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Carmina Gadelica

Hymns and Incantations

Ortha Nan Gaidheal

Volume I

by Alexander Carmichael


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This is volume I of Alexander Carmichael's collection of folk poetry from the Western Isles of Scotland. Carmichael spent years collecting folklore from the vanishing cultures of Scotland. The poems in this volume include prayers, invocations, blessings and charms. They are a synthesis of Christian and pre-Christian belief systems. Besides invoking Jesus, Mary, and the saints, a number of these call on other powers. One of these is 'Bride,' who is explained as Jesus' midwife, but who is probably Brigid, an ancient Celtic goddess. Also mentioned throughout are a triune deity which is equated to the Christian Trinity, but which may also be an echo of a set of three pagan deities. The text includes notes on seasonal observances and folk customs which are probably likewise survivals of pre-Christian customs. All of these are woven into the cycles of the year, and activities such as weaving, fishing and herding. A vivid picture of life in pre-modern rural Scotland emerges.

This etext includes all of the Gaelic text, Carmicheal's English translations, and the beautiful initials from the first edition.

Title Page

I. Achaine: Invocations

1. Rune Before Prayer. Rann Romh Urnuigh.
2. God With Me Lying Down. Dia Liom A Laighe.
3. The Invocation of the Graces. Ora Nam Buadh
4. A General Supplication. Achanaidh Choitcheann
5. God Be With Us. Dhe Bi Maille Ruinn
6. Jesu, Thou Son of Mary. Ios, a Mhic Muire
7. Holy Father of Glory. Athair Naomha na Gloir
8. A Prayer. Uirnigh
9. Rune of the 'Muthairn.' Duan Na Muthairn
10. Bless, O Chief of Generous Chiefs. Beannaich, a Thriath Nam Flath Fial
11. The Guiding Light of Eternity. Solus-Iuil Na Siorruidheachd
12. A Prayer For Grace. Achanaidh Grais
13. Prayer For Protection. Achanaidh Comhnadh
14. Jesu Who Ought to be Praised. Eosai Bu Choir a Mholadh
15. The Rock of Rocks. Carraig Nan Al
16. The Lightener of the Stars. Sorchar Nan Reul
17 The Cross of the Saints and the Angels. Crois Nan Naomh Agus Nan Aingeal
18. The Guardian Angel. An T-Aingheal Diona
19. Desires. Ruin
20. Invocation For Justice. Ora Ceartais
21. Invocation For Justice. Ora Ceartais
22. Prayer For Victory. Ora Buaidh
23. The Lustration. An Liuthail
24. Bathing Prayer. Ora Boisilidh.
25. God Guide Me. Dhe Stiuir Mi
26. Sleep Blessing. Beannachadh Cadail
27. Come I This Day. Thigeam An Diugh
28. The Soul Plaint. An Achanaidh Anama
29. Sleeping Prayer. Urnuigh Chadail
30. The Gifts of the Three. Tiubhradh Nan Tri
31. Sleep Prayer. Urnuigh Chadail
32. Resting Blessing. Beannachd Taimh
33. Sleep Consecration. Coisrig Cadail
34. Bed Blessing. Beannachadh Leapa
35 The Sleep Prayer. An Urnuigh Chadail
36 Sleep Consecration. Coisrig Cadail
37. Bed Blessing. Beannachadh Leapa
38 The Soul Shrine. A Choich Anama
39. Soul-Shrine. Coich-Anama
40. I Lie In My Bed. Laighim Am Leabaidh
41. Morning Prayer. Urnuigh Maduinn
42 The Dedication. An Tionnsgann
43. A Resting Prayer. Achanaidh Taimh
44. House Protecting. Teisreadh Taighe
45. Blessing of House. Beannachadh Taighe
46. To Whom Shall I Offer Oblation. Co Dha Dhiolas Mi Cios
47. Hail, Mary. Earna Mhoire
48. Hail To Thee, Mary. Failte A Mhoire
49. The Battle to Come. An Cath Nach Tainig
50. The Baptism Blessing. Am Beannachadh Baistidh
51. The Soul Leading. An Treoraich Anama
52. The Death Blessing. Am Beannachadh Bais
53. Soul Peace. Fois Anama
54. The New Moon. A Ghealach Ur

