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 Date sent: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 08:53:47 -0400 To: From: Chuck
 Roberts Subject: Alien glossary update
                       Appendix B: Mystical Encyclopedia
                   (Alien enclyclopedia and related topics)
 7-1-96. Created by Chuck Roberts. (c) 1996. If you would like to add a
 subject to this encyclopedia or add an URL to a subject, just send me email.
 INTRO: note the name has changed to "Mystical Encyclopedia" because
 "Encyclopedia Mystica" was taken.
 7-29-96. New stuff added includes: bermuda triangle, n nodes, chakras, John
 West, meteors, and more.
 120+ subjects and growing.
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      Having to do with the activation of energies on earth to awaken the ET
      consciousness of earth's inhabitants. See SpiritWeb at Spirit/activation-11.11.html. Note the
      Celestine Prophecy also mentions humans evolving to a higher state of
      'energy' or consciousness.
      Ashtar says these are the volunteers on earth who will reawaken to help
      earth evolve to the next phase of consciousness. The bible says these
      are 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. See Spirit/our-mission-athena.html.
      Lord (male) of the ocean and the sea. Usually 'sea' refers to the great
      expanse of the heavens. Aka Absu. See also Sumerian gods.
      The Urantia Book says this Chaldean head priest was told by the angels
      that Jesus Christ was coming.
      This is the underworld. Hindu. aka Agharti, Agharta network, which
      includes Mt. Shasta, CA, and other energy centers of earth. These are
      the good guys. Their space fleet is called the 'Silver Fleet'.
      Andromodans (per Collier) say these lived on the planet Maldek (now the
      asteroid belt) and were the lost tribe if Lyrae. They were also called
      Ari-an. Note the Celestine Prophecy also mentions humans evolving to a
      higher state of 'energy' or consciousness.
      The Maya say the solar system rotates around Alcyon in a 26,000 period.
      The end of this period is Dec 23, 2012 and is supposed to be the birth
      of Venus. See also Pleiades.
      Entities not from this planet. See also Altair, amphibians (see
      cryptozoology), Arianni, Epsilon Eridani (Lyrans), grey aliens,
      insectoids, Lyrans, moon-eyed (large-eyed aliens), winged dracos
      (Mothmen), reptilians, 3 fingered, Tau Cetians (Lyrans), Taygetans,
      Ummites, Vegans.
      Alleged reptilian inhabitants of the Altair stellar system in the
      constellation Aquila. Bad guys.
      Amphibian like creatures have been seen near the Ohio river on various
      occasions. These semi-intelligent creatures have been known to attack
      people without provocation.
      (also referred to as 'Els', 'El Anakim', short for 'Elder Race' or
      simply as the 'Giants'). Referred to in ancient Hebrew tradition, this
      race is allegedly tied-in with ancient humans who broke off from
      mainstream humanity because of their vast size which had developed over
      the centuries, possibly as a result of a genetic anomaly. They are said
      to range anywhere from 9-11 and in some cases even 12 ft. in height,
      although in configuration are remarkably similar to 'International'
      humans. They have allegedly been encountered in deep and extensive
      cavern systems from Alaska to Mexico, and are believed to have
      interstellar traveling capabilities (Evadamic). The "Book of Enoch"
      from the Dead Sea scrolls says how these men married earth women, who
      bore 'giants 3000 cubits high'. (Note, a cubit is 1 Sacred Jewish inch,
      so 3000 cubits would be about 250 feet.) See Nephilim, Annunaki.
      Beings from Andromoda. (Good guys.) Collier says they are the oldest
      race in our galaxy and are very concerned about our future. They have
      light blue skin, but when they age, the skin becomes more white. The
      average age of Andromodans is 2007 years. Collier's contacts say in
      December 2013, we will cease to exist as 3rd density beings, and move
      up to 4th density. They say on Mar 23, 1994, an energy began radiating
      from black holes at the base of each galaxy to help in this transition.
      The contacts say the primate race was created by the Draconians, and
      first brought to Mars, then Earth. Back then, earth was closer to Mars,
      and covered with ice. They say humans are part of a soul group which
      they call Paa Tal, which were opposed to the Draconian influence and
      have warred with them for hundreds of thousands of years. They say that
      earth will be ruled by Draconic tyranny 357 years from now (about 2352
      AD) and have traced the shift of energy to our solar system, at this
      time (about 1995). Specifically to the earth, moon, and Mars.
