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A Century of UFO Landings (1868-1968)

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 Jul., 1868     Copiago (Chile). A strange "aerial construction"
                bearing lights and making engine noises flew low
                over this town. Local people also described it as a
                giant bird covered with large scales producing a me-
                tallic noise. Although not an actual landing, this is
                the first instance of close observation of an unknown
                object at low altitude in the nineteenth century.
                (Fort 638; Anatomy 11)
 Dec. 07, 1872  Banbury (Great Britain). At King's Sutton an object
 0100 hours     resembling a haystack flew on an irregular course.
                Sometimes high, sometimes very low it was accom-
                panied by fire and dense smoke. It produced the same
                effect as a tornado, felling trees and walls. It sud-
                denly vanished. (Fort 189)
 1880           Aldershot (Great Britain). A strange being dressed in
                tight-fitting clothes and shining helmet soared over
                the heads of two sentries, who fired without result.
                The apparition stunned them with something de-
                scribed as "blue fire." (FSR 61, 3; Magonia)
 May. 15, 1879  Persian Gulf. Two very large "wheels" were seen
 2140           spinning in the air and slowly coming to the surface
                of the sea. Estimated diameter: 40 m. Distance be-
                tween the objects: 150 m. Speed: 80 km/h/ Duration:
                35 min. Witnesses aboard the ship "Vultur" (Round
                up 17; Anatomy 12)
 1880           Eastern Venezuela. A 14-year-old boy saw a luminous
                ball descending from the sky and hovering near him.
                He felt somehow "drawn" to it, but succeeded in
                backing away in spite of his terror. (Lor. III 2O6)
 Mar. 26, 1880  Lamy (New Mexico). Four men walking near Galis-
 evening        teo Junction were surprised as they heard voices com-
                ing from a "strange balloon," which flew over them.
                It was shaped like a fish and seemed to be guided by
                a large fanlike device. There were eight to ten figures
                aboard. Their language was not understood. The ob-
                ject flew low over Galisteo Junction and rose rapidly
                toward the east. (FSR 65, 3)
 Jun. 11, 1881  Between Melbourne and Sydney at sea (Australia).
 0400           The two sons of the Prince of Wales, one of them
                the future king of England, were cruising aboard "La
                Bacchante" when an object resembling a fully lighted
                ship was seen ("a phantom vessel all aglow"). (Fort
                637; Anatomy 12)
 Nov. 02, 1885  Scutari (Turkey). A luminous object circled the har-
 dawn           bor. Altitude: 5-6 m. Illuminated the whole town.
                Duration: 1 1/2 min, as a bluish-green flame. Then
                plunged into the sea. Made several circles above the
                ferry-boat pier. (LDLN 48; Anatomy 14)
 Nov. 12, 1887  Cape Race (Atlantic Ocean). A huge sphere of fire
 2400           was observed rising out of the ocean by witnesses
                aboard the "Siberian" It rose to an altitude of 16 m,
                flew against the wind, and came close to the ship,
                then "dashed oft" toward the southeast. Duration:
                5 min. (LDLN 48; Anatomy 14)
 1896           Arolla, near Zermatt (Swiss Alps). Author Aleister
                Crowley was walking in the mountains when he sud-
                denly saw two little men. He made a gesture to them,
                but they did not seem to pay attention and disap-
                peared among the rocks. (Magic Without Tears, by
                A. Crowley)
 Mar. 26, 1897  Sioux City (Iowa). Approximate date. Robert Hib-
 night          bard was caught by an anchor dropped from an un-
                known flying machine 22 km north of the town. He
                was dragged over 10 m and fell as his clothes were
                torn. (FSR 66, 4)
 Mar. 28, 1897  Omaha (Nebraska). The majority of the population
 2230           observed an object arriving from the southeast. It
                looked like a huge light, flew northwestward slowly,
                came to low altitude. A crowd gathered at a street
                corner to watch it. (185)
 Apr. 01, 1897  Everest (Kansas). The whole town saw an object fly
 2100           under the cloud ceiling. It came down slowly, then
                flew away very fast to the southeast. When directly
                over the town it swept the ground with its powerful
                light. It was seen to rise up at fantastic speed until
                barely discernible, then to come down again and
                sweep low over the witnesses. At one point it re-
                mained stationary for 5 min at the edge of a low
                cloud, which it illuminated. All could clearly see the
                silhouette of the craft. (FSR 66, 4)
 Apr. 12, 1897  Nilwood (Illinois). On the property of Z. Thacker, 19
 1430           km north of Carlinville, an unknown object landed.
