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RUIN [19]





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LABHRAM gach la a reir do cheartais,
Gach la taisbim do smachd, a Dhe;
Labhram gach la a reir do reachd-sa,
Gach la is oidhche bithim toigh riut fein.

Gach la cunntam fath do throcair,
Toirim gach la dha do nosda speis;
Gach la tionnsgam fein dhut oran,
Teillim gach la do ghloir, a Dhe.

Beirim gach la gaol dhut, Iosa,
Gach oidhche nithim da reir;
Gach la ’s oidhche, duar is soillse,
Luaidhim do chaoibhneas dhomh, a Dhe.


MAY I speak each day according to Thy justice,
Each day may I show Thy chastening, O God;
May I speak each day according to Thy wisdom,
Each day and night may I be at peace with Thee.

Each day may I count the causes of Thy mercy,
May I each day give heed to Thy laws;
Each day may I compose to Thee a song,
May I harp each day Thy praise, O God.

May I each day give love to Thee, Jesu,
Each night may I do the same;
Each day and night, dark and light,
May I laud Thy goodness to me, O God.



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