      The Andromodan council agreed that all ET life should be removed from
      the earth, moon, and Phobos by Aug 12, 2003. They say there are only
      2000 original gray aliens, and most of them are on Phobos, a moon of
      Mars. (Most of the other grays are clones, thereby supporting the
      hypothesis that the grays are dying as a race due to genetic stagnation
      and they are looking for new DNA to revive their race.) If the aliens
      are not out of the moon by 2003, they will pull the moon out of orbit
      to "deal with it." They say our moon is an artificial satellite from
      another star system (the star Chauta in Ursa Minor).
      Some quotable quotes they said: "It is not so much the religion you
      believe in, but the reason you believe in it." "The love you withold is
      the pain you carry."
      See Leading Edge Research: Andromoda paradigm at
      ~trufax/androm/androm.html. Note the Celestine Prophecy also mentions
      humans evolving to a higher state of 'energy' or consciousness.
      Per the Urantia book, this is the name of the nebula from which our
      universe formed.
      Akkadian god of the heaven. See also Sumerian gods.
      Sumerian word for all the gods. In some Akkadian texts these are the
      gods of the underworld and Igigi are the gods in heaven. See also
      Sumerian gods. Warriors of Anu against Tiamat. Sitchin says these are
      the people from the planet Nibiru.
 archaeology, forbidden
      The commonly accepted premise is modern man, homo sapiens sapiens, has
      been around for only 100,000 years. However, there have been found
      stone tools and human bones going back 200,000 to 4 mil years ago.
      However this evidence has been suppressed. See Forbidden archaeology at Spirit/Veda/Forbidden-Archeology/
      Located in the constellation Bootes (one of the oldest constellations),
      it is a red-giant sun. Supposedly one of the most advanced
      civilizations in the galaxy (per Edgar Cayce). See Spirit/arcturians.html. They are said to have
      3 bases on the moon and several on earth.
 Area 51
      This is a sub-area of the Groom Lake facility in Nevada where UFOs are
      stored, built, and tested. Also called Dreamland. See Area 51 website.
      Admiral Byrd, in his flyover of the North Pole, encountered some
      inner-earth people called the Arianni. Note the similarity to the word
      Aryan. Andromodans say these lived on the planet Maldek (now the
      asteroid belt) and were the lost tribe of Lyrae. They now live
      underground in Tibet. See Agharta.
      Same as Ishtar.
 asteroid belt
      See planet Maldek.
      Mark Hammons says the remains are in the Sargasso Sea, between the
      Bimini plateau and the Azore islands. He says Atlantis sat atop a
      'bubble' in the earth's crust. From this location, the Atlanteans could
      tap the various gases and EM radiation leaking from this bubble to
      power their technology. But eventually, this bubble burst, causing the
      Biblical and Sumerian flood. The Bermuda Triangle is the result of this
      disturbance which continues today. The Atlanteans were an 'extrusion'
      of 4 dimensional beings into the 3rd dimension. Some of their
      technology was 'threshold' technology, which could 'slip' you into an
      alternate earth, or continua. Much like the TV show "Sliders". Two
      primary 'threshold' sites are in the Gobi desert in central Asia, and
      in Mexico, with parts of the Mexican threshold in New Mexico and
      Arizona area. The Mexicans appear to be angry at the US for something
      and refuse to let the US military in to study the threshold. So the US
      goes to China. China wants the US to forget about the human rights
      violations. Done, and Bush and Clinton renews their Most Favored Nation
      status to boot. Second, China wants to be able to sell arms to whomever
      they want. US says "Done." This could help explain why the US
      continually ignores the human rights violations in China.
      The energy grid Atlantis was anchored to was detached from the physical
      earth during the war with the Reptoids on Maldek. It realigns itself
      with earth every 2000 years. It has locked on earth on Dec 7, 1995. The
      last alignment was when Christ was on earth. This grid is also known as
      "Herculobus" and "Wormwood" which is mentioned in the Bible. (Rev 8:11.
      Wormwood, a blazing star, fell out of the sky and turned 1/3 of the
      water undrinkable. Wormwood means bitter.)
      See also Lemurians, Atlas. See site Atlantis energy grid, DNA...
      Supposedly the first king of Atlantis. One of the original Titans of
      Greek mythology, he was defeated by the Olympians who were lead by
      Zeus. Zeus punished Atlas by having him hold the world on his back.
 atomic time
      Atomic time is defined in terms of one revolution of an electron in the
      ground state orbit of the hydrogen atom. The atomic standard by the
      cesium clock is accurate to limits of 8 x 10 (exp -14 ).
      Some say a person's personality can be determined by looking at their
      aura, however most people cannot see auras. Others say a person's aura
      changes with illness.
