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Peter Jennings: Swiss policy on UFOs

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 (Peter Jennings' Journal is a Reporter's Notebook on the issues and
 events of the day.) 03/29/94
 The world appears to be safe from enemy aliens. Well, at least in
 The announcement must have come as an enormous relief to the people of
 Switzerland. After all, the Swiss are famed for their neutrality, their
 ability to have survived as a nation, without invasion, for so long. The
 prospect of a takeover must have been intolerable.
 Especially a takeover by aliens from space.
 No fear. The Swiss army, ever vigilant to protect the national interest,
 has taken the unusual step of delivering a formal statement this week on
 unidentified flying objects - UFO's. The statement says, quote, the
 defense ministry has no reason to believe in the existence of UFO's, or
 to assume that they pose a danger to security.
 The army, apparently, was reacting to speculation in the Swiss media
 that there was a special military unit following reported UFO's. Not
 true, and the defense ministry says it hopes this will be the end of it.
 Unfortunately, as we all know, it may not be that simple. There is a
 small but significant industry based on UFO's. You will find evidence of
 its existence in the supermarket tabloids, and, all too often, on
 television talk shows; there's always somebody who believes he, or she,
 was kidnapped by aliens and held prisoner.
 It has never been clear to us why an impartial observer - and we would
 assume someone watching from space would quite likely be considered an
 impartial observer - would want to come to this planet in the first
 place, given the peculiarities of the human species.
 But that's all well and good; the Swiss army is not commenting one way
 or the other on the reality of UFO's. All they are saying is - they are
 =not= in Switzerland.  In the words of the ministry spokesman, there
 have been no UFO landings on the government square here.
 What a relief.
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