                Before the three witnesses could reach it, the craft,
                which was shaped like a cigar with a dome, rose slowly
                and left majestically toward the north. Witnesses:
                Edward Teeples, William Street and Franklin Met-
                calf. (186; Anatomy 12)
 Apr. 12, 1897  Girard, near Green Ridge (Illinois). A large crowd of
 1800           miners saw an unknown object land 3 km north of
                Green Ridge and 4 km south of Girard. The night
                operator of the Chicago-and-Alton Railroad, Paul Mc-
                Cramer, stated that he came sufficiently close to the
                craft to see a man emerge from it to repair the ma-
                chinery. Traces were found over a large area. The
                object itself was elongated like a ship with a roof and
                a double canopy. It left toward the north. (186,187)
 Apr. 14, 1897  Gas City (Indiana). An object landed 2 km south of
 1500           Gas City on the property of John Roush, terrifying
                the farmers and causing the horses and cattle to
                stampede. Six occupants of the ship came out and
                seemed to make some repairs. Before the crowd could
                approach the object, it rose rapidly and flew toward
                the east. (188)
 Apr. 14, 1897  Cleveland (Ohio). Joseph Singler, captain of the
                "Sea Wing," was fishing with S. H. Davis, of Detroit,
                when they saw on the lake what they thought was a
                ship, about 13 m long, with a canopy. A man, about
                25 years old, wearing a hunting jacket and a cap, was
                fishing from the deck of the object. Near him were a
                woman and a 10-year old child. When the "Sea
                Wing" came close to the craft, a large, colored bal-
                loon rose from the object, which flew up with it to an
                altitude of about 150 m and circled "like a hawk"
                before flying away. (189)
 Apr. 15, 1897  Linn Grove (Iowa). A large object was seen to fly
 morning        slowly toward the north. It seemed ready to land and
                five men (F. G. Ellis, James Evans, David Evans, Joe
                Croaskey, Benjamin Buland) drove toward it. About
                7 km north of Linn Grove, they found the craft on
                the ground, came within 700 m of it but it "spread
                its four giant wings and rose towards the North." Two
                strange figures aboard the craft made efforts to con-
                ceal themselves. Witnesses were surprised at the
                length of their hair. Most residents of Linn Grove
                saw the craft in flight. (190)
 Apr. 15, 1897  Howard-Artesian (South Dakota). A flying object
 nightfall      coming closer and closer to the ground followed a
                train, as reported by the engineer, Joe Wright (FSR
 Apr. 15, 1897  Perry Springs (Missouri). A passenger train on the
 2100           Wabash line, going toward Quincy, was followed by
                a low-flying object for 15 min between Perry Springs
                and Hersman. All the passengers saw the craft, which
                had a red and white light. After Hersman it flew ahead
                of the train and disappeared rapidly, although the
                train was then running at 65 km/h. (190)
 Apr. 15, 1897  Springfield (Illinois). Two farm workers, Adolph
                Winkle and John Hulle, saw a strange craft in a field.
                They had a discussion with its occupants, a woman
                and two men, and were told the ship-had flown from
                Quincy to Springfield in 30 min and that the crew.
                was making electrical repairs. (FSR 65,1)
 Apr. 16, 1897  Downs Township (Illinois). Approximate date. While
                working in his field, Haney Savidge saw an aerial
                craft land near him. Six people emerged from it and
                spoke to him for a few minutes before leaving again.
 Apr. 17, 1897  Williamston (Michigan). At least a dozen farmers
 morning        saw an object maneuver in the sky for an hour before
                it landed. A strange man near 3 m tall, almost naked
                and suffering from the heat, was the pilot of the
                craft. "His talk, while musical, seemed to be a repeti-
                tion of bellowings." One farmer went near him and
                received a blow that broke his hip. (196)
 Apr. 19, 1897  Leroy (Kansas). Alexander Hamilton was awakened
 2230           by a noise among the cattle and went out with his
                son and his tenant. They saw an elongated cigar-
                shaped object, about 100 m long with a transparent
                cabin underneath showing narrow reddish bands,
                hovering 10 m above ground. They approached within
                50 m of it. It was illuminated and equipped with a
                searchlight. Inside it were "six of the strangest be-
                ings" the witness had seen, also described as "hid-
                eous." They spoke a language no witness could
                understand. A cow was dragged away by the object
                with the help of a strong red cable; it was found
                butchered in a field the next day. (Anatomy 16; Ma-
 Apr. 20, 1897  Homan (Arkansas). Capt. James Hooton was hunt-
 1800           ing in the vicinity of Homan when he heard the noise
                of a steam engine and found an object in a clearing.
                It looked like a cylinder with pointed ends, lateral
                wheels, and horizontal blade over it. Hooton spoke
                with a man who wore dark glasses and walked behind
                the craft. There were three or four occupants. The
                witness was told this was indeed "The Airship" and
                that it used compressed air for propulsion. Hooton
                saw the wheels spin as the craft rose and flew away.