      Built by Nimrod, this city is known as the start of the false religions
      of the world for worshipping Semiramis. It is now thought to be in
 Beast, The
      In Revelations, the beast is described as having 7 heads and 10 crowns
      on its heads. In Akkadian mythology, Anum and Enlil (the sky god) are
      depicted as carrying 10 pairs of horns. Note that the there are 7
      industrialized nations that make up the G7.
 Berlitz, Charles
      Another researcher who wrote about the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, and
      Noah's Ark.
 bermuda triangle
      Area southeast of Florida which exhibits strange properites: ships and
      planes disappear and never return, compasses and other electronic
      equipment don't work, etc. See Bermuda Triangle site (skeptic).
 Bikini Island
      Site of the first test of the atomic bomb. UFOs were seen fleeing the
      site and before the test, the natives reported lots of problems with
      their animals being mutilated (per Schneider).
 Canis Major and Minor
      Orion's two hunting dogs following him. These are constellations.
 Cayce, Edgar (1877-1945)
      Noted psychic who had visions of Atlantis, the future, and many other
      things. See A.R.E at
 Celestine Prophecy
      Book by James Redfield, which says that humans have to perceive and
      understand 9 insights before they will evolve to a higher plane of
      existence. See sites: Celestine Central, Celestine Home Page, Celestine
      Chakras (a Hindu word) are the energy vortices through which energy and
      matter are constantly shifting. Smaller vortices are the acupuncture
      points. There are seven chakras, each associated with a color and a
      facet of our existance (emotional, physical, spiritual, etc). See
      MuseNet website at MuseforU/muse1.html.
 Collier, Alex
      Says he has been in contact with Andromedans for some 31 years.
      Lectures about his experiences.
 Cooper, William
      Formerly of US Naval Intelligence, he wrote a book called "Behold a
      Pale Horse" which agreed the government had captured UFOs and live
      aliens. However, some UFO enthusiasts say this is subtle propaganda
      used to confuse the truth.
      The study of unexplainable creatures. Weird creatures include Nessie of
      Loch Ness, Scotland, Chessie of Chesapeke Bay, VA, Champ of Lake
      Champlain, Ogopogo, Bigfoot in the US Northwest, a huge eel-like
      monster found dead in the great lakes in 1996, Vietnamese Forest
      People, mermaids, Loveland OH frogman, Jersey devil. See Yahoo:
      Cryptozoology, Ron Schaffner files (frogman in Loveland, OH), sea
      serpents. See the Crim Ram series (
      ufo/files.html) by Branton for more info about cryptozoology.
 Dead Sea Scrolls
      Found in the ruins of Qumran, an old Judean fortress. See Dead Sea
      Scrolls exhibit website at
 Delta force
      An elite US military group that provides security at Area 51 and other
      high security complexes.
      These are the lizard-like bad guys. Variations include insectoids
      (mantis-like), reptilians, saurians (dinosaur-like), and cross-breeds
      of the above. Collier's Andromodan contacts say these are master
      geneticists who have been in the universe the longest. The Andromodans
      don't know where they came from, nor do the Draconians. So this
      supports the Draconians belief that they are the original 'owners' of
      the galaxy, and they see humans as their subjects. A Draconian or ally
      can be identified by their lack of respect for free will.
 dynamic time
      A dynamical second is defined as 1/31,556,925.9747 of the earth's
      orbital period and was standard until 1967. See Constancy of the
      velocity of light website at
      Chief god of the Sumerian city of Eridu. Akkadian Prince Ea. Later
      Akkadian Enki. Greek Oannes.
      aka Terra, Urantia.
      Schneider says the gov't is using a Tesla device to create earthquakes.
      Examples of said earthquakes: Kobe, Japan; 1989 San Francisco; there
      was no pulsewave as in normal earthquakes.
 Ecker, Don
      A UFO researcher. He can be reached at
      Means "delightful". L. Dolphin thinks the Garden of Eden is buried
      somewhere in present day Iraq under miles of sediment from the Great
      Flood. Dora Jane Hamblin, "Has the Garden of Eden Been Located at
      Last?" Smithsonian Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 2, (May, 1987).
 element 115
      According to Bob Lazar, this is the yet-undiscovered super-heavy
      element which will allow us to make technology to harness gravity
      The uni-plural name of God used in Gen 1. Also the name for angels.
      This could also be a type of angel, as there are many types, including
      the seraphim and nephilim.
      Akkadian sky god.
 Epsilon Eridani
      This star system is inhabited by Nordic type aliens originally from
      Lyra. Good guys.
