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The Mysterious Chupacabras

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 Things to beware of in 1997:
 Adverse and unusual weather changes which have a tendancy to coincide
 with operations of govermental projects dealing with the ionosphere.
 Marc Davenport reports on the mysterious Chupacabras
 By Bill Stanley
 Pinellas/Manatee/Hillsborough Counties MUFON
 May 18, 1996 Meeting
 Clearwater East Library
 2251 Drew Street
 Clearwater, FL
 Last Saturday, noted UFO/abduction researcher Marc Davenport addressed
 a captivated MUFON audience on his recent expedition to Puerto Rico
 where he tirelessly investigated the Chupacabras phenomenon. Davenport,
 author of "Visitors From Time: The Secret of the UFOs", has written
 numerous articles, appeared on many radio and TV shows, and lectured
 about UFO's and aliens from coast to coast.
 Although an obvious novice with a cam corder, Davenport returned with
 hours of intriguing eye-witness testimony, and footage of his work in
 the field stalking the elusive Chupacabras.
 Essentially, Mr. Davenport's presentation consisted of showing his
 unedited video tape and an informative narrative. He stated the island
 is abuzz with stories of the mysterious creature and that virtually
 everyone he spoke with has either seen a chupacabras or UFO...or knows
 some who has.
 His presentation became a bit tedious at times, as the audio was not
 always good, and many interviews required the tiresome use of a
 translator, but Davenport managed to break new ground nonetheless.
 He reported on the presence of a secret U.S. government installation in
 the interior of the island (reminded me a lot of Area 51) who's perimeter
 is patrolled by armed guards in white utility vehicles. The airspace
 around the facility is apparently monitored by an ever present tethered
 aerostat balloon.
 I found his description of Puerto Rican geology of particular interest.
 Evidently the island is honeycombed with subterranean caverns and fresh
 water reservoirs, as well as numerous magnetic anomalies Davenport
 detected with his own magnetic flux sensing equipment.
 His expedition traveled to an inland lake from whose waters, many UFO's are
 reported to have come and gone. The area around this lake or pond
 according to Davenport, may be a "dimensional portal". At another location
 there exists a second dimensional portal -- both connected by one of
 these underground caves. He says several homes above the cave system
 experience periodic anomalous events.
 While preparing his lecture, Davenport noticed at certain times the
 "green gun" in his cam corder had malfunctioned, lending an overall red
 hue to the imagery. This phenomenon took place initially while in the
 vicinity of the aerostat balloon. Later, while taping a sequence near
 the mysterious lake, all color except blue managed to disappear. The
 company that built the cam corder informed Davenport the odds of this
 occurring in their electronics were a million to one.
 Davenport video taped an intriguing wooden structure near the lake which
 he says is part of a modular floating bridge, similar to ones used in
 Bosnia to move heavy military equipment. He speculated that perhaps
 some nefarious element of the government used the bridge apparatus to
 transport machinery over swampy terrain during construction of an
 underground facility.
 Apparently, the chupacabras is now making day time appearances. Witnesses
 say during daylight, the beast's large eyes are black. When observed at
 night, the creatures eyes are glowing red, and said to illuminate small
 areas in white light, not unlike a flashlight. The chupacabras is also
 said to possess numerous feather-like appendages along its spine. Several
 witnesses report these appendages waving sideways in an alternating
 fashion when the creature becomes alarmed.
 Davenport showed taped footage of a hole in a fence behind a home adjacent
 to the rain forest. He says the hole looked as if a bowling ball had been
 hurled through at high speed. Here, a chupacabras was alleged to have
 killed several farm animals after gaining access to the back yard. The
 video depicts Davenport securing several hair samples from the torn fence
 wire. The hair samples were subsequently submitted to a crime lab in the
 U.S. for analysis, however, the lab cannot proceed because the hair
 samples were not forwarded from a acceptable police agency. Davenport is
 currently waiting for a sanctioning letter from the local Puerto Rican
 police. Mr. Davenport is puzzled by the unresponsiveness of the local
 authorities. Evidently, they are not returning his calls, but because
 Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory he feels in time, a letter authorizing
 microscopic and DNA analysis of the hair will arrive.
 Davenport feels the witnesses he interviewed were giving sincere, honest
 accounts of events as they saw them. I must say the body language and
 facial expressions of these people support his conclusion.
 But what is this chupacabras creature...perhaps a bizarre denizen from
 the Puerto Rican rain forest, or as Marc Davenport hints, something more
 more cosmic...a visitor from a dimensional portal, a doorway to which
 Uncle Sam may have a key.
 Marc Davenport drove all the way from Tennessee to Clearwater, Florida
 to inform MUFON of his investigative work regarding the Chupacabras.
 Thanks Marc!

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