                (FSR 66, 4; Magonia)
 Apr. 22, 1897  Rockland (Texas). John M. Barclay was intrigued
                when his dog barked furiously and a high-pitched
                noise was heard. He went out, saw a flying object
                circling 5 m above ground. Elongated with protru-
                sions and blinding lights, it went dark when it landed.
                Barclay was met by a man who told him his purpose
                was peaceful and requested some common hardware
                items to repair the craft. He paid with a ten-dollar bill
                and took off "like a bullet out of a gun."  (192;
 Apr. 22, 1897  Josserand (Texas). Frank Nichols, who lived 3 km
 2400           east of Josserand and was one of its most respected
                citizens, was awakened by a machine noise. Looking
                outside, he saw a heavy, lighted object land in his
                wheat field. He walked toward it, was stopped by two
                men who asked permission to draw water from his
                well. He then had a discussion with a half-dozen men,
                the crew of the strange machine. He was told how it
                worked but could not follow the explanation. (193;
 Apr. 23, 1897  McKinney Bayou (Arkansas). Judge Lawrence A.
                Byrne of Texarkana, Arkansas, was surveying a tract
                of land when he saw a peculiar object anchored on
                the ground. "It was manned by three men who spoke
                a foreign language, but judging from their looks one
                would take them to be Japs." (Farish, in Allende
                Letters (Award Special, 1968) )
 Apr. 25, 1897  Merkel (Texas). People returning from church ob-
 evening        served a heavy object being dragged along the ground
                by a rope attached to a flying craft. The rope got
                caught in a railroad track. The craft was too high for
                its structure to be visible but protrusions and a light
                could be distinguished. After about 10 min a man
                came down along the rope cut the end free, and went
                back aboard the craft, which flew away toward the
                northeast. The man was small and dressed in a light-
                blue uniform. (194; Magonia)
 Apr. 26, 1897  Aquila-Hillsboro (Texas). Approximate date. A law-
                yer was surprised to see a lighted object fly over. His
                horse was scared and nearly toppled the carriage.
                When the main light was turned off, a number of
                smaller lights became visible on the underside of the
                dark object, which supported an elongated canopy.
                It went down toward a hill to the south, 5 km from
                Aquila. When the witness was on his way back one
                hour later he saw the object rising. It reached the
                altitude of the cloud ceiling and flew to the northeast
                at a fantastic speed with periodic flashes of light. (195)
 May. 06, 1897  Hot Springs (Arkansas). Two policemen, Sumpter
                and McLenore, were riding northwest of Hot Springs
                when they saw a bright light in the sky. About 7 km
                farther they saw the light again coming down to the
                ground. One km farther the horses refused to walk.
                Two men were seen carrying lights. The lawmen took
                their rifles, called the strangers, and were told that
                they crossed the country with a flying craft. The sil-
                houette of the machine, about 2O m long, could be
                seen in the clearing. There was a woman with an um-
                brella nearby. It was raining, and the younger of the
                men was filling a large container with water. The elder
                man had a beard and suggested that the policemen
                fly with them "to a place where it does not rain." The
                same witness went back through the same spot 40
                min later and found nothing. (FSR 66, 4; Magonia)
 Oct. 28, 1902  Gulf of Guinea. Three persons aboard the "Fort Salis-
 0305           bury," including Second Officer A. H. Raymer, saw a
                huge, dark object bearing lights in the sea ahead. It
                was observed sinking slowly. Estimated length: 200
                m. (Fort 641; Anatomy 20)
 1904           Rolling Prairie (Indiana). Tom Darby, with his
                brother and mother, saw two whitish-blue objects
                about 400 m away, from a point situated 3 km north
                of Rolling Prairie. The objects hovered 2 or 3 m above
                ground, flew toward a barn, came closer to each other,
                and were hidden from view by a hill. (Hartle 164)
 1908           Coast of Delaware. The English ship "Mohican,"
                piloted by Capt. Urghart, was going to Philadelphia
                when it was surrounded by a thick, luminous cloud
                which "magnetized" everything on board. The com-
                pass was observed to swing wildly. When seamen tried
                to move some chains on the bridge, they found that
                they were glued to the metal floor. Suddenly the cloud
                rose and was seen above the sea for some time. (197)
 Jun. 30, 1908  Podkamennaia Toungouska (USSR). Unexplained
                explosion in the taiga, equivalent to a thermonuclear
                blast, sometimes interpreted as the crash of an inter-
                stellar vehicle. (Anatomy 18; Challenge 99)
 May. 18, 1909  Caerphilly (Wales). Mr. Lethbridge was walking
 2300           along a road near the mountains when he saw on the
                grass a large tubelike machine. Aboard were two men
                wearing furs and talking excitedly in a language the
                witness could not understand. The grass was found
                depressed at the site after the object had flown off.