      A constellation in the sky. These faint stars have been known as a
      river since ancient times, and have represented famous rivers such as
      the Nile and the Euphrates. See Epsilon Eridani.
 Euphrates river
      One of the first four rivers of creation. The others were Tigris,
      Gihon, Pishon. Also called Eufraat by Akkadians.
      These are the good guys.
      comes from Greek "gnosis" meaning "knowledge of God".
 grey aliens
      Mercenaries helping the malevalent aliens. Some have a box on their
      bodies, which (per Schneider) is a weapon which blasts some type of
      cobalt radiation energy. They are thought to be from Zeta Reticuli.
      There are generally 2 types of grays. Small: 3-4 feet tall with large
      black eyes; large: 6-7 feet tall, these are the diplomats which tell
      the small grays what to do. They are hairless with a very small nose,
      and no discernable ears. Their fingers are often long relative to human
      proportions. The large grays are thought to have 2 brains separated by
      a bulletproof bony septum, thus a bullet to the head won't kill them.
      Perhaps this is where the X-files gets the idea of piercing the base of
      the skull to kill them. Their blood is thought to be green, and when it
      makes contact with air, it makes a noxious ammonia-smelling gas which
      can kill a person. SpiritWeb supports the notion that the greys are
      genetically sterile and need new genes to make their race survive.
 Groom Lake, Nevada
      Location of secret underground bases and Area 51. Here the US
      government conducts testing of UFOs they have built with alien
      technology. The base is 7 levels deep, and requires top secret
      clearance to get to. See also Schneider.
      A weather manipulation device based on Tesla technology used by the
      Navy. It is being tested since the late 60's, which is why we've been
      having the extreme weather since then (so the story goes). One location
      of a HAARP facility is Dayton, OH. Wright-Patterson AFB, also in
      Dayton, is also thought to house a UFO. See the Navy's HAARP site at
      Descendants of Ham, son of Noah. These are the physical laborers mainly
      descended from the areas of: Egypt, Ethiopia, Crete, Arabia, Sino
      (Chinese and Japanese and Mongolians), Philistenes, Phoenicians,
      Canaanites, Sumerians, Babylonians.
 Hoagland, Richard
      Wrote a book about the face on Mars. See his website at
 Howe, Linda
      Wrote a book "An Alien Harvest" which describes cattle and horse
      mutilations. One possibility she raises is the aliens are using the
      cattle to monitor a toxin through our food chain that they put there.
      These bad aliens resemble praying mantises, with long arms which fold
      against their chest, and large eyes, and a mantis-like face.
      Babylonian means venus. Akkadian is ESH.DAR. Also Ashtar. Phoenician:
      Astarte, Estar. Egyptian: Isis. Sumerian: Innanna or Nin-ana, Innin.
      Descendants of Japheth, son of Noah. These are the philosophers, the
      people with open minds, who explore the intellectual. They are mainly
      from these areas: America, Indo-Europe, Spain, Greece, Rome.
      One woman reports having her spirit transported to Jupiter by Jove
      himself and seeing intelligent reptiles in a council of 12. These
      reptiles claim to be a 3rd/4th dimensional type and claim to be
      friendly. See
 Keel, John
      UFO researcher who wrote "The Mothman Prophesies" (1975) among other
 Kirlian photography
      The art of photographing one's aura. See auras.
 Lazar, Bob
      A physicist who claims to have reverse engineered UFOs at the Area 51
      Aka the Atlanteans, Mu, Muvians. The religious people of this race
      tried to warn the world of an impending flood. They went underground,
      and in the USA, emerged as the Native Americans. In Australia, they
      emerged as the Aborigines, in the England area, as the Druids. The
      American Indians have a creation legend that says they came out of
      caves underground while the 'reptile people' were banished to
      underground. (Is this a reference to the grays or reptilians?)
      Andromodans say there is a large temple complex underwater, 150 miles
      south of Easter Islands that belonged to the Lemurians. See Atlas,
 Lear, John
      Son of the founder of the Lear Jet company. Appears to be allied with
      Bob Lazar. A 1987 posting to the internet claims aliens at Area 51 were
      eating humans.
      Energy vortices from Atlantis that were damaged during the war with the
      Reptoids on Maldek. These were visible emanations of energy, until they
      were switched off. Also called 'dragon lines' by later civilizations.
      God's second in command who fell from grace and took 1/3 of the angels
      with him. Lucifer means "bearer of Light". (Could this be a reference
      to actual light physics, or could 'light' refer to knowledge? Serpents
      and snakes are associated with wisdom in ancient myths.) The Bible says
      Noah lived almost 900 years. Dolphin explains this is due to a faster
      velocity of light. But when Lucifer 'fell', something bad happened to
      the universe and laws of physics and light. See Dolphin's essays under
      Sources below.
