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Stanton Friedman Monthly Report Feb. 1997

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 RE  :  The Monthly Report - February 1997 by Stanton Friedman
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 A Korean Adventure
 I was really anticipating my first Asian trip, for a Conference arranged
 through MUFON for Jan. 16-21 in Seoul, Korea.  When I arrived, I was met at
 the airport and told that the Conference had been cancelled!  This was
 because of the political and labor unrest (riots and demonstrations) as the
 result of new hurriedly passed legislation.  (The fax informing me had
 arrived after I had already left Canada).  The host California Event Group
 had reserved a room for me at a different hotel.  So no one knew where I was.
 I was however more fortunate than Antonio Huneuus, New York based UFO
 columnist for ''FATE'' and a Japanese periodical.  He arrived in Seoul at 6am
 the next morning, was not met, but took the airport shuttle to the
 conference Hotel anyway.  They hadn't heard of him or the conference!
 Finally he made contact with CEG and was brought to my hotel which was much
 closer to what we thought would be a small UFO exhibit.
 Were we wrong!  The exhibit took up the entire 10th floor of a building, had
 cost $3-4 million, and was the largest either of us had ever seen.  That
 Saturday alone there were 12,000-15,000 visitors, who paid between $9 and
 $15 each.  Antonio and I each gave a short pre-sentation in a corner of the
 exhibition.  We both agreed that a number of the exhibits were based on
 fraudulent stories ranging from George Adamski & Billy Meier to Bob Lazar and
 many contactees.  In the Asian cultural milieu it would apparently be almost
 unthinkable to make up a fraudulent story.  Our hosts were most kind and took
 us to a real Korean restaurant complete with low tables and sitting on the
 floor... not easy on these old bones.
 They still talk of holding a real conference.  Seoul is a huge city of 10.4
 million people almost completely rebuilt after the Korean War.  Canada has
 only 30 million people in almost 4 million square miles.  Korea has 45
 million people in less than 40,000 square miles.
 Many of the books we saw at the exhibit were translations of contactee books.
 My copies of ''TOP SECRET/MAJIC'' and ''Crash at Corona'' and my CD-ROM
 ''UFOs:  the Real Story'' were all purchased along with the 2 volume sets of
 my video ''Flying Saucers ARE Real.'' The German, UK, and Australian versions
 of ''TOP SECRET/MAJIC'' should be out during l997... who knows, maybe a Korean
 Roswell Unlimited
 Perhaps because 1997 is the 50th anniversary of the recovery of at least 2
 crashed saucers and several alien bodies in New Mexico in early July, l947,
 many Roswell-related books will be appearing.  A real surprise was the
 announcement by Pocket Books of a new book The Day after Roswell by retired
 army Colonel Philip J. Corso to be published in July.  Supposedly he will say
 that there was a Roswell crash, bodies were recovered and he knew all about
 it having been asked to check into back engineering saucer technology for the
 Army's Foreign Technology Division.  Corso had surfaced by 1994, and had
 visited Roswell.  He is best known for making claims about over 1,000 US POWs
 being taken from Korea by the Russians in the 1950s.  He has testified to
 various congressional hearings and was even featured in ''Time'' Magazine,
 Sept. 30, l996.  The claim is that he was a key adviser to the National
 Security Council under President Eisenhower.  He certainly was with the
 Intelligence Liaison Staff at the NSC Operations Coordinating Board (OCB) for
 three years (l953-l956) according to Official documents which I have.  My
 concern is two fold:
 1.  Because of his background, the major media are likely to pay far more
     attention to him than they have to serious researchers on Roswell.  In
     the United Kingdom, for example, in l996, Nick Pope's superficial and
     often inaccurate book ''Open Skies, Closed Minds'' got far more attention
     than Timothy Good's much more deeply researched book ''Beyond TOP
     SECRET'' because Nick had worked for the MOD (Ministry of Defense).  He
     was touted as the real Fox Mulder of ''The X-Files''- a grossly
     undeserved connection.
 2.  If Corso's claims turn out to be strictly based on reading available
     literature and not substantiated by new documents and other evidence,
     this could easily discredit the Roswell story. The comparison here is to
     the supposed alien autopsy footage still being touted by Ray Santilli,
     the UK distributor, and Bob Kiviat, who produced the FOX TV show.  Time
     will tell.
 Concerning the autopsy footage, an interview with the purported military
 cameraman was actually shown on Japanese TV. Enhanced frames showing the
 cameraman's face were spread around the Internet although it wasn't
 supposed to be seen.  Unfortunately there is still no documentation that the
 person really is a former military cameraman, had a high security clearance
 or was anywhere near a crashed saucer near Socorro, NM, in May-June l947.
