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p. a69


A benediction at the election of a king

1To thee hath come the kingship with its splendour: On! shine
   as lord, sole ruler of the people.
  King! let all regions of the heavens invite thee. Here let men
   wait on thee and bow before thee.
2The tribesmen shall elect thee for the Kingship, these five celestial
   regions shall elect thee.
  Rest on the height and top of kingly power: thence as a mighty
   man award us treasures.
3Kinsmen, inviting thee, shall go to meet thee, with thee go
  Agni as an active herald.
  Let women and their sons be friendly-minded. Thou mighty one,
   shalt see abundant tribute.
4First shall the Asvins, Varuna and Mitra, the Universal Gods,
   and Maruts call thee.
  Then turn thy mind to giving gifts of treasures, thence, mighty
   one, distribute wealth among us.
5Speed to us hither from the farthest distance. Propitious unto
   thee be Earth and Heaven.
  Even so hath Varuna this King asserted, he who himself hath
   called thee: come thou hither.
6Pass to the tribes of men. O Indra, Indra. Thou the Varunas
   hast been found accordant.
  To his own place this one hath called thee, saying, Let him adore
   the Gods and guide the clansmen.
7The Bounteous Paths in sundry forms and places,
   all in accord, have given thee room and comfort.
  Let all of these in concert call thee hither. Live thy tenth decade
   here, a strong kind ruler.

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