                (198; Anatomy 21)
 Jun. 16, 1909  Donghoi (Annam). An elongated object following a
 0410           west to east trajectory flew over the town. It gave off
                a strong light and was seen by two fishermen to
                plunge into the sea 6 km away from the coast, after a
                steady flight of about 9 min. (Anatomy 21)
 Jan. 1910      Invercargill (New Zealand). Several witnesses -
 2300           among them the vicar, the Mayor, and a policeman
                -saw a cigar-shaped object hovering at 30 m alti-
                tude. A man appeared at a lateral door and was heard
                shouting some words in an unknown language. The
                opening closed, and the object accelerated and was
                lost to sight. (Stuart 24)
 Jun., 1914     Hamburg (Germany). Gustav Herwagen opened the
 0400           door of his house and saw in a field a shining cigar-
                shaped object with illuminated windows. Near it were
                four or five dwarfs 1.20 m tall, clad in light clothing.
                He approached them, but they went aboard the ob-
                ject as soon as they appeared to be aware of his pres-
                ence. A door closed, and the craft took off silently,
                climbing vertically. (Nachrichten April, 62)
 Aug., 1914     Georgian Bay (Canada). William J. Kiehl and seven
                other persons saw a spherical craft on the surface of
                the water. On its deck were two small men wearing
                green-purple clothes. They seemed to be busy with a
                hose, plunging it into the water. On the opposite side
                were three men dressed in light brown, wearing square
                masks down to their shoulders. Seeing the witnesses,
                they reentered the craft except for one dwarf, wearing
                shoes with a curved, pointed tip, who remained out-
                side while the craft rose 3 m above the water and shot
                upward, leaving a short trail. (199)
 Aug. 21, 1915  Gallipoli (Turkey). During severe fighting in the
                Dardanelles a peculiar cloud engulfed a British regi-
                ment which was never seen again. This was observed
                by 22 men of the First Field Company, NZ Army
                Corps and stated in an affidavit. (Spaceview 45;
                LDLN 82; Magonia)
 Oct., 1917     Youngstown (Pennsylvania). John Boback, 17, was
                walking along the railroad tracks between Youngs-
                town and Mt. Braddock when he saw a saucer-shaped
                object with a platform and rows of lights, sitting in a
                field 30 m to his left. He watched the object for 1-2
                min until it took off with a high-pitched sound, rising
                gradually like a slow plane. Its size was that of an
                average car. The top of the object was a dome with
                elongated windows through which figures could be
                seen. (Hartle 157)
 1921           Marseilles (France). Undocumented report of an
                "abduction" by two beings. (Quincy)
 Feb. 22, 1922  Hubbell (Nebraska). William C. Lamb was follow-
 0500           ing strange tracks when he heard a high-pitched sound
                and saw a circular object intercepting starlight. It
                became brilliantly lighted and landed in a hollow.
                Soon afterword, a creature over 2.4 m tall was seen
                flying from the direction where the object had landed.
                It left tracks in the snow, which Lamb followed with-
                out results. (Anatomy 22)
 Sep. 09, 1922  Barmouth (Wales). John Morris and William James
                saw an object fall into the ocean so slowly that it was
                thought to be a plane. A boat was sent out, but
                nothing was found. (Fort 639)
 Jun. 12, 1929  Fermeneuve (Canada). Levis Brosseau, 2O was re-
 2300           turning home when he saw a dark object with a yellow
                light and his horse became very nervous. Within 6 m
                of the object four or five dwarfish figures were running
                back and forth. He heard their pointed, childlike
                voices, then saw the dark object take off with a ma-
                chinelike sound and a rush of air. Estimated size of
                object: 15 m diameter, 5 m high. (GEPA Dec., 68)
 Jul., 1929     Robsart (Canada). Five persons among them Einar
                Rostivold, saw a huge ball of light giving off fiery
                colors, 25 km from Robsart. It landed slowly, van-
                ished gradually after illuminating the whole country-
                side for 30 min. (Fate Jan., 58)
 Summer, 1933   Chrysville (Pennsylvania). A man observed a faint
 Morning        violet light in a field between this town and Morres-
                town. Walking to it, he found an ovoid object 3 m in
                diameter and 2 m thick with a circular opening similar
                to a vault door. Pushing it, he found the room full of
                violet light and observed many instruments, no oc-
                cupant. Smell of ammonia. (APRO Jul., 64)
 Fall, 1938     (or following year) Juminda (Estonian coast). Two
                persons saw a strange "frog-man" 1 m tall with a
                round head, no neck, and a hump in front of the body.
