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Project Blue Beam

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* Forwarded from I_UFO
* Originally By: Chris Terraneau
* Originally To: Jane Segal
* Originally Re: Project Blue Beam
* Originally Dated: Saturday February 24 1996 10:19

 CT> Here's some more on Project Blue Beam and the New World Order:

Date:  95-03-14 22:25:39 EST
From:  Watcher8

The Blue Beam project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the

In principle, it will make use of the sky as a movie screen as spaced
based laser generating satellites project simultaneous images to the
fours corners of the planet in every language in every dialect according
to deals with the religious aspect of the new world order.

Keep your eyes firmly planted on Billy Graham when he does his crusade to
the four corners of the world this moth. Planned from Puerto Rico.

 CT> This was about a year ago now. Did anything happen?

Computers will coordinate the satellites  and software will run the show
and tell.. with computer animation and sound effects appearing to come
from the depths of space, astonished follower's will witness their own
returned messiah in spectacular convincing life like realness. (tested
during the gulf war).

This is to be done using 3 technologies the evolved Philadelphia
Experiment, the Omega Project and the Star Wars technology.

This technology will convince viewers around the world that the rapture
is at hand. Use of Omega Mind Control Project super dishes to transmit
pulses to the viewers to enter the rapture and Philadelphia (now called
Phoenix Project) technology to transmit and forever defuse the body
material of every willing sheep. Reason: depopulation, control and the
first step towards the false UFO invasion which is to come next in the
fall time frame to establish a one world goverment.

The alignment of satellites is critical and there are those at work
trying to destroy these alignments. This rapture was planned by the Elite
once before but was held up till now do to intervening forces called
cosmos spheres.

 CT> I think he means (Soviet) Cosmospheres, the ledgendary antigravity-
 CT> powered, particle beam weapon-carrying Russian secret weapons.

The project started in 1978.

Subj:   Fwd: Project BlueBeam(tm)? & DF's reply, re Death Cults.
Date:   95-03-23 14:23:06 EST
From:   CloudRider
BCC:    CNI Glenda

Devin -

Thanks for the forwarded "Blue Beam" posting. Actually, I have seen this
or something like it before in the "literature," but have no other
information about it or knowledge of it.

Who knows...maybe they practiced it up at Medjugorje. And maybe "they"
are some cult of human "we?"

As applications of "anomalous phenomena," such scams would fit the
Eastern mysticism trip a lot of these higher-ups have been on for two
generations in their families, beginning with Yogananda's venture over
here in the U.S. in the 1920s, and dovetailing with by then
well-established Theosophical and "Isis" stuff channelled through by H.
P. Blavatsky and accelerated by her disciples/inheritors, Annie Besant,
et al.

(Did you know Dr. Elmer Green and his wife are students of Annie Besant?
He's at the Menninger Institute, and is considered the "Father of
Biofeedback." Pretty amazing man.)

Yes, it would be consistent with the style of some of these "non-human
intelligences" to persuade a few powerful world thinkers and leaders that
"Death is Desirable" and some kind of Karmic Cleansing of Earth of souls
(not "theirs") needing such a "teaching" is their duty to fulfill. I
recall a similar Holocaust caused by a caste of "SS" believers taking the
"bad science" of the time and mixing it with the "revealed truths" to
Himmler and devotees of the Vril Society, and similar cults. (Morris
Berman has written well of this.)

I'm sure that if the "discorporation" machines are cranked up to
accelerate any willing Earth-bodies on their paths to the Godhead...there
will be quite a few ready to line up and go.

That would explain "Mack," and emphases on Rapture and Planet Cleansing,
to overcome "fears of death" by many, many folks from all along "The Bell
Curve," especially if sufficient panic could be generated in terrestrial
systems, like say a Shiva cult in Japan deciding that it was time to send
several thousand souls to their gods using Sarin gas. (What a bizarre
coincidence that would be.)

But if the "ET space projectors" do indeed flash on their Apocalpytic
invitation for believers to bail out, I'm planning to take a pass. I'm
down here on Earth for the ride, wherever it leads.

There is a saying I saw in a movie once...I believe it was called
"Somewhere Tomorrow," and it starred Sarah Jessica Parker and some other
kids. It was about souls, near-death experiences and alternative futures,
all of that. There's a quote in that movie, ostensibly in a diary left by
the protagonist's recently deceased father. In a mystical sequence, the
wind ruffled the pages until they lay open before the daughter, engrossed
in her search for meaning and understanding. And it read:

"If man did not fear death, he would never seek to leave his mark upon
the Earth."

Clearly, much of New Age, Eastern mysticism and a recent ascent of the
old sacrificial traditions of humanity's past "custodial gods" is geared
to renewing the worship of death and overcoming humankind's intrinsic
fear of death...or more precisely, as an "Arcturan" energy once told
me...our "fear of non-existence."

Thus, "Humanity is bad, spirit is good" and "Humans are a virus on the
planet. Come. Come to the 'Light' and the Godhead," beckon these
deceiving non-human intelligences.

It may be, as Vallee and others have suggested, quite an old story after
all. Another colleague of mine analyzed the so-called "Ra Material,"
distilling a "cult-like" undercurrent running throughout it, as with
stuff like Don Ware's "OAHSPE" and some of Gurdjieff's stuff, in Whitley
Strieber's spiritual tradition. (Read WarDay and Nature's
End...Strieber's two books immediately preceding Communion). And Cdr.
Scott Jones' meanderings from his own "guide" called "Source," as he
often consults via California psychic Carol Austin...(an old DIA psi-spy
from Jones' stable of psychics, allegedly, per Jones)...a channeller of
various beings (she claims and Jones at least says he believes) like
Mushashi, "Jesus" and various other guys. All worship death!

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