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A charm with an amulet of buck horn to drive away hereditary disease

1The fleet-foot Roebuck wears upon his head a healing remedy.
  Innate disease he drives away to all directions with his horn.
2With his four feet the vigorous Buck hath bounded in pursuit of
  Unbind the chronic sickness, Horn! deeply inwoven in the heart.
3That which shines younder, like a roof resting on four walls,
   down on us,— p. a73
  Therewith from out thy body we drive all the chronic malady,
4May those twin stars, auspicious, named Releasers, up in yonder
  Loose of the chronic malady the uppermost and lowest bond.
5Water, indeed, hath power to heal, Water drives malady away.
  May water—for it healeth all—free thee from permanent disease.
6Hath some prepared decoction brought inveterate disease on
  I know the balm that healeth it: we drive the malady away.
7What time the starlight disappears, what time the gleams of
  Dawn depart,
  May evil fortune pass from us, the chronic sickness disappear.

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