 Acceptance of Santilli's autopsy footage as genuine is also the basis for a
 new book ''Beyond Roswell'' due at the end of March by UK  researcher Philip
 Mantle and German publisher Michael Hesseman.  Supposedly Michael has found
 Santilli's new ''Roswell'' crash location near Socorro, NM, 170 miles from
 Roswell and occurring at the end of May 1947.... and having no connection
 with the recoveries near Corona and in the Plains of San Augustin well west
 of Socorro in early July as described in ''Crash at Corona.''
 Attacks on Roswell Witnesses
 Karl Pflock, now living in New Mexico and partly responsible for getting
 Albuquerque Congressman Steven Schiff to get the General Accounting Office
 to search for documents related to Roswell, has changed his entire tune.  He
 had stood strongly behind the case and especially Roswell Mortician Glenn
 Dennis for some time, even writing a lengthy report for the Fund for UFO
 Research.  Now he is totally accepting Bob Todd's vicious attacks on Jesse
 Marcel Sr.'s integrity and rejecting Glenn's entire story.  The basis seems
 to be that because no documentary proof has yet been provided that there was
 a real nurse at the base who meets Glenn's description, she must not have
 existed.  He also, for reasons not well defined, accepts the USAF Mogul
 Balloon explanation even though it doesn't match the facts of the case.
 Though it makes certain fiction writers angry when I repeat it, I must once
 again say that absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence of that
 evidence, especially in situations where it would not be easy to provide that
 evidence.  Todd complains that some of Marcel's claims about his military
 records are not supported by his personnel file, therefore he was lying.
 This despite the fact that many old time military men agree that records,
 especially during wartime, were generally not complete.
 It would not be surprising if a military nurse, directly involved in handling
 alien bodies, by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, would have been
 moved in the equivalent of a Secret Witness Program.  I should note that
 years ago I had located a number of people who had worked in the medical
 group at Roswell.  I gave the names of the nurses in the base yearbook in
 alphabetical order including Glenn's, to one who had demonstrated an
 excellent memory of the nurses.  He recalled her by name.  I asked him what
 she looked like and he described her similarly to the description given me
 by Glenn.  An outstanding young researcher, Victor Greg Golubic, has located
 many people who were at the base hospital in the l946-48 time frame and were
 not in the yearbook.  He hasn't yet given up on Glenn's nurse, though no
 records of her have yet been found nor other direct memories.
 In effect, Karl is calling all the other witnesses either liars or totally
 mistaken and is attributing to the very mundane equip-ment of the Mogul
 project very special properties.  He is also accepting CIC man Sheridan
 Cavitt's totally changed description of what he saw despite it not matching
 anybody elses.  As the one person who has been in the homes of Jesse Marcel
 Sr., Jesse Marcel Jr., Walter Haut, Bill Rickett, T. J. DuBose, Dennis,
 Gerald Anderson, and with many other others, I can't throw out everybody's
 testimony.  Some have accused Pflock of still being connected with his
 former employer, the CIA, and playing out their agenda.  I have seen no
 evidence to support this notion.
 Telstar 401
 Some unknown person has published a false story that I supposedly faxed Art
 Bell that a UFO was responsible for the disappearance of AT&T's Telstar 401
 Communications Satellite on January 11.  I hadn't faxed him and said no such
 thing.  I see no reason to think its failure (NOT disappearance) was not
 caused by the huge solar storm that enveloped the earth on January 10-11
 with a billion ton cosmic cloud of ionized gas from the sun dissipating more
 than 1,400,000 megawatts of energy (twice the power production in the USA) in
 the Earth's magnetosphere.  I wonder if my signature was forged as
 well....see ''Science News,'' Feb. 1, l997, pg.68.
 High Tech
 For many years I have talked (in the context of flying saucer technology)
 about Friedman's Law ''Technological progress comes from doing things
 differently in an unpredictable way.  The future is NOT an extrapolation of
 the past.''  Two recent articles fit right in.  Dr. Hal Puthoff, President
 of Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas, and author of many
 exciting highly technical papers about creating energy from a vacuum has a
 fascinating article ''Space Propulsion:  Can Empty Space Itself provide a
 Solution'' in the Jan./Feb. l997 issue of ''Ad Astra'' (To the Stars), the
 publication of the National Space Society.  ''SCIENCE'' (10 January, l997,
 p.158) has a piece about exciting new test results measured by Steven
 Lamoreaux of Los Alamos of the Casimir Effect so important to Puthoff's
 Old Secrets to be Declassified?
 Coming soon an expos‚ on the US Government's new executive order focusing on
 the Classification review of old classified documents.
 Last Month's Report
 At the end of l996 I did four telephone interviews with radio stations in
 England.  They had been arranged by Marshall Cavendish Partworks Ltd. a
 major publisher in London.  After a test selling in a small area, they
 published over 700,000 copies of a new fortnightly publication about the
 paranormal named ''The XFACTOR.''