                The mouth was a large, straight slit, the eyes were like
                smaller slits. The skin was brown-green, compared to
                pegamoid, hands normal. The creature walked in a
                peculiar "but elegant" fashion, the head waving up
                and down while the legs moved "carefully." When
                pursued, the creature accelerated very fast, with feet
                "fluttering." About 100 m away it vanished com-
                pletely'. (Personal)
 Sep., 1943     Oncativo (Argentina). Navarro Ocampo, driving be-
 0400           tween Rosario and Cordoba, saw a large, saucer-shaped
                object on the ground 500 m to the left of the road. It
                glowed with a bluish-green light, made a whistling
                sound, rose to 100 m altitude, then left at fantastic
                speed. A strange metal block is said to have been
                found at the spot. (GEPA Dec., 68)
 End Aug., 1944
                Mattoon (Illinois). A mysterious man appeared at
                windows, as if in search of someone. He stunned wit-
                nesses by pointing at them a device that "made con-
                sciousness dissolve" and left a strange cloying smell
                behind (FSR 61, 3; Magonia)
 1945           Habbebishopsheim (Germany). An American soldier
                saw a disk-shaped object come down rapidly, oscillate,
                and land. The site could not be found in the dark.
                The event took place 35 km northwest of the town.
 Mar., 1945     Belfast (Maine). A man out hunting observed an
                elongated object flying very slowly, tilted toward the
                earth. It crashed into some trees at the end of a clear-
                ing. The enormous craft seemed undamaged as it
                rested briefly on the ground, then lifted again with a
                humming sound, started to spin, released a shower
                of fine silvery threads, and rose straight up, disap-
                pearing in seconds. (FS May., 59)
 Mar., 1945     Aleutian Islands. Aboard the US attack transport
                "Delarof," 14 sailors saw a dark sphere rise out of the
                ocean, follow a curved trajectory, and fly away after
                circling their ship. (Evidence 30)
 Jun. 10, 1947  Douglas (Arizona). Coral Lorenzen saw a light rise
 2300           from the ground in Mexican territory. It took a defin-
                ite spherical shape and vanished in less than ten sec-
                onds among the stars. (Lor. I 4)
 Jun. 21, 1947  Maury Island, near Tacoma (Washington). Harold
                A. Dahl and others allegedly saw six tire-shaped ob-
                jects, 30 m in diameter, metallic with dark openings,
                over Puget Sound. One of the objects exploded,
                showering the witnesses with metal. Officially re-
                garded as hoax. (Ruppelt)
 Jun. 21, 1947  Spokane (Washington). Eight disk-shaped objects
 1150           the size of a house, were seen flying at 1000 km/h. A
                civilian woman stated that the objects fell with a dead-
                leaf motion and landed before ten witnesses on the
                shore of the Saint Joe River, in Idaho. (Atic)
 Jun. 17, 1947  Bisbee (Arizona). John A. Petsche, electrical worker
 1030           and another witness independently saw a disk-shaped
                object, which seemed to land near Tintown. (Lor. I 6)
 Jun. 30, 1947  Grand Canyon, near Williams Field (Arizona). A
 0910           Navy lieutenant was flying at 9000 m toward the
                south when he saw two circular objects diving at "un-
                conceivable" speed. They were gray, about 3 m in
                diameter, and appeared to land 40 km south of the
                Grand Canyon. (Atic)
 Jul. 08, 1947  Muroc Air Field (California). An Air Force major
 1200           observed a metallic object, reflecting sunlight oscil-
                late, go down to ground level, and rise again. Simul-
                taneously it was observed by a captain in Rodgers Dry
                Lake. (Atic)
 Jul. 23, 1947  Bauru, near Pitanga (Brazil). A group of survey
                workers ran away as they heard a hissing noise and
                saw a disk land 50 m away. Jose C. Higgins saw two
                figures through, a window. Later three beings in shiny
                clothes and translucent suits, with oversized bald
                heads, huge round eyes, no eyelashes or eyebrows, and
                a metal box on their back, emerged from the craft.
