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A charm against rheumatism (vishkondha)

1Heaven is the sire, the mother Earth, of Karsapha and Visapha.
  As ye have brought them hither, Gods! so do ye move therm
   hence away.
2The bands hold fast without a knot: this is the way that Manu-
  I make Vishkandha impotent as one emasculateth bulls.
3Then to a tawny-coloured string the wise and skilful bind a
  Let bandages make impotent the strong and active Kābava.
4Ye who move active in your strength like Gods with Asuras'
   magic powers,
  Even as the monkey scorns the dogs, Bandages! scorn the
5Yea, I will chide thee to thy shame, I will disgrace the Kābava. p. a75
  Under our impracations ye, like rapid cars, shall pass away.
6One and one hundred over earth are the Vishkandhas spread
  Before these have they fetched thee forth. Vishkandha quelling

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