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A new year prayer

1The First hath dawned. With Yama may it be a cow to pour
   forth milk.
  May she be rich in milk and stream for us through many a com-
   ing year.
2May she whom Gods accept with joy, Night who approacheth.
   as a cow,
  She who is Consort of the Year, bring us abundant happiness
3Thou whom with reverence we approach, O Night, as model of
   the Year,
  Vouchsafe. us children long to live; bless us with increase of
   our wealth.
4This same is she whose light first dawned upon us: she moves
   established in the midst of others: p. a76
  Great powers and glories are contained within her: a first-born
   bride, she conquers and bears children.
5Loud was the wooden pass-gear's ring and rattle, as it made
   annual oblation ready.
  First Ashtakā! may we be lords of riches, with goodly children
   and good men about us.
6The shrine of Ilā flows with oil and fatness: accept, O Jātavedas,
   our oblations.
  Tame animals of varied form and colour—may all the seven
   abide with me contented.
7Come thou to nourish me and make me prosper. Night! may the
   favour of the Gods attend us.
  Filled full, O Ladle, fly thou forth. Completely filled fly back
  Serving at every sacrifice bring to us food and energy.
8This Year hath come to us, thy lord and consort, O Ekāshtakā.
  Vouchsafe us children long to live, bless us with increase of our
9The Seasons, and the Seasons' Lords I worship, annual parts
   and groups.
  Half years, Years, Months, I offer to the Lord of all existing
10I offer to the Seasons, to their several groups, to Months, to
  Dhātar, Vidhātar, Fortune, to the lord of all existing things.
11With fatness and libation we sacrifice and adore the Gods.
  Wealthy in kine may we retire to rest us in our modest homes.
12Ekāshtakā, burning with zealous fervour, brought forth her
   babe the great and glorious Indra.
  With him the Gods subdued their adversaries: the Lord of
  Might became the Dasyus' slayer.
13Indra's and Soma's mother! thou art daughter of Prajāpati.
  Satisfy thou our hearts' desires. Gladly accept our sacrifice.

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