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DHE, tha mi liuthail m’ aodainn,
Anns na naodh gatha greine,
Mar a liuthail Moire a Mac,
     Am bainne brac breine.

Meilc a bhi ’na m’ aodann,
Maon a bhi ’na m’ ghnuis,
Mire meala ’na mo theanga,
     M’ anail mar an tuis.

Is dubh an taigh ud thall,
Is duibhe daoine a th’ ann;
Is mis an eala bhan,
     Banruinn os an ceann.

Falbhaidh mi an ainme Dhia,
An riochd fiadh, an riochd each,
An riochd nathar, an riochd righ,
     Is cathar mi na gach neach.


GOD, I am bathing my face
In the nine rays of the sun,
As Mary bathed her Son
     In generous milk fermented.

Sweetness be in my face,
Riches be in my countenance,
Comb-honey be in my tongue,
     My breath as the incense.

Black is yonder house,
Blacker men therein;
I am the white swan,
     Queen over them.

I will go in the name of God,
In likeness of deer, in likeness of horse,
In likeness of serpent, in likeness of king,
     More victorious am I than all persons.


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