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p. a70


A King's address to an amulet which is to strengthen his authority

1This Parna-Amulet hath come, strong and destroying with its
   strength my rivals.
  The power of the Gods, the plants' sweet essence, may it incite
   me ceaselessly with vigour.
2O Parna-Amulet, in me set firmly might and opulence.
  Within the compass of my rule may I be rooted and supreme.
3That dear mysterious Amulet which Gods have set within the
  May the Gods grant to me to wear together with extended
4As Indra's gift, by Varuna instructed, Parna hath come, the
   mighty strength of Soma:
  This would I, brightly shining, love and cherish for long life
   lasting through a hundred autumns.
5The Parna-Charm hath come to me for great security from ill.
  That I may be exalted, yea, above the wealth of Aryaman.
6Sagacious builders of the car, cleaver and skilful artisans,—
  Make all the men on every side, Parna, obedient to my will
7The kings and makers of the kings, troop-leaders, masters of the
  Make all the men on every side, Parna, obedient to my will.
8Thou, Parna, art my body's guard, man kin my birth to me a
  With splendour of the circling year I bind thee on me, Amulet!

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