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Protocol 5

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     ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ *                                         * ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
                 *    L I T E R A R Y   F R E E W A R E    *
                 *                                         *
                 *           F O U N D A T I O N           *
     ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ *                                         * ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                  -=ð P R O U D L Y  í  P R E S E N T S ð=-
 Subj: Protocol 5 ?
 Found this on the board I use; this guy posts a new file once in a blue
 moon. He posted this. I can make no claim of its veracity.
 If true, I thought I might be helping save the guy's life, so, pardon
 the hysteria.
 The header and the footer don't track, and are kinda' cheezy -- but what
 the hey.
 ** This file contains information that is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS  **
 **   to whoever has it.  It is therefore a matter of Life or   **
 **  OR ADMIT TO ANYONE THAT YOU HAVE SEEN IT.  Many people who **
 ** have had this information have disappeared.  This is not a  **
 **      hoax and I must again warn you of the DANGER.          **
 PROTOCOL FIVE is one of OPERATION MAJORITYs suite of actions that
 will  be brought into use  should the US government's involvement
 with the Aliens ever be  found out by the  general public, or the
 Aliens themselves attempt a takeover.
 plans  which  will  allow  the  JASON SOCIETY  to in  effect take
 supreme executive  power away  from  the  PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED
 STATES.  Thereby allowing the JASON SOCIETY the freedom they need
 to impose full Martial Law.
 The cover story for such an incident is that a band of terrorists
 have entered the  USA  with  a large thermo-nuclear  device.  The
 public  would then be told that these terrorists  are threatening
 to detonate their weapon inside a major city.
 In  the  ensuing panic, all implantees. contactees and dissidents
 would  then be  rounded up and  placed inside concentration camps.
 All press, radio  and TV  would  be nationalized and  the flow of
 information would then be strictly controlled.  Anyone attempting
 to resist would be arrested or EXECUTED.
 In recent years, the effectiveness of ALTERNATIVE-2/ALTERNATIVE-3
 has been seriously  undermined by the GLOBAL  INFORMATION HIGHWAY
 or  INTERNET.  Due  to  the  very  nature  and  OPENNESS  of  the
 INTERNET's layout, information cannot be so easily controlled and
 the  JASON SOCIETY  have had to produce a way  of turning off the
 information tap. The method they have produced is called PROTOCOL
 In times of crisis, the JASON AGENTs within the NSA, the NATIONAL
 COMPUTER CENTRE and the FBI  would activate PROTOCOL FIVE and the
 INTERNET  will  be  destroyed!  The SIGMA and  GARNET  groups are
 responsible  for PROTOCOL FIVE's creation and these  are the ones
 who will be responsible for its success.
 PROTOCOL FIVE  is  an  extended  and  more  virulent  form of the
 INTERNET WORM  developed by  Robert Morris Jnr, the  son  of  NSA
 chief ROBERT MORRIS.  Like  the  original  the PROTOCOL FIVE WORM
 has  the  ability to  seek out and  penetrate INTERNET NODES. But
 whereas the original was only dangerous by accident, the PROTOCOL
 FIVE WORM will  deliberately  erase all  routing information from
 it's host before causing catastrophic systems failure.  This form
 The other  variant - the BETA is  designed to render all ROUTERS,
 BRIDGES, BROUTERS and HUBS unusable.  Thereby  isolating the  USA
 from the GLOBAL INFORMATION HIGHWAY.  There is of course the down
 side that the ALPHA and BETA WORMS  will NOT stop once  this task
 is  completed  and  will  in  all  probability  render the ENTIRE
 INTERNET inoperable.  The  only  network  communications possible
 would be those of the  secure data networks such as the JASON-NET
 or the PENTAGRAM defence network.
 Due  to  the  USAs  over  reliance   on  computers  and  computer
 controlled  devices, any release of the PROTOCOL FIVE WORMs would
 cause a  substantial  loss  of  human life.  One  member  of  the
 PROTOCOL FIVE development team - and my main point of contact has
 estimated that such a loss of life would run into the millions as
 airports, hospitals, rail systems, and  NUCLEAR POWER FACILITIES!
 became affected.  A fact that  will be mirrored around the world.
 I should at this point say something about my contact.  She, is a
 twenty  eight  year  old  programmer  who was  recruited into the
 PROTOCOL FIVE DEVELOPEMENT TEAM  from  the  NSA. I will  call her
 Alison.  Alison  has told  me that  she joined  the PROTOCOL FIVE
 DEVELOPMENT TEAM  in  Feb. 1992, after  one  of  the  other  team
 members  became  'unstable'  and  had  to  be 'removed  from  the
 equation'.  Several  days later, this  particular  programmer was
 found dead in his bath-tub, having  apparently COMMITTED SUICIDE!
 Alison claims  that such suicides  are extremely common, and that
 she fears that she will be the next to go.  It is for this reason
 that  she had  to tell someone  about PROTOCOL FIVE before it was
 too  late!
 It  should be obvious by now that something sinister and terribly
 wrong  is being developed by the  PROTOCOL FIVE DEVELOPMENT TEAM,
 and  we must all band together and expose  it NOW, no matter what
 the  personal cost.  For  the crimes that are being  committed in
 the name  of NATIONAL SECURITY are MORALLY REPUGNANT and  need to
 be exposed so that the guilty CAN BE PUNISHED.
 Just by writing of what I know, I have almost certainly forfeited
 my own life and that of my contact.  Yet I truly believe that the
 truth is more important than either myself or Alison's existance.
 A view I know she shares.  I will not lie to you, when I say that
 your life may  be endangered by what you have just read, and I am
 charging  you with the duty  of passing this information on to as
 many  people as  possible.  As  only widespread  public and media
 presure can bring those responsible into the LIGHT OF JUSTICE.
 Simon Jaye,
 New Jersey.
 October 1995.
  * OLX 2.1 TD * Ever wonder why we're as clenched up about sex as we are?

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