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CSETI: Project Starlight

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 Things to beware of in 1997:
 Sudden outbreaks of hostility, racial and otherwise, which seem to 
 just as suddenly be quelled.  Some may notice a fine drizzlelike
 mist preceding these events.
 Subj: Message from CSETI/Greer
 FYI and distribution as you see fit.
 Steven M. Greer M.D.
 Director of CSETITHS
                     copyright 1996 Steven M. Greer M.D.
  A number of first hand military, intelligence and government-
 associated witnesses to covert projects dealing with UFOs and
 Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI)  have been identified by CSETI's
 Project Starlight effort.   Over the past three years, we have located
 several dozen such potential witnesses as part of a comprehensive
 strategy to collect adequate evidence for a global, definitive
 disclosure on this subject.  The story which these important
 government witnesses can tell will make a credible, undeniable
 case for the reality of UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life
 forms in proximity to the earth.
 One of the persistent obstacles to this testimony  coming out into
 the public arena has been the issue of so-called national security
 oaths and restrictions placed on these witnesses.  Some feel that
 they are not free to speak unless 'released' from these national
 security oaths and restrictions, and  so we have been working to
 encourage Congress and the White House to take actions which
 would remove these restrictions.
 In the summer of 1995, a number of these witnesses gathered at a
 witnesses summit, and we all signed a letter to President Clinton
 asking him to take actions leading to the release of these
 restrictions.  While receipt of this letter was acknowledged by a
 special assistant to the President, we still await specific action from
 the executive branch of the US government.
 With this said, it is important to visit the question of whether or
 not such national security oaths and restrictions are themselves
 legally valid.
 We have compelling witness testimony that the operations dealing
 with this subject currently exist,  and have existed for several
 decades, outside of normal governmental projects.  Members of the
 Project Starlight Team have met with very senior members of the
 Administration, Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA and
 other relevant government agency operatives. The picture which
 emerges from these discussions is that of an operation dealing with
 UFOs which is functioning outside of the normal channels of
 government, as it is usually considered. Indeed, we have found that
 the most senior levels of the executive branch,  Congress, the
 military etc. are totally out of the loop on this extraordinary matter.
 This then brings up the sobering question of who is in the loop,
 and under what authorization are such projects operating? It is our
 assessment that for the large part, these operations do not fall under
 any constitutionally sanctioned avenues of authorization, and as
 such are, perforce, illegal.
 Aside from the lack of oversight and authorization from the
 executive branch and Congress, these operations have, from time
 to time, engaged in deceptive practices which have frustrated the
 organs of constitutionally legal inquiries and democratic processes.
 Any such operation which behaves in this fashion unilaterally
 removes itself from the inherent legality and protection which
 exists for  projects which are consonant with constitutional law.
 This being the case (we are eager - nay, desperate- for someone to
 prove otherwise...) all of the so-called 'national security oaths' and
 other 'restrictions' placed on military, intelligence and government
 contract workers are null and void.  That is, they appear to have no
 legal validity since the operations for which they were obtained are
 themselves illegal.  In a constitutional democracy, it is a basic
 requirement of law that such operations be constitutionally legal,
 and if they are not, then all that flows from them - including such
 'oaths'- are illegal and therefore non-binding. IF these operations
 are legal, nobody  in the Congress, executive branch or senior
 military with whom we have spoken knows of it. The production
 of a single current executive order or congressional directive
 authorizing these projects, which can be independently verified,
 would convince us otherwise.
 More than one covert contact has told us that, indeed, any such
 witnesses can and should speak out at the right time and place
 since no legal entity would - or legally could - do anything about
 it.   We agree.
 Beyond this, it is the legal, moral and patriotic duty of such
 witnesses to come together, and at the highest, best and most
 credible venue possible, speak out in unison regarding the truth on
 this matter.   Granted, if only one or two such persons come
 forward, the case will be weak, and the risk will be unacceptable.
 But if ten, twenty or more such witnesses come together, and
 united, resolve to share their information and experiences on this
 subject, then a definitive case will be made , and a great service to
 the world  and their country will be fulfilled.
 The return of this matter to the legal channels of government and
 the deliberation of the people is one of the great unfulfilled tasks
 of the post cold war era. Over half a decade has elapsed since the
 end of the cold war, and there can no longer be a justification (if
 there ever was) for this type of extraordinary secrecy and covert
 agenda.  Both national and world security requires that this matter
 be returned to the world community as soon as possible.
 We recommend that men and women of vision, courage and
 dedication join with us in fulfilling this task. Far from being a legal
 violation of 'security oaths', the public testimony by such witnesses
 is a highly moral and legal act. Further, is it not true that the
 continuation of this secrecy itself is illegal and immoral, given the
 inherent unconstitutionality of such programs? Credible witnesses,
 joining together and providing their testimony in a united strategy
 can return this  subject to legal oversight and control, and thereby
 enable the people of our country and of the world to begin the
 public deliberations which should have occurred 50 years ago.
 21 October 1996
 Steven M. Greer M.D.
 Director of CSETI
 PO Box 15401 Asheville NC 28813
 704-274-5671; fax:704-274-6766;

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