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Gulf Breeze Sighting

 Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 07:48:01 -0400
 Subject: New sighting last night in Gulf Breeze
 To all interested parties:
 Wednesday May 22nd, 1996
 Gulf Breeze/Pensacola Beach Florida
 Four people on the fishing pier witness 2 black triangular shaped
 craft flying in formation at about 5,000 feet.  Each had a small
 orange light in each corner.  The objects flew west to east toward
 EGILN AIR BASE.  The witnesses reported that the craft were
 completely silent as they passed over the unsuspecting heads of
 about 150 people who were near the dock on the beach boardwalk.
 One of the wintesses was an intern for The North American
 Paranormal Network/TERRA NOVA.
 We have tried contacting Pensacola Airport and EGLIN but have
 received no "official" response as of yet.  We will pass along more
 information as we investigate.
 One important note is that the same two craft were reported the
 previous night further down the beach at 9:45pm by two witnesses.
 We do stress that these craft do not appear to be the AURORA which
 is suppossedly being used out of EGLIN right now.  More information
 as we receive it.  Thanks.
 Ned Fasullo and Chuck Grey/TERRA NOVA: The Paranormal Forum Weekly
 Television Program

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