      Lyra is the original star of the Nordic type aliens. Lyra was invaded
      by the saurian type aliens, and the Nordics escaped to the Pleiades,
      Hyades, and Vega. These are the good guys. Note that some Nordics have
      been seen under the control of greys, however.
      Used to be the fifth planet from our sun, it is is now the asteroid
      belt. This is where our moon was first orbiting, after it was taken
      from Chauta in Ursa Minor. Watcher interprets the bible and says this
      was a planet of Elohim (rebel angels) that was destroyed by God. In
      Science magazine, Oct 1987, Drs. Cruikshank and Brown discovered
      organic compounds on 3 asteroids. Watcher also says the bible refers to
      this planet as Rahab.
 Marcab Confederacy
      This is a star system which contains the most powerful of suppressive
      influences on our world. See
      Also called Nimrod. He was a Babylonian god. See also Sumerian gods.
      Some artifacts and ruins have supposedly been discovered on Mars. Such
      as the giant pyramid, and the 'face', which looks like a monkey. Also
      curious are the Martian canals. Some scientists say these are the
      result of the polar icecaps melting, flowing towards the equator one
      season, then flowing back up to the polar caps. This doesn't seem to
      make sense that it would flow back up to the icecaps without a major
      change in planetary spin or axis tilt. Mars is associated with the
      Roman god of war.
 Mars face
      There is a structure on Mars which looks like a monkey face. There are
      also other pyramid-shaped structures, which can't be natural, in the
      area on Mars known as Cydonia. The relationship of the distance between
      the face and pyramids is exactly the same as the Sphinx (see Planetary
      Mysteries) and pyramids here on earth. The Andromodans say this is a
      tomb. And on every planet in our solar system there is such a tomb at
      19.5 degrees North and South of the equator (they must mean there are 2
      tombs per planet?). This somehow harmonizes the solar system in direct
      opposition of positive energy, preventing us from spiritually evolving
      to the next density. Watcher interprets the bible to say that this
      'city' was the city of Lucifer. See Cydonia zone (most comprehensive
      sites about the face on Mars), Cydonia, Carlotto's Face on Mars.
      See Yucatan peninsula.
      aka Majestic 12, Jason Society, Jason Scholars. This is a committee of
      12 members who analyze the alien activity and decide what to do about
      it. They direct several secret organizations to do different tasks, but
      each organization doesn't know about the other.
 men in black
      aka MIBs, Horlocks. These look like humans who act sluggishly and dress
      all in black. They are often seen in association with silent black
      helicopters, and often contact people who have had an alien contact.
      The Urantia book says this is the name of our solar system.
      Supposedly, the Clementine space probe and the Apollo astronauts found
      alien ruins on the moon, including an exploded dome shaped building,
      and a tower-like thing called 'the shard'. There have also been reports
      that several of the Apollo missions saw a huge saucer on the moon.
      Andromodans say our moon is an artificial satellite from a star system
      in Ursa Minor named Chauta. It was from the 17th of 21 planets of that
      system and was placed around a planet here, named Maldek, which is now
      the asteroid belt. It had nine huge domed cities on it and sustained
      life. The other moon around Maldek was Phobos, now orbiting Mars. The
      beings who lived on our moon were Arians. The Pleiadeans moved our moon
      from Maldek to earth. Others say the craters on the moon are too
      shallow to be made from a meteor impact and the whole moon is hollow.
      It used to contain domed cities which were destroyed 113,000 years ago.
      See site: History of the Moon at
      ~trufax/androm/moonhist.html. This site also contains a history of gray
      motherships being spotted in the sky near planets.
 moon-eyed aliens
      A race of peaceable humans some 7-8 ft. tall, with pale-blue skin and
      large 'wrap-around' eyes which are extremely sensitive to light. They
      MAY be the same as the large humans allegedly encountered on the moon
      by our 'astronauts' according to John Lear and others, who in turn were
      silenced and not allowed to tell what they saw. These people may,
      according to some accounts, be allied to the 'Nordics' and/or
      'Blondes'. They claim to be descendants of Noah who traveled to the
      Western Hemisphere a few centuries after the deluge and discovered
      ancient antediluvian cavern systems and technologies which had been
      abandoned in the subterranean recesses. They have been encountered
      mostly in deep cavern-systems beneath the general region of the
      Ozarks-Arkansas and surrounding regions (Evadamic).