                They were over 2 m. tall. They drew the solar system
                and pointed to Uranus as if to suggest that was their
                point of origin. (Round-up 163; FSR 61, 6)
 Aug. 13, 1947  Twin Falls, Smoke River Canyon (Idaho). Two boys
 1300           and their father saw a sky-blue object 100 m away and
                25 m above ground. Treetops under it were spinning
                wildly, although the object itself did not spin. It made
                a swishing sound. Shape: inverted plate, 7 m diameter
                and 3.5 m thick. There was a red flame on one side of
                the top. (Atic)
 Aug. 14, 1947  Raveo (Italy). R. L. Johannis saw a disk on the ground
 0900           and two dwarfs less than 1 m tall, wearing dark blue
                coveralls with red collars and belts. They had over-
                sized heads, greenish faces, huge, salient dark eyes
                without eyelashes or eyebrows, but surrounded by a
                ringlike muscle. They wore something similar to crash
                helmets. The center of their belts projected a "vapor,"
                and the witness suffocated, feeling a strong electrical
                discharge. The creature had greenish hands with
                eight talonlike fingers. (Humanoids 2; Magonia; FRS
                67, 1)
 1948           Swastika (Canada). Mr. Galbraith twice saw an ob-
                ject land. The first time, it was a disk-shaped craft
                with a humanoid figure-the second time, cigar
                shape with three figures. (Quincy)
 Jul. 29, 1948  Indianapolis (Indiana). An object swept over a road
                at 10 m altitude. (Atic)
 Aug. 11, 1948  Hamel (Minnesota). Two boys were playing outside
 1200           when a round dull gray object 70 cm in diameter, 30
                cm thick, landed near them like a balloon with a
                metallic noise. It spun, went up, hovered, maneuvered
                to avoid telephone lines and trees, and flew away to
                the northeast. An FBI man from St. Paul found an
                area 70 cm in diameter where the ground showed signs
                of extreme pressure. (Atic)
 Aug. 29, 1948  Maplewood (Ohio). A farmer observed a silvery
 0503           sphere of large dimension rise from a wooded area and
                hover above his farm, dropping a silvery substance
                that disintegrated before touching the ground. (Atic)
 Feb., 1949     Pucusana (Peru). C. A. V. an oil company employee,
 1630           30, was driving to Lima when he saw a shiny disk at
                ground level. He walked toward it for 10 min. Three
                figures came out as he was 20 m away. They looked
                like mummies, had joined legs and one large foot.
                They "slid" along the ground. They were covered
                with a strange "towely" skin, asked the witness where
                they were, had a lengthy discussion with him, and
                took him for a trip in their craft. (Lor. III 122)
 Feb. 17, 1949  France (exact location unknown). Alain Berard saw
 night          a large, bright object land near his farm with a green
                lightning flash. It became dark. As he approached the
                craft, the witness saw three figures with stocky short
                legs, apparently without heads. Frightened, he fired
                at them three times. A moment later the object took
                off vertically. (Oltre il Cielo, Vol. I)
 Aug. 19, 1949  Death Valley (California). Two prospectors are said
                to have observed a disk-shaped object land. Two
                dwarfs emerged but were lost in the sand dunes when
                pursued. The object disappeared. (Humanoids 52)
 Fall, 1949     Tulsa (Oklahoma). Don Bushnell, plant superin-
                tendent with Southwestern Porcelain Steel Corp., saw
                an object fall in front of his car as his radio was
                blocked. He applied the brakes; object vanished.
 Jan. 29, 1950  South Table Mountain (Colorado). Mr. Quintana
                of Denver saw a silvery-green ovoid object hovering
                about 15 m above a slope and landing slowly in a
                small ravine. Then it shot upward at very high speed.
                Its diameter was about 20 m, and it had a revolving
                middle band. A greenish light flashed under it, and
                the witness felt a rush of air and a pungent smell.
                (FS Jul., 59)
 Mar. 18, 1950  Lago Argentino (Argentina). A rancher, Wilfredo H.
 1830           Arevalo, saw two objects, one of which landed. He
                walked within 150 m of the aluminum-looking craft
                which gave off a greenish-blue vapor and "an intense
                smell of burning benzine." A large, flat section on
                top was revolving above a glass cabin in which could
                be seen four tall men, dressed in something like
                cellophane, working at various instruments. They saw
                him and shone a light in his direction while a blue
                light illuminated the craft; the vapor increased and
                flames (alternately reddish and greenish) shot out of
                the base while the object rose with a faint hum. Both
                craft flew away toward Chile, leaving bluish trails.
                (Humanoids 32)
 Apr., 1950     Juneau (Alaska). Mikel Konrad made a movie of
                eight disks he saw landing and taking off 60 km north
                of Juneau. (Quincy)
 Apr. 08, 1950  Kokomo (Indiana). A metal worker was awakened
 0200           by his dog and observed an object 60 m away at low
                altitude. It was a gray metal disk, 5 m in diameter,
                shaped like a top with a kind of turret. It was oscil-
                lating, spinning slowly, and had three portholes shin-
                ing with a blue-white light. It hovered for about 2
                min, left toward the north, very fast. (Atic)
 Apr. 08, 1950  River Road near Amarillo (Texas). David, 12, and
 afternoon      Charles, 9, Lightfoot saw a disk land behind a hill
                and touched it. It was the size of a car tire, about 30
                cm high, with a rounded top that rotated and a pivot
                between the base and the top. It took off very fast.
                The faces and arms of the boys later became red.
