, so you
        should try it with the ones you have.  Some paint programs also have
        FILTERS that might be useful (such as Publishers Paintbrush).
        As Lee points out, the normal image in black and white shows nothing
        unusual beyond your  standard  up  close  UFO photo , yet when
        viewed with the color palette, it  shows some kind of energy wave in
        front of the shape and some kind of void behind it.  When looking at
        the black and white version closely, you can see some  kind of cloud
        or vapor rim that might relate to the enhanced version.
        A quite fascinating  treatment and one that opens up some intriguing
        possibilities for the viewing of anomalous  photos  such as psychic,
        paranormal, Fortean, UFO or other odd events that are  lucky  enough
        to be photographed.
        One of our  friends  knows  Wendell Stevens out in Arizona.  He says
        Wendell has hundreds of original Meier photos and will try to borrow
        a few that can be scanned in and  enhanced  using  this  process  or
        others.  It might shed some light on the propulsion system.
        We suggest if you have any photos or .GIFs that you  experiment with
        this program or  similar  ones.   You never know what YOU may be the
        discoverer of.

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