      These are draconic, winged reptiles, usually tall, about 6-7 feet. They
      are reported to fly, but don't have to flap their wings to do so. Their
      eyes are large and red, and most people report they have an inescapable
      hypnotic stare. Merely being around these types causes uncontrollable
      feelings of fear in humans. Perhaps this is just how their negative
      energy life force manifests itself. John Keel wrote a book about them.
      The Urantia book says this is the name of our local universe.
      Race of giants who were morally degraded. Gen 6. Possibly from Lyra or
      Nibiru. The word means "those who came down." Sitchin links these to
      people as being from the planet Nibiru. See Anakim, Sitchin, mars face,
      planet Maldek.
      Sitchin says this is the twelfth planet which orbits our sun every 3600
      years. He says these people helped build the pyramids. Their original
      landing site was Eridu, now in Southern Iraq. The reason Saddam Hussein
      wasn't captured during the Gulf War was because he was hiding in an
      ancient pyramid in this area, and the Americans didn't want to bomb it.
      Built the Tower of Babel about 3300 BC. He also built Erech, and Accad,
      all of them in the land of Shinar. From that land he went into Assyria,
      and built Nineveh, Rehoboth-ir, Calah, and Resen between Nineveh and
      Calah. He may be a Nephilim as he was called "a mighty man", meaning a
      physically large man. Also called Marduk, who was a Babylonian god. He
      married Semiramis and supposedly had a son who was virgin born. See
      also Sumerian gods.
 n nodes
      Perfectly spherical objects, 4-5 meters in diameter, recovered from
      volcanic areas. They are made of a material of unknown composition, and
      appear to be highly reflective of all energy in the electromagnetic
      spectrum. See skofflaw/.
      God told him to build an ark in preparation for a flood which would
      purge the world of corrupted men. Noah's ark is believed to be on Mt.
      Ararat in Turkey, or Mt. Cudi (pronounced "Judi"). After the flood,
      Noah built a city at the foot of the mountain named Kazan (in the
      ancient kingdome of Urartu), which means "city of eight". There were
      eight survivors to the flood on Noah's ark, Noah and his wife, and his
      3 sons and their wives. See sites: Noah's Ark home page at; Wyatt Archaelogical Research at
      New World Order. The impetus behind this plan to create a one world
      economy and government is the secret governments, powerful bankers, and
      United Nations.
      This constellation is said to contain the 'Gate to Eternity', or the
      gate to the heavens. Both good and bad aliens are associated with this,
      probably because the Draconians are trying to take over the Gate once
      again. The pyramids at the Necropolis in Egypt are in the same pattern
      and proportionally spaced as the stars in Orion's belt, which are about
      1400 lightyears away.
      Per the Urantia book, this is the superuniverse from which the
      Andronover nebula was formed.
      A US agency called the Office of Special Investigations, USAF.
 Philadelphia experiment
      An experiment with sending a US water ship through hyperspace to
      instantly appear in another place. Or was this a time-travel
      experiment? When experimenting with an 'engine' reconstructed from the
      Roswell UFO in the 1940's, people 'disappeared'. When the engine was
      turned off, they reappeared. Most people went insane after this
      experience, but some told of a place which just like earth, but somehow
      different. See also Atlantis.
      Presently, a moon of Mars. It is an artificial satellite, per
      IMIN.BI (Sumerian), ilu sibitti (Akkadian). Greek myth says these were
      7 daughters of Atlas and Pleione. They are in the constellation Taurus.
      Japanese = Subaru. Pleiades means 'flock of doves'. These are Nordic
      aliens originally from Lyra. Alcyon is the central star. See also
      Related to the Elohim. Rael is a French journalist with a message from
      the Elohim. These guys look legit. They ask humanity to open their
      minds and question everything. They are not here to convince us, but
      help us. They do not push a specific religion, but a way of life.
      Source: Raelian homepage.
      Here's a good article about reincarnation by Encyclopedia Mystica.
 reptiles, 3 fingered
      This file says the reptiles evolved in a mixed 3rd and 4th dimension on
      Jupiter and they are benevolent beings. See Very likely from
      the constellation Draco, which, in mythology, has a strong connection
      to snakes, serpents, and evil beings.
      The Rockefellers were supposedly funding some UFO research, ostensibly
      in search of a substance to prolong life.
 Roswell, NM
      The UFO crash in Roswell, NM in 1947 is so famous, I almost not need
      mention it. But I should mention that the GAO's report on the incident
      revealed that secret documents were destroyed regarding the incident,
      without proper authorization. This report was started by Congressman
      Supposedly involved in the NWO. A family of powerful bankers.