 Apr. 20, 1950  Lufkin (Texas). Jack Robertson was driviug about
 night          13 km west of town when he saw a round object about
                3 m in diameter hovering about 7 m above him with
                a dull red glow. It took off with a "swooshing roar"
                as sparks flew from a slot under it. Minutes later the
                witness feIt a burning sensation on his face. (FS
                Jul., 59)
 Apr. 24, 1950  Abbiate Guazzone (Italy). Bruno Facchini heard and
 2200           saw sparks coming from a dark, hovering object, near
                which a man dressed in tight-fitting clothes and wear-
                ing a helmet seemed to be making repairs. Three
                other men were seen near the craft. When the work
                was finished, a trap through which light had been
                shining was closed and the thing took off. The witness
                had the time to note many details of the machine and
                its occupants. (FSR 63, 2; Magonia)
 May. 07, 1950  Ely (Nevada). A couple and their grandson were re-
 1845           turning from a picnic when, about 14 km south of
                Ely, they saw a silvery-white object at treetop level.
                It hovered for 10 min, then oscillated "as if attempt-
                ing to rise" and suddenly flew out of sight at high
                speed. (Atic)
 Jul. 02, 1950  Steep Rock Lake (Canada). In a story strangely sim-
                ilar to that of Mr. Kiehl (Aug., 1914) (Case 40) a
                man and his wife saw a double saucer with portholes
                and a rotating antenna come to rest on the surface of
                the lake. Ten figures, 1.20 m tall, dressed in shiny
                clothing, emerged and walked on deck like robots
                "changing direction without turning their bodies."
                Their faces could not be seen. One of them wore a
                red cap, had darker arms and legs and "seemed to be
                their chief." They immersed a hose in the lake, then
                took off. Fishermen later reported a green moss form-
                ing on the lake. (Wilkins U)
 Jul. 20, 1950  Porto Novo (Brazil). Mr. Campello and several
                others in a car saw two large, silvery objects by the
                side of the road, one on a hillock, the other on flat
                ground, about 50 m away from each other. They came
                within 600 m of the objects, which went away at "an
                incredible speed," causing a rush of air that rocked
                the car. (SBEDV 30)
 Jun. 19, 1951  Sonderborg (Denmark). Joseph Matiszewski, a me-
 1200           chanic, heard a whistling sound and saw an object
                land in a meadow. Approaching within 50 m, he
                found himself paralyzed and observed that birds had
                stopped singing and cows seemed to be similarly un-
                able to move. From the object emerged four hand-
                some men who had brown skin and wore black shiny
                suits and translucent helmets. Eight objects also
                emerged from the craft and hovered above it. Other
                men inside the craft and on its deck appeared to be
                making repairs, then the objects flew to about 100 m
                altitude and climbed rapidly out of sight. Only then
                did the paralysis subside. (Nachrichten May., 59)
 Sep. , 1951    Central Australia. A group of Unmatjera aborigines
                observed a shiny circular object land near a similar
                craft, about 12 m in diameter. Several min later, a
                dwarf dressed in a shiny suit and having "a round,
                shiny head" came out of one craft and entered the
                other; both took off with a buzzing sound. (Edwards
 Oct. 26, 1951  Australia. The driver of a transcontinental train on
 0400           the east-west line saw an object that illuminated the
                countryside like the full moon. It flew very fast, came
                close to the train, appeared ready to land in the
                desert, then took off and disappeared. (Wilkins A
 Nov. 2, 1951   Mojave (California). Two forest observers were in a
 2300           canyon 50 km north of the Mojave when they saw a
                disk-shaped flying object in the southwest; 10 m esti-
                mated diameter, 3 m thick, blue-green, well-defined,
                surrounded with a glow of same color. Stopping their
                jeep, they signaled to the object, which approached
                within a few meters, flew away, seemed to play with
                them. Eventually it vanished "like a magician's
                trick." (Atic)
 Dec., 1951     Peru (Nebraska). A man from Lincoln was driving to
 0300           Indiana when he saw a blue light in the northwest
                sky. It vanished to the southeast. The witness missed
                a turn, had to go back toward Auburn, and had
                reached a point northwest of Peru when he saw an
                orange glow in the sky. Coming near, he observed
                the glow came from a cauldron-shaped object on the
                ground, about 12 m from the road. He stopped to
                examine the object, which measured about 10 m
                diameter and seemed to be made of cast iron. Thirty
                cm from the top was a row of windows, 25 cm in
                diameter, from which the orange light was coming.
