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A man's love-charm

1As the wind shake this Tuft of Grass hither and thither on the
   ground. p. a57
  So do I stir and shake thy mind, that thou mayst be in love
   with me, my darling, never to depart.
2Ye, Asvins, lead together, ye unite and bring the loving pair.
  Now have the fortunes of you twain, now have your vows and
   spirits met.
3When eagles, calling out aloud, are screaming in the joy of
  Then to my calling let her come, as to the arrow's neck the
4Let what is inward turn outside, let what is outward be within:
  Seize and possess, O Plant, the mind of maidens rich in every
5Seeking a husband she hath come! and I came longing for a
  Even as a loudly-neighing steed may fate and fortune have I

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