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LUIGHIM sios an nochd
Le Muire min ’s le Mac,
Le Micheal finn-gheal,
’S le Bride fo brat.

Luighim sios le Dia,
Is luighidh Dia lium,
Cha luigh mi sios le Briain.
’S cha luigh Briain lium.

A Dhe nam bochd,
Fòir orm an nochd,
Na treig mi tort,
A t’ ionndastaigh.

Aig meid nan lot
A reub mi ort,
Cha leir ’omh nochd
An cunntachadh.

A Righ na fola firinnich,
Na dichuimhn mi ’na d’ thuinneachadh,
Na tagair mi ’s ’na mi cheartan,
Na dibir mi ’na d’ chruinneachadh.
     O ’na d’ chruinneachadh!


I LIE down to-night
With fair Mary and with her Son,
With pure-white Michael,
And with Bride beneath her mantle.

I lie down with God,
And God will lie down with me,
I will not lie down with Satan,
Nor shall Satan lie down with me.

O God of the poor,
Help me this night,
Omit me not entirely
From Thy treasure-house.

For the many wounds
That I inflicted on Thee,
I cannot this night
Enumerate them.

Thou King of the blood of truth,
Do not forget me in Thy dwelling-place,
Do not exact from me for my transgressions,
Do not omit me in Thine ingathering.
     In Thine ingathering.


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