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IN the Outer Isles women generally do the weaving, while in the Inner Isles and on the mainland it is usually done by men. In Uist, when the woman stops weaving on Saturday night she carefully ties up her loom and suspends the cross or crucifix above p. 305 the sleay. This is for the purpose of keeping away the brownie, the banshee, the 'peallan,' and all evil spirits and malign influences from disarranging the thread and the loom. And all this is done with loving care and in good faith, and in prayer and purity of heart.



p. 304


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BEANNAICH, a Thriath nam flath fial,
Mo bheirt ’s gach sian a to ’n am choir,
Beannaich, mi ’n am uile ghniomh
Dean mi tiaruinte ri m’ bheo.

Bho gach gruagach is ban-shith,
Bho gach miorun agus bron,
Cuidich mi, a Chuidich-Thi,
Fad ’s a bhios mi ’n tir nam beo.

An ainm Mhuire mhin nam feart,
Chalum-chille cheart nam buadh,
Coistrig ceithir phuist mo bheairt,
Gun am beairtich mi Di-luain.

A casachan, a slinn, ’s a spal,
A h-iteachean, a snath, ’s a gual,
A crann-aodaich, ’s a crane-snath,
Fuidheagan is snath nan dual.

Gach aodach dubh, geal, is ban,
Grisionn, lachdunn, sgaireach, ruadh,
Thoir do bheannachd anns gach ait,
Air gach spal a theid fo dhual.

Mar sin bidh mo bheairt gun bheud,
Gu’n an eirich mi Di-luain;
Bheir Muire mhin-gheal dhomh dh’ a speis,
’S cha bhi eis air nach faigh mi buaidh.


BLESS, O Chief of generous chiefs,
My loom and everything a-near me,
Bless me in my every action,
Make Thou me safe while I live.

From every brownie and fairy woman,
From every evil wish and sorrow,
Help me, O Thou helping Being,
As long as I shall be in the land of the living.

In name of Mary, mild of deeds,
In name of Columba, just and potent,
Consecrate the four posts of my loom,
Till I begin on Monday.

Her pedals, her sleay, and her shuttle,
Her reeds, her warp, and her cogs,
Her cloth-beam, and her thread-beam,
Thrums and the thread of the plies.

Every web, black, white, and fair,
Roan, dun, checked, and red,
Give Thy blessing everywhere,
On every shuttle passing under the thread.

Thus will my loom be unharmed,
Till I shall arise on Monday;
Beauteous Mary will give me of her hove,
And there shall be no obstruction I shall not overcome.



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