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A charm for the restoration of an expelled king

  L Loudly he roared. Here let him labour deftly. Spread, Agni, over
   spacious earth and heaven. p. a68
  Let Maruts who possesses all treasures yoke thee. Bring him who
   reverently paid oblations.
2Though he be far away, let the red horses bring Indra, bring the
   sage to us and friendship,
  Since with Sautrāmani Gods for him o'erpower Gāyatri, Brihatī,
   and hymn of praises.
3King Varuna call thee hither from the waters! From hills and
   mountains Soma call thee hither!
  Let Indra call thee hither to these people. Fly hither to these
   people as a falcon.
4May the hawk bring the man who must be summoned, from far
   away, in alien land, an exile.
  May both the Asvins make thy pathway easy. Come, and unite
   yourselves with him, ye Kinsmen.
5Let thine opponents call thee back. Thy friends have chosen,
   thee again.
  Indra and Agni, all the Gods have kept thy home amid the
6He who disputes our calling thee, be he a stranger or akin.
  Drive him, O Indra, far away, and do thou bring this man to

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