 Sagan, Carl
      Carl Sagan, a respected astronomer and astrophysicist, is now a skeptic
      of the UFO phenomena, but in his mid-80's series of video essays,
      "Cosmos", he says simply by the law of averages, there must be other
      intelligent life out there.
      aka Lucifer. In a vision of the Confederation, this is the ambassador
      from the Satanas Federation (note Federation means an alliance of
      several peoples, possibly the grays, reptilians, and mantis-like
      aliens), who is chastised by the Council for not following their laws,
      and meddling in the affairs of earth. The Urantia book mentions Satan
      is Lucifer's right-hand man, 2nd in charge, and thus is a different
      entity. Note that the Urantia book says Lucifer was a "duke" (or
      sub-administrator) of a region of our universe called Satania.
 Schneider, Phil
      Ex-engineer, expert in explosives, that worked to build the underground
      base at Dulce, NM. He was murdered in Jan 1996. He says he uploaded
      140,000 pages of documentation about UFOs, aliens, and the gov't
      coverup. See Area 51.
      Wife of Nimrod/Marduk who claimed to be a virgin and had a son. Note
      that this myth existed before Jesus was virgin born. Babylonian.
      Related to Shem, son of Noah. These are the people whose primary
      strength has to do with being religious.
      Capital of Agharta, the Hindu underworld. One opening located in the
      Gobi desert. Hindu.
      Son of Noah, he was the religious son favored by God. The Semites are
      descended from him.
      This is a star in Canis Major, Orion's dog. It is associated with
      reptilian people, who were the record-keepers of the Lemurians. Sirians
      are 4d beings, and are originally from the star system Vega. Source:
 Sitchin, Zechariah
      Sitchin believes there is a 12th planet orbiting our sun named Nibiru.
      Nibiru has an orbital period of 3600 years. He believes that giants
      came from that planet to ours and were called Annunaki in the Sumerian
      legends, and that they will visit again when the planet comes close to
      earth again. He says as our solar system orbits closer to the galactic
      center, our DNA will be activated so we can evolve to higher spiritual
      beings. He wrote the following books about the subject: "The Twelfth
      Planet" (1976), "When time began" (1993). Scientists have located a
      large black mass in the southern skies (i.e. viewable only from the
      southern hemisphere.) They don't know what it is. See Sitchin
      The soul has different meanings to different religions.
           Gnostics: "gnostics believe that we as humans are 'outsiders'
           to this material universe. Our immortal godlike souls were
           trapped here in a body by evil forces, and we are
           reincarnated continually, while our true spiritual identities
           are clouded from our memory. It is our task to discover the
           hidden knowledge, or gnosis, that will allow us to escape
           this evil material world of illusion and return to our
           rightful place. We keep reincarnating until we learn how to
           escape." - Jeff Jacobsen, "The Hubbard is Bare"
      Encyclopedia Mystica Reincarnation.
 Streiber, Whitley
      Wrote several books about abductions, including "Communion" (1987) and
      "Transformation". Both of these books describe the grays as being
      friendly. He says how he felt intense fear when being near the grays,
      but the aliens explained to him that they were trying to teach him to
      overcome his deepest fears by facing them.
 subterrene, nuclear
      A machine to bore holes in solid rock, whereby the rock is melted and
      pushed to the sides of the tunnel, creating the appearance of a
      glass-lined tunnel. These machines can bore tunnels up to 12 feet high,
      and up to 5 miles in an hour. These tunnels are often associated with
      present aliens or ancient aliens. US patents exist for such a machine.
      A search at the US Patent office yielded patent 5,107,936, invented by
      Werner Foppe of Denmark. Patent applied for in Nov, 1988, and
      apparently granted in Apr 1992. Other patents exist also for the US
      Dept of Energy. This patent entry includes references to this
      technology in some mining and petroleum magazines. Also patent
      4,066,138, for a boring machine made from a high powered laser, applied
      for in Dec, 1976, for inventors Salisbury and Stiles. Other patents
      are: US Patent No. 3,693,731, 26 Sep 1972, 2 more patents in May, 1975.
      Funny, the public patent database only goes back to 1976. See sites:
      Nuclear subterrenes (linex), Nuclear subterrenes on the moon? (linex).
 Tau Cetians
      These are also Nordic type aliens originally from Lyra. Good guys.
      These aliens are from the star system Taygeta, in the Pleiades star
      cluster, in the constellation Taurus. So they're probably the Nordic
      types originally from Lyra.
      A volcano which erupted in the 1400s BC, leaving a ring-shaped island
      now known as Santorini. This is one possible source of the legend of
      Atlantis being destroyed. Near Crete.