                On the other side was a blue flamelike glow. There
                was no noise, no sign of life or activity, and no an-
                tenna or protrusion. The witness drove away. (Atic)
 Dec., 1951     Red Springs (North Carolina). Sam Coley and his
                two children saw an object with a human-looking
                occupant. (Humanoids 52)
 Jan., 1952     Weston (Wyoming). A 38-year-old rancher saw a
 2230           "shooting star" that suddenly stopped in mid-air be-
                tween him and a mountain. It was seen spinning in a
                clockwise direction. It had one red window period-
                ially facing the observer. It went down toward the
                Little Powder River and came up again. The witness
                turned his car to send light signals, to which the object
                seemed to respond by stopping its red window facing
                the witness's location. Spinning resumed, the object
                rose and came down. A similar craft arrived and both
                went into the deep valley, out of sight. (Atic)
 Early 1952     Goose Bay (Labrador). A fiery, spherical object made
 2242           a right-angle turn during an observation by a C-54
                crew flying from Westover to Goose Bay. It was also
                seen from the ground by the control tower and by two
                men who plunged to the earth when the object made
                a low pass at them. It went away at 2247. (Quincy)
 Summer, 1952   Itenhaem (Brazil). A woman was awakened by a
 0300           thunderclap and a strong bluish light. As she got out,
                she saw a large number of hovering disk-shaped ma-
                chines resembling "inverted soup plates" 200 m away
                at an altitude of about 1 m. She observed them for
                30 min, saw two figures standing on one of the craft
                and looking at the sky. They went back inside, and
                shortly thereafter the "fleet" took off, one object at a
                time. (FSR 68,1)
 Summer, 1952   Martin County (Texas). Mrs. Rogers saw an object
                descend slowly and pass across a pasture at 7 m alti-
                tude. She stopped her car and observed it was "wob-
                bling" in mid-air, was shaped like a turtle, and showed
                three oarlike protrusions that moved slowly. Esti-
                mated dimensions:  5 by 4 m, 1 m thick. It was
                greenish-gray in color, emitted a blue flame, but
                showed no other light. (Barker 78)
 Jun. 15, 1952  Magneville (France). Men at work in the forest saw
                large, circular objects similar to parachutes coming
                down. Half a dozen witnesses. (France-Soir Jun. 18,
 Jul. 11, 1952  Hasselbach (Germany). Oscar Linke, former Wehr-
                macht major, and his daughter Gabrielle, 11, had to
                leave their motorcycle when they had a flat tire. In-
                side the woods the girl noticed two men in silvery
                suits examining the ground in a clearing near a pink
                disk-shaped object, 8 m in diameter, showing a double
                row of openings around the rim and a black turret on
                top. One of the men had a flashing box. Both men
                went inside, and the disk vibrated, rose along the
                turretlike cylinder, then spun faster and rose out of
                sight. (Guieu 52)
 Jul. 20, 1952  Dai-el-Aouagri (Morocco). Approximate date. R.
 0030           Petijean saw a luminous object, 20 m diameter, on the
                ground. It gave off bluish flashes as it took off, leaving
                a smell of burning sulphur. (Quincy)
 Jul. 24, 1952  Vico (Italy). A man who was fishing in the Serchio
 night          River saw a disk hovering for 10 min. From it hung
                a hose that plunged into the water. The object was
                20 m in diameter, with five propellers in the rear and
                a dome with something like blades on top. An orange
                glow could be seen through slits along the deck. A
                man wearing a diving helmet looked at the witness
                through a window, and he received a kind of electric
                shock as a "green ray" hit him. He looked up with
                difficulty, in time to see the object fly away toward
                the east. Six days later a stranger with a foreign accent
                contacted the witness and intimidated him. (FSR
 Jul. 29, 1952  Enid (Oklahoma). Sidney Eubank went to the Enid
                police station and told Sergeant Vern Bennell that
                an enormous disk had buzzed his car as he drove be-
                tween Bison and Waukonis on Highway 81. The rush
                of air made the car leave the road while the object
                flew west very fast. (Anatomy 134)
 Aug. 19, 1952  West Palm Beach (Florida). Ronny Desvergers saw
 evening        a large, round, dark object above him in a clearing. It
                had a turret on top. Red balls of light were emitted
                by the object and burned him. He also observed a
                "hideous" creature aboard the craft. Grass roots were
                scorched at the site. (Ruppelt 222; Magonia)
 Aug. 24, 1952  Frontenac (Kansas). A man driving through a wood
 0600           encountred a strange object and stopped to observe
                it. It looked like two turtle shells glued together, about
                25 m long, with a humanoid creature in what ap-
                peared to be a control cabin in front. Windows lighted
                by an intense blue light and a throbbing sound were
                also reported. The object was oscillating and suddenly
                flew straight up with a strong humming noise. The
                middle section supported what looked like propellers.
                The object hovered 3 m above ground. (Atic)
 Aug. 27, 1952  Lamberton (North Carolina). A saucer-shaped craft,
                3 by 2 m, landed on the witness's property after hitting
                a chimney. A little man, about 70 cm tall, emerged
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