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Planned Groom Lake Land Acquisition Criticized

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                                  December 3, 1993
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                            The Las Vegas Review-Journal
                         Planned Land Acquisition Criticized
        A spokesman for Citizen Alert, a statewide environmental group, said
        Tuesday she is  upset  with  plans by the Air Force to withdraw more
        public land for a buffer zone around  a  secret  Groom  Lake Stealth
        aircraft base, 35 miles west of Alamo.
        "Nellis Air Force  Base has 3 million acres of land,  and  where  do
        they want to  build  their  top  secret base?  Right on the border,"
        said the spokeswoman, Grace Bukowski,  the  group's military project
        Gary Ryan, acting  director for the Bureau of Land Management's  Las
        Vegas District, confirmed  that  the  Air  Force  was  interested in
        withdrawing 3,900 acres of public land for the buffer zone.
        The proposed withdrawal is in addition  to 89,300 acres of the Groom
        Range that the   Air  Force  obtained  in  1984  amid   charges   by
        environmentalists that the  land  was  posted  and  patrolled by Air
        Force security without legal authority.
        Bukowski said Citizen  Alert  has   written   the   Bureau  of  Land
        Management, Gov. Bob  Miller  and Nevada's congressional  delegation
        requesting that public  hearings  be  held  and  that  the Air Force
        prepare an environmental impact statement with public participation.
        "The whole thing is, who are they  afraid  of?   Are  they afraid of
        American citizens?  Are  we  still  living  in the  Cold  War  era?"
        Bukowski said.
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