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A charm to secure the submission, love, and fidelity of kinsmen

1Let Mitra come, arranging, with the Seasons, lulling the Earth
   to rest with gleams of splendour.
  And so let Agni, Varuna, and Vāyu make our dominion tran-
   quil and exalted.
2May Indra, Tvashtar hear my word with favour, may Dhātar,
  Rāti, Savitar accept it.
  I call the Goddess Aditi, heroes' mother, that I may be the
   centre of my kinsmen.
3Soma I call, and Savitar with homage, and all the Ādityas in the
   time of contest. p. a74
  Long may this fire send forth its splendour, lighted by kinsmen
   uttering no word against me.
4Here, verily, may you stay: go ye no farther. The strong Herd,
  Lord of Increase, drive you hither!
  To please this man may all the Gods together come unto you
   and be as dames who love him.
5We bend together all your minds, your vows and purposes we
  We bend together you who stand apart with hopes opposed to
6I with my spirit seize and hold your spirits. Follow with thought
   and wish my thoughts and wishes.
  I make your hearts the thralls of my dominion; on me attendant
   come thy way I guide you.

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