 Tigris river
      One of the first four rivers of creation. The others were Euphrates,
      Gihon, and Pishon.
      Humans claiming to hail from the general area of Wolf 424, some 14-plus
      light years distant from the Earth-Sol system, and possibly having
      ancient ties with the 'Lyran' colonies in that the Ummites (from the
      planet Ummo) are like the Lyrans-Pleiadeans said to be 'Scandinavian'
      in appearance, and therefore may tie-in with the so-called 'Nordic
      Blond' societies (Evadamic).
 United Nations
      Said to be a group of gullible people led by a few individuals intent
      on NWO. The United Nations' charter was to keep peace after WWII, but
      since then has served in non-military roles at the expense of
      tax-payers. Examples are: Rwanda, where US military personnel delivered
      food and other goods. Bosnia: where UN personnel were there to keep the
      peace, but were fired upon by the Nazi-supporting Serbians and were
      ordered to no return fire. The US is supposed to pay yearly dues to the
      UN but has so far fallen behind. See site, UN Office
      of Outer Space Affairs.
      This is the name of our planet. Per the Urantia book, it is
      administered by Christ Michael (aka Jesus Christ) and is the central
      shrine of Nebadon.
 Urantia Book
      From their web page: "It tells about Deity, the organization and
      administration of universes and the relation of the planet on which we
      live to the universe, of the genesis and destiny of man and his
      relation to God, and of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It speaks to
      man's deep spiritual yearnings and satisfies the intellect, fully
      harmonizing religion, philosophy, and today's science through the
      fostering of individual spiritual growth and an understanding of the
      universe which are commensurate with man's intellectual and cultural
      development." Quite a mouthful, but worth a look. It also explains why
      the planets are not in the plane of rotation of the sun, and retrograde
      motion (like Mars). See
      Nordics from the star Vega. Good guys.
      Greek god of love. Maya said Birth of Venus (the start of their
      calendar) was 13 August 3114 BC.
      UFOs in ancient Indian myths. There are several myths which talk about
      ancient Indian leaders flying in the sky in disk-shaped craft and
      engaging in war with other craft.
 Von Daniken, Eric
      Another UFO researcher that says ETs visited earth in ancient history.
      He has written about 'ancient astronauts' visiting earth during ancient
 weather manipulation
      See HAARP.
 West, John Anthony
      Interested in tunnels beneath the Sphinx and pyramids in Egypt. See
      Planetary Mysteries, West homepage.
 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
      A storage base for crashed UFOs in Dayton, Ohio. It housed the famous
      Hangar 18. There was also a movie made about the crashed UFO called
      "Hangar 18".
      Also Yahweh. The convenant name of God. It means "I am who I am."
 Yucatan peninsula
      Site of a major meteor impact thousands of years ago. Is this the cause
      of the death of the dinosaurs? Or Noah's flood? Or an ice age? See
      Tyrrell Museum: Extinction.
    * Ancient World Web - good source, sites organized by subject, geography.
    * Aztecs say the world will end, and begin again, on Dec 23, 2012. This
      ends their several hundred year calendar cycle.
    * Bible gateway - search the Bible on the net.
    * Constellation information (WISC)
    * Constellation mythology - history of the constellations and how they
      were named.
    * Dolphin's "Tower of Babel."
    * Dolphin's "Table of Nations."
    * Dolphin's "Topics in Science and the Bible"
    * Encyclopedia Mystica - everything you ever wanted to know about myths
      and legends.
    * Greek mythology
    * "Guide to Knowledge". by Desert Rat.
    * Leading Edge Research - Great info on Andromodans, aliens, human
      control, and why all this is happening. Also good info on the various
    * Linex UFO alien table
    * Mayan Prophecies - 1,366,560 days signifies the birth of Venus, and
      will end on Dec 22, 2012.
    * Mythology FAQs - Myths from all over the world. Includes Godfiles,
      descriptions of Gods from all the major mythos.
    * Mythology and Folklore - most comprehensive site on the Internet.
    * "North American Ufologists". by Desert Rat.
    * Orion Mystery - a great site showing how the pyramids in Egypt are a
      replica of the stars in Orion's belt.
    * SpiritWeb - Info on spiritualism, Atlantis, more.
    * SpiritWeb: Atlantis
    * "The UFO Guide". by Nick Humphries.
    * Urantia book.
    * Yahoo Paranormal Phenomena
 You can always do a search for a certain topic or person at one of the many
 search engines: Yahoo is my favorite, Infoseek, Inktomi, Dejanews searches
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