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THE old man from whom this piece was taken down said that in his boyhood innumerable hymns and fragments of hymns of this nature were common throughout the isles of p. 43 Barra. When strangers began to come in they derided the old people and their old lore and their old ways, and the younger generations neglected the ways of their fathers, alike the questionably and the unquestionably good.



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AIR Carraig nan al,
Sith Pheadail is Phail,
Sheumais is Eoin na baigh,
Is na lan ionraic Oigh,
     Na lan ionraic Oigh.

Sith Athar an aigh,
Sith Chriosda na pais,
Sith Spiorad nan gras,
Duinn fein is do ’n al ta og,
     Duinn fein is do ’n al ta og.


ON the Rock of rocks,
The peace of Peter and Paul,
Of James and John the beloved,
And of the pure perfect Virgin,
     The pure perfect Virgin.

The peace of the Father of joy,
The peace of the Christ of pasch,
The peace of the Spirit of grace,
To ourselves and to our children,
    Ourselves and our children.


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