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A farmer's song and prayer to speed the plough

1Wise and devoted to the Gods the skilful men bind plough-ropes
   fast, p. a86
  And lay the yokes on either side.
2Lay on the yokes and fasten well the traces: formed is the
   furrow, sow the seed within it.
  Virāj vouchsafe us hearing fraught with plenty!
  Let the ripe grain come near and near the sickle.
3The keen-shared plough that bringeth bliss, furnished with traces
   and with stilts,
  Shear out for me a cow, a sheep, a rapid drawer of the car, a
   blooming woman, plump and strong!
4May Indra press the furrow down, may Pūshan guard and cherish
  May she, well stored with milk yield milk for us through each
   succeeding year.
5Happily let the shares turn up the ploughland, the ploughers
   happily follow the oxen.
  Pleased with our sacrifice, Suna and Sira! make the plants bring
   this man abundant produce.
6Happily work our steers and men! May the plough furrow
  Happily be the traces bound. Happily ply the driving-goad.
7Suna and Sira, welcome ye this laud, and with the milk that ye
   have made in heaven,
  Bedew ye both this earth of ours.
8Auspicious Sitā, come thou near: we venerate and worship thee.
  That thou mayst bless and prosper us and bring us fruits
9Loved by the Visvedevas and the Maruts, let Sitā be bedewed.
   with oil and honey.
  Turn thou to us with wealth of milk, O Sitā, in vigorous
   strength and pouring streams of fatness.

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