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Alien Insurance

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 Things to beware of in 1997:
 Adverse and unusual weather changes which have a tendancy to coincide
 with operations of govermental projects dealing with the ionosphere.
 >From Melbourne _Sunday Herald Sun_ December 22, 1996, p. 38
                      Alien Insurance Pays Off
                          By DAVID WALMSEY
                              in London
     IT could be the perfect case for agents Mulder and Scully.
     In true X-Files style, an electrician claims he was lifted from
   the ground and knocked unconscious by a UFO near London.
     He is apparently to be paid $2 million by insurers who covered
   him against abduction by aliens.  Industry sources, however, are
   suggesting that the payout could, just possibly, be an out-of-
   this-world publicity stunt.
     The story starts on October 8 when Joseph Carpenter, 23, of
   North London, claims he was struck down by a mystery light at
     The area is a "hot spot" for such phenomena, says Mr Carpenter,
   who runs a UFO hunting group called the Majestic Twelve.
     "On the evening in question, an intense beam of light, like a
   police helicopter, had me," he said.
     "The anti-gravity force within it lifted me above the ground.
   I passed out as I went directly into it.  All this was captured on
     By an amazing stroke of luck, Mr Carpenter had paid $205 for
   cover against such an eventuality to a company called GRIP, run by
   insurance broker Simon Burgess.
     Mr Carpenter was able to produce "compelling evidence" of his
   ordeal, including camcorder footage, witnesses and DNA samples
   taken from what he said was a claw found at the scene.
     Mr Burgess said last night: "The work on the DNA sample was
   carried out by a research fellow at Cambridge University -- I
   can't give you the name.  But the work proved conclusively that
   the sample was something that had never been seen before and which
   was not of this Earth."
     Mr  Burgess says Mr Carpenter was expected to receive his $2
   million yesterday at a London hotel from Scully herself, _X-Files_
   star Gillian Anderson.
     The broker, described by one industry source as "an unhelpful
   maverick", is believed to have made a deal with a Sunday paper for
   exclusive coverage of the presentation.
     Industry insiders say he is almost certain to make a profit from
   Mr Carpenter's claim.
     One said: "If he plays his cards right, he will claw the money
   back by wisely selling the world rights of the video evidence to
   TV companies.  If he co-wrote a book using the evidence, the money
   would also roll in."
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