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p. a71


Address to an amulet which is to secure the defeat of the wearer's enemies

1Masculine springs from masculine, Asvattha grows from Kha-
  May it destroy mine enemies, who hate me and whom I detest.
2Crush down my foes, Asvattha! Rend, O Burster, those who
   storm and rage,
  With Indra, slayer of the fiends, with Mitra and with Varuna.
3As thou hast rent and torn apart, Asvattha! in the mighty sea,
  So rend asundar all those men who hate me and whom I detest.
4Thou who like some victorious bull displayest thy surpassing
  With thee, with thee, Asvattha! we would overcome our
5Nirriti bind them with the bonds of Death which never may be
   loosed. p. a72
  Mine enemies, Asvattha! those who hate me and whom I
6As thou, Asvastha!, mountest on the trees and overthrowest
  So do thou break my foeman's head asunder and o'erpower
7Let them drift downward like a boat torn from the rope that
   fastened it.
  There is no turning back for those whom He who Cleaves hath
   driven away.
8With mental power I drive them forth, drive them with intellect
   and charm.
  We banish and expel them with the branch of an Asvattha tree.

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