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p. a66



A prayer or charm for the defeat and destruction of enemies in battle

1Let the wise Agni go against our foemen, burning against ill-will
   and imprecation
  Let him bewilder our opponents' army, Let Jātavedas smite and
   make them handless.
2Mighty are ye for such a deed, O Maruts. Go forward, overcome
   them and destroy them.
  The Vasus slew, and these were left imploring. Wise Agni as our
   messenger assail them!
3O Maghavan, O Indra, thou who slayest fiends, and, Agni, thou,
  Burn, both of you, against these men, the foeman's host that
   threatens us.
4Shot down the slope, with thy two tawny coursers, forth go thy
   bolt, destroying foes, O Indra!
  Slay those who fly, slay those who stand and follow.
  On every side fulfil these men's intention.
5Indra, bewilder thou the foemen's army.
  With Agni's, Vāta's furious rush drive them away to every side.
6Let Indra daze their army. Let the Maruts slay it with their
  Let Agni take their eyes away, and let the conquered host

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