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p. a60


1From both thy nostrils, from both eyes, from both thine ears,
   and from thy chin,
  Forth from thy brain and tongue I root Consumption seated in
   thy head.
2Forth from the neck and from the nape, from dorsal vertebrae
   and spine.
  From arms and shoulder-blades I root Consumption seated in
   thine arms.
3Forth from thy heart and from thy lungs, from thy gall-bladder
   and thy sides,
  From kidneys, spleen and liver thy Consumption we eradicate.
4From bowels and intestines, from the rectum and the belly, I
  Extirpate thy Consumption, from flanks, navel and mesentery.
5Forth from thy thighs and from thy knees, heels and the fore-
   parts of thy feet.
  Forth from thy loins and hips I draw Consumption setted in
   thy loins.
6Forth from thy marrows and thy bones, forth from thy tendons
   and thy veins
  I banish thy Consumption, from thy hands, thy fingers, and thy
7In every member, every hair, in every joint wherein it lies,
  We with the exorcising spell of Kasyapa drive far away Con-
   sumption settled in thy skin.

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