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The Air Force, BlueBook and Dr. McDonald

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 From: (Germannvh)
 Date: 17 Oct 95 23:19:57 GMT
 Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
 (VG) The Air Force, BlueBook and Dr. McDonald
 Val Germann
 Columbia, Missouri
 ** The following is excerpted and edited from a speech McDonald
 gave to the American Meterological Society in 1966.  Once again
 we see what a ball of fire this guy was and how very, very uneasy
 he must have been making everyone who had anything to do with
 UFOs on an "official" level at that time -- Hynek especially.
 I have separated each sentence of one paragraph from McDonald's
 speech.  Each one lands like a 500-pound aerial bomb:
 My study of past official Air Force investigations (Project
 Bluebook) leads me to describe them as completely superficial.
 They have, for at least the past dozen years, been carried out at
 a very low level of scientific competence. . .
 . . .as a very low-priority task (one of about 200 within the
 Foreign Technology Division, Wright-Patterson AFB).
 Officially released "explanations" of important UFO sightings
 have often been almost absurdly erroneous.
 In only a few instances has there been any on-the-spot field
 investigation by Bluebook personnel, and much of that has been
 quite superficial.
 On the other hand, official press releases, statements to
 Congress, etc., have conveyed an impression of expertise and
 investigative thoroughness. . .
 . . .that has led both the public and the scientific community at
 large to accept the conclusion that no significant scientific
 problem exists with respect to UFOs.
 A part of the background to the manner in which Bluebook has
 handled the UFO problem in the past dozen years is to be found in
 the complete report of the 1953 Robertson Panel.
 That scientific panel concluded that there was no strong evidence
 of any hostile UFO action.
 The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), represented at the
 policy-drafting sessions. . .
 So many UFO reports were flooding into air bases throughout the
 country and other parts of the world in the summer of 1952 that
 the CIA regarded them as creating a national security problem.
 In event of enemy attack on the country, the clogging of military
 intelligence channels with large numbers of reports of the
 evidently non-hostile UFOs was regarded as an unacceptable risk.
 . . .January 1953, was followed by the promulgation, in August
 1953, of Air Force Regulation (AFR) 200-2, which produced a sharp
 drop-off in public reporting of Air Force UFO sightings, by
 forbidding release, at air-base level, of any information on
 sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena.
 All sighting reports were to be funneled through Project
 Bluebook, where they have been largely categorized as
 conventional objects with little attention to scientific
 The strictures implicit in AFR 200-2 were made binding with
 promulgation of JANAP-146, which made any such public release of
 UFO information at air-base or local-command level (by any of the
 military services and, under certain circumstances, commercial
 airlines) a crime punishable with fines up to $10,000 and
 imprisonment up to 10 years.
 These regulations have not only cut off almost all useful reports
 from military pilots, tower operators, and ground crews, but even
 more serious from a scientific viewpoint has been their drastic
 effect on non-availability of military radar data on UFOs.
 Prior to 1953, many significant UFO radar sightings were
 Since then, military radar sightings have been scientifically
 compromised by confusing denials and allusions to "weather
 inversions" or "electronic malfunctions" whenever word of radar
 observations accidentally leaked out in the midst of a UFO
 AFR 200-2 contained the specific admonishment that "Air Force
 activities must reduce the percentage of unidentifieds to the
 This has been achieved.
 Origin: Paranet(sm) . The world's leading UFO Investigative News Network

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