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p. a59


A charm against worms or bots in cows

1Uprising let the Sun destroy, and when he sinketh, with his
  The Worms that live within the cow.
2The four-eyed worm, of every shape, the variegated, and the
  I break and crush the creature's ribs, and tear away its head
3Like Atri I destroy you, Worms! in Kanva's, Jamadagni's way:
  I bray and bruise the creeping things to pieces with Agastya's•
4Slain is the sovran of these Worms, yea, their controlling lord
   is slain:
  Slain is the Worm, his mother slain, brother and sister both are
5Slain are his ministers, and slain his followers and retinue:
  Yes, those that seemed the tiniest things, the Worms have all
   been put to death.
6I break in pieces both thy horns wherewith thou pushest here
   and there:
  I cleave and rend the bag which holds the venom which is•
   stored in thee.

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