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Stanton Friedman Monthly Report Dec. 1996

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 From:  The Monthly Report - December 1996 by Stanton Friedman 
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 Garbage in....  Garbage Everywhere...!!
 WE live in a strange time.  Incredible communications systems exist to spread 
 the word rapidly via the Internet, Satellite dishes, fiber optics, WWW pages. 
 Unfortunately, besides the obvious advantages of such systems, there are some 
 strong negatives as well.  Garbage can be distributed faster and cheaper than 
 ever before and almost at the speed of light.  Young people who are more 
 computer literate and at an earlier age than we oldsters, begin to believe 
 that everything they see on the Internet must be true, and even more of a 
 problem, that it represents the total truth about any subject including flying 
 saucers, and all sorts of conspiracies.  This is a different sort of problem 
 than the rapid dissemination of pornography and hate literature... or the 
 smearing of an individual...
 The art of critical thinking is being lost in the shuffle.  The need to 
 maintain what I have called a ''Gray basket'' until there is enough 
 information to reach a rational judgment gets lost in the shuffle.
 Comet Hale-Bopp
 A case in point is the noise about Comet Hale-Bopp.... which may turn out to 
 be the Comet of the Century.  An amateur astronomer using a CCD (Charged 
 Couple Device) instead of film to take a picture of the comet showed what 
 seemed to be a huge body, 4 times the size of the earth, accompanying the 
 comet as it approached the sun.  He made a big noise about his discovery. 
 Immediately a group of remote viewers chimed in with a story about intelligent 
 life on board this body coming to earth and all hell would break lose here. 
 In addition  radio signals were supposedly being picked up from this huge 
 and, of course, kept secret.  HUBBLE Telescope pictures were supposedly being 
 withheld because they showed this body as well.  These stories reached 
 millions via Art Bell's huge radio-land audience and his Web page 
 [] and via postings all over the Internet.
 A companion that size should be easily seen by the multitude of amateur and 
 professional astronomers observing Hale-Bopp.  It is very bright, is dumping 
 lots of dust and water in what is apparently its first pass near the sun. 
 Since instrumentation is better today than in the past, it is hoped that more 
 new information about the formation and behavior of comets and perhaps the 
 structure of solar systems will be obtained.  After the observations of the 
 many pieces of Shoemaker Levy which impacted in spectacular fashion on 
 Jupiter, it was expected that pieces might be observed.
 Needless to say there was a backlash to the strange stories from professional
 and amateur astronomers who had been observing Hale-Bopp, saying there was no 
 companion.  The comet was being observed exactly where orbit predictions said 
 it would be, though a large companion should certainly have changed the orbit. 
 Hubble pictures of it have been published.  There were others who rushed to 
 use their new CCD devices who found a bright ''object''.  Others explained 
 that the location of the ''companion'' was that of a particular bright star 
 and that the amateur had goofed with his star finder program and missed it.
 I contacted Terence Dickinson, Canada's finest astronomy writer, a former 
 editor of Astronomy magazine, a newly anointed member of the Order of Canada, 
 author of a weekly column in the Toronto Star, Canada's largest circulation 
 newspaper, and also, more than 20 years ago, author of ''The Zeta Reticuli 
 Incident'' the very controversial report on the Marjorie Fish star model 
 research on the Betty Hill Star map.  Terry had had a number of calls from 
 people worried about the companion.  He checked with a number of professional 
 astronomers and observed and photographed the comet himself.. using film and 
 not CCDs.  He noted that there are all kinds of problems with using CCDS if 
 the observer doesn't have a lot of practice.  Sort of like there are 
 complications with detec-tion of UFOs by radar.  But competent radar operators 
 generally become well aware of these.  Terry found no companion either 
 visually or on his pictures [].
 I am reminded that there was a flurry of concern described in an article by 
 artist Alan Hendry that one or both of the stars Zeta I Reticuli or 
 Zeta 2 Reticuli was actually a double star, thus throwing out Marjorie Fish's 
 exciting work because she had said all the Betty Hill pattern stars were 
 single non-variable stars.  Hendry didn't actually communicate with the French 
 astronomer, David Bonneau, who had referenced an unpublished comment about the 
 supposed duplicity.  When I finally did hear from Bonneau in response to 
 direct inquiry, he noted that neither star was a double.  The apparent other 
 star was not there but was an artifact produced by the use of a then new 
 technique called speckle inter-ferometry to try to reduce the influence of 
 atmospheric fluctua-tions on the observation and improve the resolution of the 
 tele-scope.  There was even a name given to this problem .. ''Mickey's Ears''. 
 One complication in this case was that Zeta l and Zeta 2 Reticuli can only be 
 observed from the southern hemisphere.
 For those interested in this fascinating and controversial work, I can offer a 
 limited number of copies of the original 32 page full color booklet ''The Zeta 
 Reticuli Incident'' and a 4 page update (also by Dickinson) for only US 6$ 
 postpaid from UFORI, POB 958, Houlton, ME  04730-0958.
 To sum up about Hale-Bopp:  Having read many postings about the matter, I am 
 satisfied that there is no companion, no threat to earth, no messages being 
 sent.  In the words of Ronald Reagan, ''Trust, but verify.''  Have facts 
 carefully in hand before opening mouth.  There is a responsibility that goes 
 with communicating new and especially threatening notions to the public.
 Carl Sagan [].  Rest in peace.