II. Aimsire: Seasons

55. Christmas Hail. Nuall Nollaig
56. Christmas Carol. Duan Nollaig
57. Christmas Chant. Duan Nollaig
58. Hey The Gift. Heire Bannag
59. Hey The Gift, Ho The Gift. Eire Bannag, Hoire Bannag
60. The Gift of Power. Bannag Nam Buadh
61. The Virgin and Child. An Oigh Agus An Leanabh
62 The Shepherd of the Flock was Born. Rugadh Buachaille Nan Treud
63. Hogmanay of the Sack. Calluinn A Bhuilg
64. Hogmanay Carol. Cairioll Callaig
65. The Song of Hogmanay. Duan Callaig
66. Hogmanay. Oidhche Challaig
67. The Blessing Of The New Year. Beannachadh Bliadhna Uir
68. Christ the Priest Above Us. Criosda Cleireach Os Ar Cionn
69. The Day of St Columba. La Chaluim-Chille
70 (notes). Genealogy of Bride. Sloinntireachd Bhride
70. Genealogy of Bride. Sloinntireachd Bhride
71. Bride The Aid-Woman. Bride Ban-Chobhair
72. Magnus of my Love. Manus Mo Ruin
73. The Beltane Blessing. Am Beannachadh Bealltain
74. The Beltane Blessing. Am Beannachd Bealltain
75 (notes). Hymn of the Procession. Laoidh An Triall
75. Hymn of the Procession. Laoidh An Triall
76. The Feast Day of Mary. La Feill Moire
77 (notes). Michael, the Victorious. Micheal Nam Buaidh
77. Michael, the Victorious. Micheal Nam Buadh
78. The Blessing of the 'Strūan'. An Beannachadh Strūain
79. The Poem of the Lord's Day. Duan An Domhnuich
80. Hymn Of The Sunday. Duan An Domhnaich
81. Poem of the Flood. Duan Na Dilinn

III. Labour. Oibre

82. Blessing of the Kindling. Beannachadh Beothachaidh
83. Kindling The Fire. Togail An Teine
84. Smooring the Fire. Smaladh An Teine
85. Smooring The Fire. Smaladh An Teine
88. Blessing of the Smooring. Beannachd Smalaidh
87. Smooring Blessing Beannachadh Smalaidh
88. The Consecration of the Seed. An Coisrigeadh Sioil
89. Reaping Blessing. Beannachadh Buana
90. Reaping Blessing. Beannachadh Buana
91. The Blessing Of The Parching. Beannachadh Fuiriridh.
92 (notes). The Quern Blessing. Beannachadh Brathain
92. The Quern Blessing. Beannachadh Brathain
93. Milking Croon. Cronan Bleoghain
94. Milking Croon. Cronan Bleoghain
95. Milking Blessing. Beannachadh Bleoghain
96. Ho Hoiligean, Ho My Heifers. Ho Hoiligean, Ho M’ Aighean
97. Ho, My Heifer! Ho M’ Aghan!
98. Give Thy Milk. Thoir Am Bainne
99. Milking Song. Cronan Bleoghan
100. Herding Blessing. Beannachadh Buachailleachd
101. Herding Blessing. Beannachadh Buachailleachd
102. Herding Blessing. Beannachadh Buachailleachd
103. The Protection of the Cattle. Comraig Nam Ba.
104. Guarding The Flocks. Gleidheadh Treuid
105. A Herding Croon. Cronan Cuallaich
106. Hatching Blessing. Beannachadh Guir
107. Marking The Lambs. Comharrachadh Nan Uan
108. The Clipping Blessing. Am Beannachd Lombaidh
109. The Chant of the Warping. Duan Deilbh
110. Loom Blessing. Beannachd Beairte
111 Setting the Iomairt. Suidheachadh Na H-Iomairt
112. Loom Blessing. Beannachadh Garmain
113 (notes). The Consecration of the Cloth. Coisrigeadh An Aodaich
113. The Consecration of the Cloth. Coisrigeadh An Aodaich
114. Hunting Blessing. Beannachadh Seilg
115. Consecrating The Chase. Coisrigeadh Na Seilg
116. Prayer For Travelling. Ora Turais
117. Fishing Blessing. Beannachd Iasgaich
118 (notes). The Ocean Blessing. Beannachadh Cuain
118. The Ocean Blessing. Beannachadh Cuain
119. Ocean Blessing. Beannachadh Cuain
120. Ruler of the Elements. Riaghlair Nan Sian
121. Sea Prayer. Urnuigh Mhara