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The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

Book II

tr. by Ralph T.H. Griffith


Hymn 1: Glorification of the prime cause of all things
Hymn 2: A charm to ensure success in gambling
Hymn 3: A water-cure charm
Hymn 4: A charm to ensure health and prosperity by wearing an amulet
Hymn 5: Invitation to, and praise of Indra
Hymn 6: A prayer to Agni for protection
Hymn 7: A counter-charm against imprecation and malignity
Hymn 8: A charm against hereditary disease (kshetriya)
Hymn 9: A charm to cure dangerous disease
Hymn 10: Absolution and benediction
Hymn 11: Counter-charm, with an amulet, against an enemy's spell
Hymn 12: A prayer for vengeance on a malicious rival worshipper
Hymn 13: A youth's Investiture ceremony (godānam)
Hymn 14: A charm to banish vermin and noxious creatures
Hymn 15: A prayer for general protection
Hymn 16: A charm against fear
Hymn 17: A prayer to an amulet for health and strength
Hymn 18: A charm against enemies, goblins, and other evil creatures
Hymn 19: A prayer to Agni for aid against an enemy
Hymn 24: A charm against the magic arts of fiends
Hymn 25: A charm against fiends who cause abortion
Hymn 26: A benediction on homeward coming cattle
Hymn 27: A charm against an opponent in debate
Hymn 28: A prayer for a boy's long and happy life
Hymn 29: A benediction on a sick man
Hymn 30: A man's love-charm
Hymn 31: A charm against all sorts of worms
Hymn 32: A charm against worms or bots in cows
Hymn 33
Hymn 34: A prayer accompanying an animal sacrifice
Hymn 35: Expiation for an imperfectly performed sacrifice
Hymn 36: A charm to secure a husband for a marriageable girl