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The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

Book III

tr. by Ralph T.H. Griffith


Hymn 1: A prayer or charm for the defeat and destruction of enemies in battle
Hymn 2: A rifaccimento or recension of I
Hymn 3: A charm for the restoration of an expelled king
Hymn 4: A benediction at the election of a king
Hymn 5: A King's address to an amulet which is to strengthen his authority
Hymn 6: Address to an amulet which is to secure the defeat of the wearer's enemies
Hymn 7: A charm with an amulet of buck horn to drive away hereditary disease
Hymn 8: A charm to secure the submission, love, and fidelity of kinsmen
Hymn 9: A charm against rheumatism (vishkondha)
Hymn 10: A new year prayer
Hymn 11: A charm for the recovery of a dangerously sick man
Hymn 12: A benediction on a newly built house
Hymn 13: A benediction on a newly cut water channel
Hymn 14: A benediction on a cattle pen
Hymn 15: A merchant's prayer for success in his business
Hymn 16: A Rishi's morning prayer
Hymn 17: A farmer's song and prayer to speed the plough
Hymn 18: A jealous wife's incantation against a rival
Hymn 19: A glorification of the office of a king's household priest
Hymn 20: A prayer for riches and general prosperity
Hymn 21: In honour of fire in all shapes, to appease Agni of the funeral pile and to quench the flames of cremation
Hymn 22: The taming and training of an elephant for a king to ride on
Hymn 23: A charm to remove a woman's sterility, and to assure the birth of boys
Hymn 24: A song of harvest
Hymn 25: A man's love-charm
Hymn 26: A charm to win the favour of all serpents
Hymn 27: A charm consigning an enemy to the serpents for punishment
Hymn 28: A charm to change the ill-omened birth of twin calves into a blessing
Hymn 29: On the means to obtain immunity from taxation in the next world
Hymn 30: A prayer or charm to secure love and concord in a family
Hymn 31: A charm for the recovery of one dangerously ill