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p. a36


A charm to ensure health and prosperity by wearing an amulet

1For length of life, for mighty joy, uninjured, ever showing
  We wear Vishkandha's antidote, the Amulet of Jangida.
2Amulet of a thousand powers, Jangida save us, all around.
  From Jambha, and from Viara, Vishkandha, and tormenting
3This overcomes Vishkandha, this chases the greedy fiends away:
  May this our panacea, may Jangida save us from distress.
4With Jangida that brings delight, Amulet given by the Gods,
  We in the conflict overcome Vishkandha and all Rākshasas.
5May Cannabis and Jangida preserve me from Vishkandha,—
  Brought to us from the forest, this sprung from the saps of
6This Amulet destroys the might of magic and malignity:
  So may victorious Jangida prolong the years we have to live.

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