 It is slick, loaded with artwork and has no advertising.  An interview with
 me is featured in the first issue and I supplied articles and graphics about
 Roswell and Operation Majestic 12 for later issues.  I was featured in some
 of the press releases, hence the interviews.  Also ''TOP SECRET/MAJIC'' will
 be published in England next month with copies being awarded as prizes in a
 I was suddenly joined during one of the interviews by Stewart Campbell, a
 well known debunker.  The host also seemed to be totally skeptical and, as
 was the case with 40 plus UK interviews I did in  October, 1995, totally
 devoid of knowledge.  Campbell tried to make three strong arguments:
 1.  All sightings can be explained.
     I noted that 20% out of 3201 cases investigated by the Battelle Memorial
     Institute for Project Blue Book in BB Special Report 14 (252 pages $20
     from UFORI) could NOT be identified and that 30% of the 117 cases
     reviewed in the University of Colorado study remained unidentified and
     that over 700 Unidentified were listed in the UFO Evidence.  He insisted
     that was just because there wasn't enough data.  I pointed out that there
     was a separate category in BBSR 14 called ''Insufficient Information.''
     It is not surprising that 12 debunking books about UFOs don't mention
     BBSR 14 even though all the authors were aware of it.....
 2.  It would take too much energy to go to stars across the galaxy.
     Of course, I am only interested in stars in our local neighborhood.
     There are 1000 stars within 54 light years of which 46 are very similar
     to the sun and of which some are a billion years older than the sun and
     have near neighbors only a few light weeks away.  I tried to point out
     that the amount of energy it takes is entirely dependent as to how one
     makes the trip and how much cosmic freeloading one uses.
     Dr. Campbell's calculation in 1941 as to the required initial launch
     weight of a chemical rocket able to get a man to the moon ad back was too
     high by a factor of 300,000, because of all the wrong assumptions he
     made!  I worked on fusion rockets capable of star travel...
 3.  Finally Campbell tried to pull the old ''Occam's Razor'' ploy.
     The simplest explanation is likely the best one...  Therefore, since most
     sightings can be explained, all can be.  I pointed out that from my
     viewpoint since we know how to get to nearby stars with round trip times
     shorter than the average person's life span, and since there are reports
     from all over the world of round manufactured craft with flight
     capabilities well beyond any we have been able to produce, and often
     disgorging strange humanoid creatures, that clearly the simplest
     explanation is that earth is being visited by intelligently controlled
     ET spacecraft, even if that doesn't answer such questions as from whence
     they cometh, or for what reasons, or why they don't land on the White
     House lawn...  I hate wasting my time on this sort of nonsense, but I
     guess somebody has to forcefully deal with the facts as they are as
     opposed to the way the debunkers would have them be.
 TV Shows
 I watched three supposed UFO Documentaries this past week and was dismayed
 indeed.  I would say that even though these were on the Discovery Channel and
 A and E one can't believe anything on the tube..  (I had brief roles as did
 Dr. Bruce Maccabee).  It was as if truth had become a four letter word to
 be avoided at all costs.
 One program dealt with the government and UFOs but no documentation was shown
 or discussed.  No mention of BBSR 14.  No mention of the Congressional
 Hearings of Monday, July 29, l968 which included testimony from 12 scientists
 such as Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Carl Sagan, Dr. Donald Menzel, myself, and,
 most importantly, Dr. James E. McDonald whose outstanding report to Congress
 (71 pages, $10.00 post paid from UFORI, POB 958, Houlton, ME 04730-0958) has
 information on 41 separate unexplainable cases.
 No mention of the government sponsored Condon Report in which 30% of the 117
 cases studied by the U. of Colorado could not be identified according to a
 UFO committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
 There was no mention of the fact that the NSA has withheld 156 UFO reports
 on the basis of ''national Security.''  That the CIA has withheld UFO reports
 for the same reason.
 The Project Mogul Explanation for Roswell was pushed while showing a large
 Skyhook type polyethylene balloon rather than the totally conventional small
 neoprene balloons used in Mogul.  They showed a general at a press
 conference explaining Roswell away, without noting that it was General
 Samford in l952, not l947, and that he was not talking about Roswell.  There
 was much else that was nonsense.  The army air force cover story was
 presented for Mac Brazel without a hint of the inconsistencies between that
 story and what Mac and his son and others stated.
 The shows were loaded with a sort of equal time for pro and con even when
 the ''con'' artists hadn't done their homework and were doing their
 research by proclamation, baseless psychological explanations, silly attacks
 on hypnosis..  UGH!
 The worst of it is that there is sure to be an abundance of garbage laden
 broadcasts and books published as we are now in the 50th anniversary year for
 Roswell and Kenneth Arnold.
 Don't bother me with the facts, we are only interested in presenting
  - End of File -
 Till later, MAC??? / tNATOA / [PRo-iauR]

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