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Orange Triangle Hovered Over Garden

 Article taken from Waltham Forest Independent 18/10/96
 An eight-year-old Walthamstow boy has reported seeing a mysterious
 triangular craft hovering in the sky.
 It sounds similar to one spotted all over London,says Roy Lake,an expert
 on flying objects.
 "Last September we had 3 reports of UFOs.This year we have had 48.There
 is certainly a build-up and we think something big is going to take
 place," he said.
 Young Alexander Klement woke up in his bedroom in Penrhyn Avenue in the
 early hours of the morning.
 What he heard and described to his father John,who was sceptical at
 first but has now come to think his lad is telling the truth.
 Alexander said he woke because his sister made a noise,calling for her
 mum.Then he heard a "tish,tish,tish" sound coming from the back garden.
 When he looked out of the window he saw "a big orange triangle in the
 air just hanging there".
 He said it had a rectangular bit at the bottom with three lights in
 it,the two outer ones green and the middle ones orange.There was a
 bright glow round about.
 Then,he said,the noise stopped and the lights flashed on and off
 alternately,then stopped again.
 Alexander was tired and went back to bed but the noise started
 again.When he looked in the garden the triangle turned on its side and
 flew off noiselessly.
 John Klement,a lawyer,said he questioned his son about the sighting last
 month.He quizzed him several times until the boy was tired of the
 subject.He even had him draw the UFO.
 It was only when he saw a report in the Waltham Forest Guardian about
 another alleged UFO,also triangular,that he realised there might be
 something in it.
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