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p. a67


A rifaccimento or recension of I

1May Agni, he who knows, our envoy, meet them, burning
   against ill-will and imprecation.
  May he bewilder our opponent's senses. May Jātavedas smite and
   make them handless.
2This Agni hath bewildered all the senses that were in your
  Now let him blast you from your home, blast you away from
   every side.
3Dazing their senses, Indra, come hitherward with the wish and
  With Agni's, Vāta's furious rush drive them to every side away.
4Vanish, ye hopes and plans of theirs, be ye confounded, all their
  Whatever wish is in their heart, do thou expel it utterly.
5Bewildering the senses of our foemen, seize on their bodies and
   depart, O Apvā!
  Go meet them, flame within their hearts and burn them. Smite
   thou the foes with darkness and amazement.
6That army of our enemies, O Maruts, that comes against us with'
   its might, contending—
  Meet ye and strike it with unwelcome darkness so that not one.
   of them may know another.

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