 On December 20, the final act was written in the long lasting interplay of the 
 public and Carl Sagan, when he succumbed to complications arising from his 
 2 year long battle with cancer.  I have very mixed feelings about Carl.  I am 
 4 months older than he was and grew up in Linden, New Jersey, right next to 
 hometown of Rahway.  We took the same classes in physics and math in the 
 Division of Physical Sciences at the University of Chicago from l953-1956. 
 After getting my MSc in physics, I left to work in industry on far out, high 
 tech classified R and D programs.  He switched to Astronomy and went on to get 
 his doctorate.. a good choice since the launch of Sputnik in l957 greatly 
 increased the need for astronomers.
 Carl has probably done more than any other Earthling to stimulate the public 
 to think about space and man's place in the universe.  He often angered other 
 scientists by appearing in public and on high profile programs such as Johnny 
 Carson (perhaps 25 times) and numerous other TV programs.  His books and the 
 TV series COSMOS literally reached hundreds of millions of people world-wide. 
 He also had the courage to get involved in areas often thought to be marginal 
 such as the controversial theories of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, appearing in a 
 major session at an American Association for the Advancement of Science 
 Debate.  He was also a speaker at the AAAS session on UFOs in Boston in l969, 
 and co-edited the Proceedings as published by Cornell University.  He was one 
 of the speakers at the Congressional Hearings on UFOs in July, 1968, and often 
 carried the banner of CSICOP with regard to all matter of paranormal areas 
 especially UFOs.
 I have discussed Carl's strange approach to UFOs in many papers dating back to 
 l973.  He had the courage to talk about these fringe areas, but did not always 
 do his homework, often making pronouncements, but rarely investigating.  Some 
 specific examples with regard to UFOs based on his comments in his last book 
 ''Demon Haunted World'' are in my debunkers chapter in TOP SECRET/MAJIC.
 During my longest ever lecture tour (25 colleges in 35 days in 15 states in 
 l973) I spoke at Cornell and had a few moments together with Carl.  He had 
 finally read my paper ''Ufology and the Search for ET Life'' and he recognized 
 that there were serious differences.  There was no way to arrange for time 
 together, so he agreed to come to my lecture and sit quietly.  I took out some 
 of my zingers.  I think it was much to his credit that he attended and didn't 
 take home court advantage to attack.  We had very slight contact until 20 
 later when I was invited by the UFO Group at Cornell to speak there, by their 
 advisor, a much younger professor in Carl's department.  Knowing we had been 
 classmates, the professor arranged to take me from the airport directly to 
 Carl's home for a quiet friendly visit with him and his wife, cookies and 
 coffee.  He was too busy to attend the lecture or the two seminars I gave, but 
 a few weeks later he sent me a copy of a preliminary article he was preparing 
 on UFO abductions for PARADE magazine to which he often provided 
 articles. ..asking for comments, omissions etc.  He also sent copies of John 
 Mack and others.  I found out later that my 12 page response was apparently 
 longest from the UFO community.  (He ignored almost all the advice.)
 After the Larry King Area 51 Two hour TNT-TV program on 
 Saturday, October 1, l994, where I was live and Carl was on tape, I challenged 
 him to a public formal debate on UFOs..  There were 3 letters each back and 
 forth.  Mine were long, his were short.  He didn't say no, but he didn't 
 agree.  I stopped pushing when I read that he was getting bone marrow 
 Many have asked me how Carl could be so negative about UFOs and so positive 
 about S.E.T.I.  I don't have a really good answer.  He certainly accepted 
 whatever Phil Klass said as gospel.  He had been quite wrong and apparently 
 honestly so about other controversial matters such as the nuclear winter that 
 would be caused by the oil well fires in Kuwait.  Was he doing disinformation 
 for the government taking Donald Menzel's place as a debunker?  Was he 
 concerned that he would have to admit he had been wrong in 30 years of UFO 
 bashing and SETI encouragement?  If saucers are coming here, who needs radio 
 My answer is still ''I don't know''.  I do know that we need more people like 
 Carl Sagan willing to kindle the spirit of adventure and stimulate 
 especially amongst youngsters, about man's place in the universe.  I don't see 
 anyone else on the horizon looming as large.  He will be missed.  A 27 page, 
 1993, paper ''S.E.T.I., SAGAN, and Science'' including my review of his 
 abduction piece as well as other correspondence between us and my ''Challenge 
 to S.E.T.I. Specialists'' is available from UFORI $4.  postpaid.
 Another individual posted to Art Bell a very frightening letter claiming he 
 had had access to highly classified material at the Vatican Archives, had seen 
 some material he wasn't supposed to see, and was on the run  hiding, with his 
 family having been already been killed by those trying to silence him. 
 Another great story with threatening overtones for mankind.  Of course no 
 evidence was presented.  Sounds like a science fiction plot.  WORMWOOD.  These 
 stories always take longer to die then to be spread.
 My apologies to those who have tried to obtain TSM and been told it was out of 
 stock.  Marlowe and Company was slow about getting it to the printer for a 
 second printing, so more than 1300 copies are already on back order.  The new 
 printing should be done early in January.  Those wanting autographed copies 
 can get them from UFORI for $25. postpaid.  There will be German, UK, and 
 Australian versions out within a few months.  There have been a number of 
 friendly Email and fax comments.  I am still looking for death bed 
 Some early history of Area 51 and S-4 pre l955 would also be greatly 
 appreciated.  Several MJ-12 research projects are in progress... about the 
 Truman signature, the typeface on the Truman-Forrestal memo, and the SPECIAL 
 Operating Manual 1.01 about ET wreckage and alien bodies.  Stay tuned.
  - End of File -
 Till later, MAC??? / tNATOA / [PRo-iauR]

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