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p. a63


A charm to secure a husband for a marriageable girl

1To please us may the suitor come, O Agni, seeking this maid and
   bringing us good fortune.
  Approved by wooers, lovely in assemblies, may she be soon
   made happy with a husband.
2As bliss beloved by Soma, dear to Prayer, and stored by Arya-
  With the God Dhātar's truthfulness I work the bridal oracle.
3O Agni, may this woman find a husband. Then verily King Soma
   makes her happy.
  May she bear sons, chief lady of the household, blessed and
   bearing rule beside her consort.
4As this lair, Maghavan! that is fair to look on was dear to wild
   things as a pleasant dwelling,
  So may this woman here be Bhaga's darling. Loved by her lord
   and prizing his affection. p. a64
5Mount up, embark on Bhaga's ship, the full, the inexhaustible,
  Thereon bring hitherward to us the lover whom thou fain
   wouldst wed.
6Call out to him, O Lord of Wealth! Make thou the lover well-
  Set each on thy right hand who is a lover worthy of her choice.
7Here is the Bdellium and the gold, the Auksha and the bliss are
  These bring thee to the husbands, so to find the man whom thou.
   wouldst have.
8May Savitar lead and bring to thee the husband whom thy heart
  O Plant, be this thy gift to her!

p. a65

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