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p. a58


A charm against all sorts of worms

1With Indra's mighty millstone, that which crushes worms of
   every sort,
  I bray and bruise the worms to bits like vetches on the grinding
2The Seen and the Invisible, and the Kurūru have I crushed:
  Alāndus, and all Chhalunas, we bruise to pieces with our spell.
3I kill Alāndus with a mighty weapon: burnt or not burnt they
   now have lost their vigour .
  Left or not left, I with the spell subdue them: let not a single
   worm remain uninjured.
4The worm that lives within the ribs, within the bowels, in the
  Avaskava and Borer, these we bruise to pieces with the spell.
5Worms that are found on mountains, in the forests, that live in
   plants, in cattle, in the waters,
  Those that have made their way within our bodies,—these I
   destroy, the worms' whole generation.

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